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Album Launching : Hary Nianti – Kada Pologoso

Written by kaitor on 9:09 AM

Hary Nianti
Hary Nianti will launch his first ever album on this coming Saturday July 30 at Damai Club Jalan Bundusan , Penampang Sabah. This event will start 7 pm until 10 pm. You are invited to attend this album launching. There are many interesting activity on that day and enjoy the promotion price for the DVD ,Audio CD and Drinks.

Hary Nianti from Sandakan and now work with Jabatan Kebudayaan dan Kesenian Negara in Kuala Lumpur. Hary was one of the Kadus Entertaiment Next Top Entertainer successors and proof to us that sabahan have unstoppable awesome talent especially in entertainment. One of Jason JB comment in his facebook page really great that Hary Nianti Music Video already went over outside Malaysia such as Indonesia , Philippines and Japan . They are interested and ask for the subtitle. Going back into production line maybe impossible but I hope someone will translate the songs and publish it on the internet so others can understand the songs while enjoy the beauty of the melody.
FB review - Jason JB

There are 10 songs in Hary Nianti first album “Kada Pologoso (do not let it)” and one bonus songs from Joseph G.

1. Kada Pologoso (Do not let it be) - KadazanDusun
2. Olumis Ko Umandak (Girl you are beautiful) - KadazanDusun
3. Kau Ku Cinta (You are My Love ) – Malay
4. About U – English
5. Pilio Isio (Choose him) - KadazanDusun
6. Tondu Lansanonku (Lady of my Dream) – KadazanDusun
7. Rara Beluran ( Beluran Girls) – KadazanDusun
8. Kau Sempurna (You are perfect) – Malay
9. Mandan Sisimba 2 () – KadazanDusun
10. Tikid Tadau (Every Day) – KadazanDusun
11. Iziau Nodaa (You are) – Kadazan : bonus track

You may watch video below and give a comment on the video quality. A compliment given to the Pusakag production and producer for effort giving their best on high definition (HD) video and excellent sound quality. You will never regret having Hary Nianti – Kada Pologoso album.
New info: Before the official launching Hary Nianti – Kada Pologoso album, one of his song, Kau Sempurna already listed in KK FM TOP Songs Chart and that happened on the first week of his album promotion.

New Sabahan Album – Angat “Aiso Poh Kopupuson Pomogunan”

Written by kaitor on 9:31 PM

This album was release last year 2010 contain seven songs as listed below.

Aiso Poh Kopupuson Pomogunan
Sundung Songulun Oku
Hino Kapo Sayang
Sumandak CP
Tupus Polombuson Ku
Romou Ku Muru Turu
Kinongoho Suang Ginawoku

Before this Angat was cheated during his project produce MTV Karaoke by the recording cpmpany and this had give him a very good lesson. Angat never stop to make his dream come true until the the album born. Angat had work with great composer such as Bobby Patrick, Jaimol, Tommy P and Peter Som Sungkin to get high quality album.

*one or two his songs from this album will featured in iTV (Channel 180)

55 hours nonstop poetry - Malaysia Book of record.

Written by kaitor on 9:01 PM

Another record was created last month after some of our youth join together in the main event “55 hours nonstop poetry” organized by Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka Negeri Sabah. This 55 hours require 3 days to complete and congratulation for those who make this possible. Now Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka Negeri Sabah already listed in Malaysian book of record.

Here are some of the bands or individual that I personally know who join this historical event “55 hours nonstop poetry”.

1. KK Music Production
2. Inflacasta
3. The confuse
4. Kenappa Band
5. Dj Salipar Jipun
6. Black Noty
7. JJ Christye
8. Khai PUMA

More pictures  @ Facebook 

New Album – Albert Andrew “Wongiie..”

Written by kaitor on 8:47 PM

Yes.. its another new album produce by Sabahan from Albert Andrew with “Wongiie” as the album title. This album was recorded and mixing at QCMP Keningau Sabah and Albert Andrew as the executive and album producer.

Backing vocal : Anthony David , Albert Andrew
Photography : pirut

This album have eleven songs which 100% composed by Albert Andrew.
1. Adi Kakah
2. Porotio aku
3. Wongiie
4. Konsikahan Kumaa Bambarayon
5. Bolobow Kosuwabon
6. Joget Garung Tarangang
7. Ponongkotoluadaan
8. Ganti pinubaan
9. Sumandak riang-riang
10. Koposion Tulun
11. Pinunan Di gahong

What I can say about this album is, if you are looking for easy listening or slow music , I highly recommend this album. Most of the songs in this album have same music arrangement and soft music. This kind of music is suitable for you who want to rest and enjoy your time in silent mode. This album present conventional music that expose the sabahan music style, sumazau, joget and slow music. Most of the music style still have the sumazau bit which are really significant to sabahan music.

AS BOW the 1st Bajau Rapper in Sabah

Written by kaitor on 8:44 PM

IF you already familiar with Atama as the KadazanDusun Rapper in Sabah but now I want to introduce you another Rapper who claim himself as 1st Bajau Rapper in Sabah. I was my lucky day after get a chance to meet As Bow and get a chance to ask him few questions. The first question is how long are you in this R&B genre and did you have any single or album? It was a command question but it was a great point to start an interview.

As Bow already ten years in this R&B genre and work with Atama before and sign as recording artists under Kinabalu Records. Why I didn’t know or realize your existence in sabahan local music industry? As Bow explain , “I was busy and give full commitment to his job and it was not easy because he work in Johor but now I already transfer to my beloved state Sabah.”

As bow now will give his best and give another color to sabah music industry by providing different music genre but still include sabahan conventional music identity. Since As Bow contract with Kinabalu records already expired, no he have to work by himself and for the first attempt , As Bow release new single “Meditasi” which use Malay and Bajau language.

DJ Salipar Jipun “OMG.. I’m Tired”

Written by kaitor on 8:39 PM

Yes .. that is the word.. I am really tired for this few days .. really tired .. because I had working 25 hours a day last month. Even I said I was tired but at the same time this is the best ever task I had done so far, working with many sabahan local artists and get awesome support from TVi crew will remain as one of my sweet memory. Oh ya.. for those who didn’t know who is TVi, i will give short introductions.. it was a new channel in ASTRO channel 180 provide local content which you will never get in another television channel.

Me and the crew already finish for the first edition of video shooting and will broadcast in TVi soon channel 180 soon. I hope you guys will support our productions and put our local music industry another level. Please visit my facebook page to see some short video and pictures during TVi Channel 180 | Music Video The Making | Shooting time|.

I never imagine that I will come to this stage producing music video for TVi … starting from small organizations as radio dj and now I had the opportunity to help improve and bush our local music industry. Thanks to my best friend… JJ and Alex who will always support me …
TQ DJSalipar Jipun

Atama lead BERSIH 2.0 campaign in Kota Kinabalu Sabah.

Written by kaitor on 8:39 PM

Since last month, we will heard everyone talking about BERSIH 2.0 campaign either in radio, newspaper , radio even widely discuss in internet.  BERSIH 2.0 is a combination of Non Government Organizations (NGO) in Malaysia.  Their main objective organize this campaign is to ask batter or improve Malaysian election to be more transparent and asking the government to give fair access to the media.
Government already try their best to avoid and stop this BERSIH 2.0 campaign but seem more and more give support to BERSIH 2.0. Some of Malaysia student in Australia already confirm to support this campaign. Sabah also maybe will have BERSIH 2.0 on 9 JULY 2011 as it had been confirm by ATAMA who will lead BERSIH 2.0 campaign in Kota Kinabalu as shown in picture below.

*I had use the white background of the image because YELLOW color seem very sensitive for now.. but white is symbolize clean aka bersih too … :P 

An outspoken local singer, Atama, is leading the Bersih campaign in Kota Kinabalu, come July 9.

Atama or Andrew Ambrose Mudi, who had earned the wrath of Barisan Nasional leaders before for his outspokenness, told a press conference here today that he and his friends Michael Liew and Chester Pang, had yesterday applied for a police permit for the peaceful assembly at the city’s Padang Merdeka here.

“We decided to apply for the permit, with complete documents such as the programme for that day and a list of the organising committee members,” he said.

Asked what would happen if the police deny them the permit, Atama, 36, said they would re-apply and “will cross the bridge when we come to it”.

Atama, who is a member of MCLM (Malaysian Civil Liberty Movement), said that he was leading the Bersih campaign as a civil movement.

“We are exercising our rights in accordance with the Federal Constitution,” he said.

“We have formed an ad hoc committee to get the various civil movements to come under one umbrella to support the Bersih rally in a disciplined and peaceful manner,” Atama said.

The Kadazandusun singer, speaking in fluent English, expects 500 to turn up for the march.

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