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New Malaysia reality TV show: Keynote

Written by kaitor on 8:46 AM

Keynote is the brand new reality tv show in malaysia hosted on Astro Ria (channel 104). I never realize this reality show because this is a world cup session. This word “Keynote” remind me motivational keynote speaker , John Di Frances – Ideas that Challenge which always give us a new motivation to improve in our life. Take an advantage from the challenge we facing to develop new skills.

This Keynote reality show will develop new talent who has the expertise on composing songs and not a motivational keynote speaker. Keynote might not really popular as another reality shows in Malaysia but for me this is one of the best platforms to boast our music industry. Composers are the back bone for songs because they are who create the melody.

Keynote hosted by Farish Azizi and the principle is well known Malaysian Composer Ajar. Format for this show is same with Akademi Fantasia 12 contestant. Audience will vote and each week one contestant will eliminated. Below are contestants list of this Keynote reality show…



If you guys cannot go to the final… its ok.. you have done a great job and Malaysian already recognize you… be a great composer…. or other choice is being motivational keynote speaker :)

Sabah lyrics are heavy on love and sex.

Written by kaitor on 9:43 AM

When politic trying to tackle public using entertainment channel, this things will happen…read news below.

Mail Mathew
Daily Ecpress

KENINGAU: Sabah Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Council of Elders (Penatua) urged the Kadazandusun Cultural Association (KDCA) and other KDM cultural associations to act on the tendency lately to produce songs containing lyrics that are lowering the community's image.

Its deputy chairperson, Robert Linggi, said young song composers nowadays are using love-laced lyrics that could cause "outsiders to think cheaply of the KDMs." He cited the songs Mansau Ansau Aku (Looking for a partner), Mantau Sementara (Temporary in-law) and the Murut song Tinaluan Lair Ulu Nagauk Ra Sarandaman (Groggy after overnight drinking).

"We do not want a negative perception," he said, adding that these songs are also a bad influence on the community's youngsters. He said PKR is willing to work with the KDCA and other KDM-based associations to put right the situation. Surely, we don't want others to think that the KDM community only likes to have fun and indulge in drinking. There are songs in the market whose lyrics are heavy on love and sex."

He believed the KDM community is not short of good and professional singers and it would be better if the composers focus on goodness and educational values.
Linggi said he proposed this to the KDCA because its Huguan Siou, Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan is now in the Government.

"Because of his position, he could propose this for the sake of the KDM future and image," he said. He said that should the PKR form the government, the proposal would be implemented, adding he has raised the issue with several KDM leaders in Barisan Nasional (BN).

Politic is good for us but at the same time we have to really careful , if not politic will control us and if this happen, we are in deep trouble…. The only solution is we have to control politic. Yes I admit most sabah songs will talking about love but this issue very conventional. Almost 70% of songs around the globe talking about love so WHAT?

I don’t think Sabahan songs heavy loaded with sex lyric, I want the Sabah Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Council to list down the songs so we can do calculations to know the percentage. … try la…

Yes … sabah well known with his attitude of drinking but do you know this “drinking attitude” is one of our stronger element for sabahan live in harmony.We can make friends during “drinking time” and this will help us to have more understanding with each other. I believe most of us already matured and our top leader also will “drinking” including the Sabah Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Council. Back to our main topic, most of the drinking song have a moral value to educate people not to get drunk such as fikir-fir dulu and hey aramai ti from Francis landong . One again… I need the song list….

Acoustic Night @ STARBUCK 1Borneo

Written by kaitor on 11:11 PM

if you guys nearby 1Borneo , this is a chance for you to catch up with our local band. Let the picture say it self.. :)

Kimin Mudin left us foever. ::RIP - 2 June 2010::

Written by kaitor on 7:37 PM

I was shocked while listening Othoe at Suria Pagi Kinabalu (Suria FM) announced that Kimin Mudin had left us forever. Etnikmuzik blog reported that our late Kimin Mudian fink chest pain around 11.00 pm on 1st June. His last breath around 1.35 am ,2nd June. Funerals will be at “Tanah perkuburan Islam batu 3 Jalan Tuaran”.

Kimin Mudin popular with his evergreen songs “Sayang Kinabalu” and have two album Kinim Mudin Vol 1 and 2, CD and VCD editions. He also had contributions with others artists producing album, compilations Mega Skyline Vol 1 and 2 and songulun Iso Sinding.

Lets us pray for Kimin Mudin and his family members, lest give our last respect for Kimin Mudin –RIP-

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