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Written by kaitor on 5:40 AM

Hey guys … are you crazy with music, this coming December 16 there will be SOUNDBLAZER BLAST 2010 COMPETITION. This event was organized by the owner of Soundblazer Studio known as Suhaimi@Soundblazer.

The price are very exclusive with RM 500.00 for the winner , RM 300.00 first runner up and 200.00 second runner up. There will also winner for best vocalist, guitarist, basis and drummers. For more inquiry just give the organizer a phone call 019 896 3811.

Sabahan Nuffnangers gathering

Written by kaitor on 8:43 AM

I was committed joining this “Mini Gathering For Sabahan Nuffangers ” and arrive on-time 8 pm at Dream Cones. Even that night was heavy rain everybody still enjoy this gathering. Everybody welcome me with a smile and they all are very friendly. This is Mini Gathering For Sabahan Nuffangers and most of us sharing about experience about the contest by Nuffnang. Some of the bloggers claim they won the contest such as premiere screening ticket and it make me excited to join the contest in the future. For your information, I just join the contest once but maybe my luck day still not arrives yet. Winning or losing is not a big deal for me, because my nuffnang earning are increasing every single day and cannot waiting to withdraw: P . I will be more creative in joining the contest in the future as suggested by nuffengers who join last nite gathering.

Everybody become very excited when Shah (President of the Glitterati Plus club - promises to help sabahan nuffangers to have few activity in the futures such as premiere screening because we do have 3D cinema in GSC 1Borneo and GSC Suria Sabah. I’m looking forward on this event. As I mention in my previous post, I want t-shirts from nuffnang , ehehe.. yes.. I got one but it a bit big for me … anyway I still happy … that t-shirt are very exclusive because not everybody can have it.

I was really surprise knowing Shah (President of the Glitterati Plus club - was sabahan too, he was born in keningau. He still can speak with sabahan slang very well ….” Aiyah susah BAH… today is raining” , that is one of the words I still remember . Shah is very friendly and he can sing very well … you may watch video below and give a comment on his brand new songs … :P

Thanks for all sabahan nuffengers who join this mini gathering and hope to see you soon … Shah thanks for the drinks … and hope there will be more nuffnang activity for sabahan in the future.

Sabahan Nuffengers who join this gathering


Some of the pictures .... 

Atama against Datuk M?

Written by kaitor on 9:46 AM

Facebook is the number one social web in the world and Malaysia is among the top country Faceboook user. Facebook give you the opportunity to post notes or status and receive comment from other facebook user. One again a war in Facebook between Atama and Datuk M attract attention from public especially sabahan. It becomes a trend now, if someone have an issue against someone, it will come to facebook to capture public attentions and get faster response from the other side.

Maybe some of my readers still wondering who is Datuk M , he is Datuk Masidi Manjun the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment . From my point of view this issue was arise between Atama and Datuk Masidi is regarding on the payment as an appreciation. In a few months back Sabah state give donation to the veteran artists in one occasions “malam seribu bintang ” organized by DBKK. Atama claim the total amount of the donations reach out to RM180 000.

Atama was brave to highlighted this issue in Facebook and it attract my attentions. Atama is the one who want to stand in front of Sabahan artists trying to get their rights. We have to realized now days, everybody trying looking the golden point to take an advantage for some reasons. The main reasons I can see here looking for chance for sabahan artist being honors as others artist from peninsular Malaysia. I understand artists in sabah didn’t have the opportunity as they get in peninsular Malaysia. I guess Sarawak artists also in same situations as us in Sabah. I believe most of our sabahan artists still not registered with MACP and hoping the magic happened in front their face with thousands paid invitations. Believe me, it wasn’t work , go and register for MACP and start to earn your passive income today. Maybe there are some communication barrier between the artists and respective associations somewhere else because the awareness for registering MACP is terrible.

Our Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment had look into this issue but still not have the effective results. For me Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment is the one who provide the solutions and support already open the path for our local sabahan artists to get involved more seriously to boost the entertainment in sabah but some of them still in their comfort zone, “wait and see”. If our local artists still stick to this attitude I’m not surprise more and more artists from peninsular Malaysia will dominate our local music industry. Again it back to you to start the changers, do not eat the fish but learn to fishing by producing a quality product.

Again from my point of view, Datuk Masidi Manjun also had delivered his job well and we have to understand nobody is perfect. Some of our decision or actions might hurt someone in the beginning but at the end of the day the good result follow. He had try to fight for sabahn artists to get paid at lease RM 2000.00 but how the other agency or organizations response to his suggestions? DBKK organized “malam seribu bintang ” but did they included sabahan artists? For me the main problem here is the organizer which is left behind our artists. It will be nice if some of our local veteran artists honor same as what the peninsular Malaysia artists. If DBKK response to Datuk Masidi Manjun suggestions then some of our local veteran should be in the list.

This is might a good example for us in sabah, ANUGERAH MUZIK DAYAK (AMD) 2010 was highlighted on Melodi (TV3 ) and was successful. When Sabah will have the same event to appreciate our sabahan talent. Where is Sabah Local Artist Association (PERTISA) functions who have the ability to be the “middle man” between Ministry and artist? Why not make the Anugerah PERTISA as annual big event in sabah? As I remember there is only once Anugerah PERTISA 2008 . Relaxes it not the time for us to pointing who is done right who is wrong , we had working very long time ago to fight for the right for sabahan artist but until now seem there are no changers . Now we have to be more tolerate with each other’s and try to deliver our idea and comment in a polite way so everybody will cool, easier to have round table discussions.

Adira - Ku Ada Kamu @ Muzik Muzik 2010

Written by kaitor on 8:32 AM

Congratulations to Adira being one of the Finalist of the Muzik MUzik 2010. Adira was bron from Akademi Fantasia session 8. Song and lyric was composed by Edry Abd Halim , Ku Ada Kamu. Beside arira Stacy also willing into the final which will be broadcast LIVE by TV3 on 9 January 2011. The producer of this Muzik Muzik 2010 is Ahmad Shaifullizam Arshad or more known as Gbam from Primeworks Studios while the the professional judgers are Azmeer, Edry Hashim, Che Kem, Zainuri Misfar dan diketuai oleh Azhar Borhan.

Mini Gathering for Sabahan Nuffnangers

Written by kaitor on 7:57 AM

This Friday there will be a Mini Gathering for Sabahan Nuffnangers and guess what is the special of this mini gathering?? Roles the drums please …Jenggg…jenngggg … This is the only opportunity you meet in person with the President of the club, Glitterati Plus, his name is Shah. Ehehehe… guys … take this chance to get close with the Glitterati Plus President and ask from him how to make money from nuffnang beside meet others bloggers.

Shah are making a weekend trip to the Land Beneath the Wind soon and he’d like to meet up with you guys and say hi at a mini Sabahan Nuffnangers gathering! Details of the gathering are as below:

Date: 26 November 2010 (Friday)
Time: 8 pm
Venue: Dream Cones, Jesselton Point, Kota Kinabalu .

It was clearly mention in nuffnang official blog, there will be a limited edition Nuffnang T-Shirts and badges given out and I really hope I will have the t-shirt, so Shah please reserve the T-shirt for me because I will be there on this Friday. Ehehehe… almost forgot to mention , the T-Shirt size must be either S or M .
Guys .. come and join us on the Mini Gathering for Sabahan Nuffnangers at Dream Cones and have a good time with others bloggers and enjoy the test of various type of ice creams.

I also didn’t know who Shah too but thanks nuffnang blog provide his picture and make us easier to recognize … on this Friday just look for this macho man at Dream Cones and let me guess he will use Nuffnag T-shirt.

Miss you very strong- Esther Applunius OIAM3

Written by kaitor on 7:37 AM

Esther or Elizabeth Applunius Chin , who make a history in the OIAM 3 already release her new album and it contains English,Malay and Kadazandusun language and it truly 1 Malaysia. Little bit about Esther OIAM 3, she was born on 12 April 1987 in Tambunan Sabah. Esther come from the family who have a strong music background which is her father is a musician in RTM. She has a great talent and start perform since child. During she was 9 years old she already perform on stage. A year after that Esther become Sabah champion in the RTM singing contest Bintang Kecil.

OIAM 3 was open the eyes of Malaysia after Esther become the first runner up of this reality show. Since that Esther become more active in Music Industry one of it is release her new album. Miss You Very Strong is one of the song included in her new album. Beside have a unique vocal tone , Esther also can compose songs and the result is Miss You Very Strong. This video clip was directed by Jason J Bullah, a big name in videographer in sabah. Jason have the ability to produce high quality video with interesting storyboard.

What can I say about this song, I love the music arrangement it light and simple but nice melody. Miss You Very strong is combinations of blues and 60’s. I enjoy the guitar and her voice seem 60’s and it bring us going back to the era of 60’s. Do you agree with me ? lets watch video below and let me know what your comment ….

Bukan Orang Kita

Written by kaitor on 9:53 AM

Bukan Orang Kita is trying to send the message to sabahan what happened around us now days.  This telemovie was directed by Tony Francis Gitom which have experience in producing and director more than twenty years. 

Bukan Orang Kita try to deliver the message about love,business and politic in sabah. You might happy and laugh while watching this telemovie but  I hope you will realize this is the reality happened in Sabah now. 

This is what would you see in this telemovie :
1)      1. If you want to be a businessman then you must know how to play golf 
2)      2. If contractors get contract, the budget is big but fund allocated for the constructions is small because used for “under table” payment.
3)      3. If Sabahan contractors got project they always sub it to outside contractors.
4)      4. If become YB then he will act like a king .
5)      5.Most of sabahan youngsters are lazy while their parents enjoy going for drunk.
6)      6.If get no money, borrow by putting his daughter as an assurance.

Dusun are easy to arrange , Rungus are easy to handle and Bajau a bit hard to sattle … want to know what happened , get an original copy of this telemovie from nearest CD shops . Do support our local entertainment industry.  

Atama and DJ Othoe on war?

Written by kaitor on 2:12 AM

I was tagged by DJ Salipar Jipun yesterday and it was capture my attentions. I read the whole comment posted and try to understand how it was happened. On 16 October 2010, Dj Othoe of Suria Fm was organized a showcase called “girl power” at My Way Café, Karaoke and Lounge. You can read my post here ( a day before the showcase. This event was successfully run well in the eyes of public and everybody enjoy that night.

After that showcase, there are comments arise that the performers didn’t get paid and somehow the venue didn’t provide a table for them to sell CDs and sign autographs. They just got a few tiger beers. This issue was discussing publicly on facebook. According to Atama Katama , one of the artist who perform during the “girl power” complain they didn’t get paid . You can read print screen below:

After long comment discussions, the organizer Dj Othoe give an explanations on this issue. Just read the print screen below.

Ok let’s think carefully here, why this problem can happened? For me Atama and Dj Othoe both are right. Atama Just want to help his friend and others artists to get what they should in a simple words , payment. On the other side Dj Othoe had mention early this “girl power” showcase, the artist won’t get paid. The main problem is who reported to Atama that the performers during “girl power” showcase didn’t get paid? She is the one who responsible on this matter and apologize from Atama and Dj Othoe.

If she really need a payment, why not work hard looking for showcase who provide payment and comfortable environment. I agree what Atama said, “there is a thing called CONTRACT AGREEMENT'..!!” which must be sign and agreed from both side before proceed doing something. CONTRACT AGREEMENT will protect our right and evidence if something goes wrong. If you are commenting after the showcase and no evidence , it just useless and you will get nothing.

If you are really particular on payment, why not register under MACP and get paid annually even you are performing free for the whole year. All you have to do is monitor your songs played in radio, television or shopping mall. The more you appear or covered by media you get more income. Dream to get recognized by public, you have to work hard market your talent in a positive way.

While reading the comment, I was surprise that one of my blog posts was quoted and that means what I wrote actually get attention from readers.

I hope in the future this minor issue wont arise again and keep in mind, before doing something let the contract agreement come first so you will be in a safe position on the future.

“Pebble By The Street” - BBTA

Written by kaitor on 7:54 AM

From left : Mitch, Syuk,Angel,Wan, Awang

2010 is the historical year for Bring Back The Arcade (BBTA) beginning their journey as new band and hope to bring sabahan music industry into another level. Being a vocalist and song writer is not an easy task for Angel but with the creativity and effort, BBTA already finish produce their first single “Pebble By The Street”. Beside Angel as vocalist, Syuk (guitar),Awang (Drums),Mitch (Bass) and Wan (Lead Guitar) this band more to genre of Pop, Rock and Jazz.

“Pebble By The Street” was recorded at Eyes & Ears production at RAM studios with Chris Pereira at Damai, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. According to BBTA , this song was used for their college final year project and use the stop motion in their video clip. We didn’t have many video clip used stop motion element in sabah and maybe Malaysia. It was a excellent improvement and hope BBTA always come out with big impact to our local music industry.

Check out their video clip below and give your comment. I try to find their fan page on FB but I cannot search maybe still not have yet. Will update you soon if BBTA already have Fan page on FB.

Connie Mickey Jangki - Piginawaan aiso dit kotutukon

Written by kaitor on 3:11 AM

Enjoy this songs from Connie Mickey Jangki - Piginawaan aiso dit kotutukon (Love have no ending). This songs was taken from her first album . I have been informed that Connie Mickey Jangki sell she's album independently.

Maybe for those who not understand this song , it a story about relationship that their love have no ending because he just left without any reasons.I had listen this songs many times and i like during the chorus... :)

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