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All The Best For Year 2008

Written by kaitor on 2:42 AM

Wanna wish to all my blog reader around the world HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008.

Cari Idol

Written by kaitor on 6:19 AM

Cari Idol, have you heard this before? I believe most of my blog reader never heard “Cari Idol”. I will 100% confident you know about Malaysian Idol, Pop Idol, Akademi Fantasia (AF), Mentor, Gengstaz and Bintang RTM. All of them are reality show in Malaysia and shown on TV. Cari Idol, is this will show on tv? That is the first question come into my mind after reading MR.Manager’s blog. I really want to know what is Cari Idol and how it works. I just follow the link from Mr.Manager’s blog and it brings me to Cari Forum. My entire question had been answer in this forum. It will NEVER show on TV :P

Cari Idol is the first program to search new talent. I have to give credits to the person who brings up this brilliant idea. This program have is the extension of the show your music talent sub-board. Cari Idol will be use 70% of Pop Idol format. Cari Idol will run for 8 weeks and every week has a different theme. You can vote your favorite starting from Sunday until Wednesday and Thursday is the elimination. 50% is from the judges and another 50% is voting from former.

If you thing this program didn’t have quality, you have to think again because the judgers are experiences and have a good knowledge music and entertainment. There are 4 permanent judgers in this program, Veron Kedit (Mr.Manager) as judgers’ leader, Ajami Hasim,Kose and Alyna. If you want to know their profile, you can go to Cari Forum. Cari Forum is the official forum & website for this program, just join this forum then you will have the opportunity to vote. Remember every single vote will affect the result. Here is the video of Cari Idol and their time table. Do not forget to be a part of this unique program.

1 -30/12/2007 -2/1/2007 -3/1/2008
2 -6/1/2008 -9/1/2008 -10/1/2008
3 -13/1/2008 -16/1/2008 -17/1/2008
4 -20/1/2008 -23/1/2008 -24/1/2008
5 -27/1/2008 -30/1/2008 -31/1/2008
6 -3/2/2008 -6/2/2008 -7/2/2008
7 -10/2/2008 -13/2/2008 -14/2/2008
8 -17/2/2008 -20/2/2008 -21/2/2008

Wishing you merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Written by kaitor on 6:19 PM

December is a time of us to talk about great holiday and I usually will take a break from work. I will spend my time going to church and going for open house. It’s time to enjoy. Just a few days after Christmas, we will start to make New Year countdown. There are many ways people celebrate Christmas & New Year such as go shopping, Aramai Ti, Balik Kampung and spend time with family or friends. Remember your safety and put it with a high priority especially when you have aramai ti. Enjoy your holiday and take a moment to think back what had you been archive in year 2007, how your 2008 gonna be?
Wish you again Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Do not forget today is the Malaysian open house at Padang Merdeka Kota Kinabalu Sabah. You all are invited. (+_;)

I'm BACK!!!!! (+_;)

Written by kaitor on 5:37 PM

Hai… I’m back!!!!! Now I’m starting bloging again after stop around one and half month. Maybe some of my blog reader wants to know why this blog didn’t update for a long time. Honestly I concentrate to find a job in my lovely home, Sabah. Thanks God, finally I had got a job in Sabah. Just let you know, now I working in one of the great Japanese company, Tele Dynamics Toshiba. The main business of my company is EI (Electronic Imaging), Business solution and laptop. If you interested in Toshiba Laptop, just inform me and I will give my best to help you. One more thing I want to remind you, I’m not a sales man…. But I can help you to get a new laptop with a bit low price. :) Because now I was close to Toshiba, so I will make some post about Toshiba Laptop and a few great things from Toshiba.

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