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Where Is The Love (Dimanakah Sinar Cinta) – Episod

Written by kaitor on 9:21 AM

Pusakag production once again will release an album around end of November this year. Before this we know pusakag only produce Kadazan Dusun album. After successful with Pusakag 1, Pusakag 2 and Pusakag 3, they are on the way to produce album from Episod. In this album, there are 10 songs and the concept is freePop.

Episod had made their recording at Pusakag production. Episod members are Laree, Siti & ShawnSkinz. (2 Sabahan + 1 USA). According to hero_dusun (from KE), Where Is The Love (Dimanakah Sinar Cinta) is ihe first single from Episod and directed by Mr Douglas (PUSAKAG), song and music arrangement by Laree. Where Is The Love (Dimanakah Sinar Cinta) is talking about war, abuse and destitution.

Xpress indie production

Written by kaitor on 10:32 PM

Xpress indie production is one of the sabahan brand new companies focusing in film production. According to Ceaser, Xpress indie production had been setup around five years and had produce a few products such as short film called Fana and Penjahat. Xpress indie production had been recognizing by public after sabah times put them in the entertainment section.

Xpress indie production had realized a few things need improvement such as special effect, popularity of the actor and script but the most important thing is creativity. Sharing information and technology can be one of the best momentums for our local film production successful. I strongly believe one day sabah will have a well known film production with a good quality of product, keep improving and work hard, that is the root to success.


'FANA' sabah xpressindie

"Kouta"will make Malaysian artist spoiled.

Written by kaitor on 7:11 PM

Today (26/8/08) Malaysiakini had reported that Karyawan (one of the artist and composer association) asked from government they want 90% malay song should be played in privet radio station and 10% is for Indonesian songs.

I believe everyone must have words about this case and they are free to talking about it. As we know, entertainment industry is very close to profit and profit. The main reason for Karyawan asking from government of 90:10 song played in privet radio station is , they want to protect their carrier and most of all is their source of income. I didn’t agree what Karyawan had suggested, we can see there are desperate to protect themselves rather than work hard to compete the Indonesian artist. Let ask our self, what is the main reason Indonesian artist easily come to Malaysia? , because their music is good and Malaysian enjoy their songs. Why not Malaysian artist extract something from this situation and come with a new product. If this 90:10 still worked as planned, i can say “Kouta” will make Malaysian artist spoiled. Make changers today and be strong enough to compete the Indonesian artist, you are best as they are.

One Nation Emcees win the grand prize

Written by kaitor on 7:07 PM

one nation emcees

One Nation Emcees from Malaysia win the grand prize of US$100,000. I was expected One Nation Emcees will be the winner of second season of the Asean talent search Gang Starz by looking at the crowd from the audience at Stadium Melawati. One Nation Emcees had showed a good performance from the beginning of this reality shows. They had made a consistence performance and it make them deserved to win US$100,000

The process to determine winner is still remains as last year, 50% from judges and 50% from sms voting. Congratulations One Nation Emcees!!!!! There are five group perform in the final concert, Akasia (Malaysia), D'Reborn (Indonesia), Para-gon Child (Philippines) , 3.5 (Philippines) and One Nation Emcees.

I hope Malaysia will host this reality show the Asean talent search Gang Starz next year and hopefully there are more contestant join this Gang Starz reality show.

Mini Concert - Stacy & Fenz

Written by kaitor on 7:43 AM

Hi all, great news to all Af's fans, Stacy and some of her AF senior will be come to your town. Do not let this golden chance gone, common and hurry up... get your ticket now.

Who will be in this Mini Concert? Most of her friends are Sabahan AF students such as Marsha,Yazer and Candy. Others are Satnly and Mama Rina. There will be 6 AF's student in this Mini Concert including Stacy.

Below is their tour schedule:
1.Dewan Masyarakat Tawau 21-08-08 (Thursday)8pm-10 pm
2.Padang Besar Sandakan 22-08-08 (Friday)8pm-10pm
3.1 Borneo Hypermall (KK)24-08-08 (Sunday)2pm-4pm
4.Dewan Masyarakat Keningau 25-08-08 (Monday)8pm-10pm
5.Dewan Masyarakat SFI Sipitang 26-08-08 (Tuesday)8pm-10pm

Get your ticket now from:

- TOP 10 JC
- TOP 10 J ST
- TOP 10 Jln Bunga
- TOP 10 Fajar
- TOP 10 (Musical Center HQ)
- Kingston Hotel
- Dewan Masyarakat Tawau 20-21.08.08

- Comquip Technology
- Tenom Sahabat
- Futsal Xpertize, Keningau (Roland Nabi 016-8441123)
- Dewan Masyarakat Keningau 25.08.08

- Padang Besar Sandakan 22.08.08

- Ho Hin Chan Foto Express
- Dewan Masyarakat SFI Sipitang 26.08.08

For More info: Bryan (012-834 7661), Mus (012-863 0661)

Event organizer:Meastro

Event Co-Organizer:Impact Zone and Bumi Team Events

License&Permit:Kazanah Muzik Production - JKM?HEDN&P 100-24/3/(137)

MTV Karaoke: Variasi SMS

Written by kaitor on 6:35 PM

SMS Studio is one of the local (sabahan) recording companies. Most of their product is Kadazan Dusun album. Beside do recording, they also produce MTV Karaoke,Compose and music arrangement, video editing computer music programming and graphic design.

One of their products is MTV Karaoke: Variasi SMS and available in the market now. I have a little question, why they choose Variasi SMS as album title? The after do some research, there is a reason choosing this name. There are 7 artists in this album and all the songs are brand new and you never listen it before.

There are twelve songs in this album:

01. KAAKAL POINGANDAD: Asnizah Anluni
02. NATALUP TUPUSKU: Jasly Bakandau
03. POLOGOSO: Aini Sombuil
04. AISO NODI: Jack S. Bukag (Mr. J)
06. LISOKON KU TI TUPUSKU: Asnizah Anluni
07. IKA RANIKU: Jasly Bakandau
08. POINGKURO MAGANU DIYA: Jack S. Bukag (Mr. J)

Bonus Track:

09. KADA OKU SALAO: Simon Bukag
10. MUMBAL MOGOLIM DIYA: Partick Emoditi
11. KADA OKU PODOSIAI: Simon Bukag
12. KOPIISO INSAN TADAU: Patrick Emoditi

For more info, visit

SURIA FM-Siaran Pagi Kinabalu

Written by kaitor on 8:26 PM

suria fm_starznews

I was very excited when my friend told me that there is SURIA FM-Siaran Pagi Kinabalu broadcast using frequency 105.90 everyday 6-10am. SURIA FM-Siaran Pagi Kinabalu already started their program on 04.08.2008. DJ for SURIA FM-Siaran Pagi Kinabalu is DJ Othoe from Tuaran. You must listen this SURIA FM-Siaran Pagi Kinabalu because mostly all the songs in sabahan slang.

Those who want to request songs or give feedback, you may call DJ Othoe at 603 4449569 or sms him directly 60138656796, email Sabahan artist, this is your chance to publish and promote your songs.

* I guess there is NO online streaming for SURIA FM-Siaran Pagi Kinabalu. It just their starting, lets support SURIA FM-Siaran Pagi Kinabalu so it will become big and bigger…soon I believe we can  listen it online .

Linda Nanuwil - Kadazandusun Album Launching at 1 borneo Hypermall

Written by kaitor on 7:43 AM

It was a great weekends when i got a chance to watch Linda's launching album ceremony. Lind had appreciated those who had helped her to produce the album. One of her main point i was really remember is this album help he to learn kadazandusun language. (For your information Kadazan language and Dusun Language are different especially their slang). I do agree that one of the best way to learn new language is by music or songs. Sabahan please learn your local language or lets it gone away by age.

Dato Seri Panglima Pairin (also known as Huguon Siou) in his opening speech, he challenge Kadazan,Dusun,Murut (KDM) artist to make a move and put their level in international standard. It was a big task for KDM artist but there is nothing impossible if they work hard and give their best. Huguon Siou had took a korean songs as an example, how korean song can be accepted by others, why our local song didn't? If we have a good product, i believe it will be accepted by other country. It not too easy... we have a long way to reach that point.

Linda also had pick lucky winner among her fans club (5 lucky winners) and public who had buy her album (5 winners). There was an autograph session at the end of Linda Nanuwil - Kadazandusun Album Launching.

You can watch the video from dbos-fm.

*I also had snap a few pictures during Linda Nanuwil - Kadazandusun Album Launching at 1 borneo Hypermall but i cannot upload it here for now. I didn't find my card reader, will update this post soon.

Aku Stacy at KDCA on 15 August

Written by kaitor on 6:09 PM

I saw the poster at bus stop "Aku Stacy at KDCA on 15 August". There will be special guess such as Adam AF, Evoke, Sugandoi Stars and Jo-Anna (Unduk Ngadau 2007).

*If you have the details, please let me know by leaving a comment. I will update this post ASAP


Those interested can contact
KDCA office (088-713696) / 016-8438430
KKBox Karamunsing (088-310888)
Eclipse Bar& Café (016-8466177)
Or call 088-252449,016-8199884,016-8308787 and 013-8685678


Radio Online: Sabah V FM

Written by kaitor on 7:51 AM

click picture to listen Sabah V FM

Sabah V FM is one of government Radio station. Sabah V FM come with 6 language English,Cina,Kadazan,Dusun,Murut,Bajau and Malay. Sabah V FM is one of the main source for local sabahan to promote their songs. Now days we have technology and here you are, can listen Sabah V FM online.Here is the frequency for sabah V FM, but if you are living outside Sabah you cannot use this radio frequency.

No. Kawasan             Frekuensi
1. Kota Marudu         91.1
2. Lahad Datu            92.6
3. Beaufort                92.6
4. Pantai Barat          92.7
5. Papar                     92.7
6. Tuaran                   92.7
7. Tenom                   93.1
8. Keningau              93.1
9. Labuan                  93.3
10. Sandakan            96.1
11. Tawau                 98.9
12. Kudat                  98.9
13. Beaufort            102.9
14. Sipitang             102.9
15. Labuan               102.9
16. Kota Belud       104.1
17. Felda Sahabat   106.7
18. Pedalaman        107.1

"Bambazon" local (sabahan) telemovie will broadcast in Radio Television Malaysia (RTM)

Written by kaitor on 12:04 AM

Just a few weeks Linda comes out with her kadazandusun album,she had been contributing in “Bambazon” .One of Linda’s songs “Mitogkiad Kito” was selected as soundtrack in this telemovie. This is a local (sabahan) telemovie will broadcast in Radio Television Malaysia (RTM). This telemovie was organized by Immortelle Creative. Most of the main actor of this telemois are AFs students Linda,Felix and Ebi. One of the top Malaysian actor Dedy M. Borhan also took part in this telemovie.

Dialy Express had reported that this “Bamazon” is the first telemovie kadazandusun appear in RTM. According to Norsahar this telemovie will be shown on TV during kaamatan festival next year.

Here is the synopsis of the story:

Ivy (Linda) is a university student’s take an economy course. She didn’t want to stick with her family condition, poor. She want to run out from this situation and have a dream successful. Because of her dream, she very excited to be a representative for Unduk Ngadau.

But at the same time she stuck in a relationship problem between Anggidu and Dol (Ebi), son of cooperate members. They are studying in same university. Dedy M. Borhan (Datuk Sahar) had brought more effect to this telemovie after he also suggest Ivy as a representative of Unduk Ngadau…. What would happened.. wait until next year… or if you can’t wait next year… buy the the original CD, support our local product. (* i'm not very sure either they selling the cd or not... I will get more info and update this post ASAP)

* you can read more in dbos-fm blog or scias blog (Linda AF2 big fan).

Winners of the 2008 MTV Asia Awards

Written by kaitor on 11:31 PM

The winners of the 2008 MTV Asia Awards who walked away with the Golden M Bar are:

Favourite Music Artist Awards from Asia:
Favorite Artist of China: Lee Yu Chun
Favorite Artist of Hong Kong: Leo Ku
Favorite Artist of Indonesia: Yovie & Nuno
Favorite Artist of Korea: Super Junior
Favorite Artist of Malaysia: Nicholas Teo
Favorite Artist of Philippines: Chicosci
Favorite Artist of Singapore: Stefanie Sun
Favorite Artist of Taiwan: Show Lo
Favorite Artist of Thailand: TOR+ Saksit

International Music Awards:
Favorite International Artist of Asia: Linkin Park
Best Hook-up: Timbaland feat. OneRepublic - “Apologize”
The Innovation Award: Radio Head
Breakthrough Artist: Leona Lewis
Video Star: 30 Seconds to Mars - “A Beautiful Lie”
Bring Da House Down: Muse – Muse Asia Tour
edc Style Award: Panic at the Disco
Knockout Award: The Click Five
Inspiration Award: Karen Mok

Nuffnang gift ideas contest, sponsor by

Written by kaitor on 8:07 AM

Nuffnang had run a contest called nuffnang gift ideas contest. The prizes is sponsor by The rules is easy, all you have to do is visit real mart website and deside on a ift that you would like to suggest for a fellow nuffnangers. The main point in this contest is you have to link back to and tag your post as realmart. After that register in this page

OK… OK… easy right…

If I was given the opportunity to select who I’m gonna giving a gift, I will definitely selsect dbos-fm. I never meet him before but already know him long time a go in internet world. He run a entertainment blog focusing in sabahan artist and entertainments. He also posts some info about tourism in Sabah.

Lets talk about what is the gift I would give to him if I had an opportunity to do that. Dbos-fm run an entertainment bog, so the best gift I would give him is Canon Digital Video Camcorder DVD DC220 - DVD DC220 . The price of this camera is very reasonable MYR 1,448.00 only. Please visit for more details. The main reason I give him this video camcorder as a gift, he can use it to record more video or pictures and make his work easier.

Product Description

* Large 1.07 megapixels CCD (DC230) / 800,000 pixels CCD (DC220/210) for high resolution image quality
* Super spectral coated lenses to reduce flare and ghosting
* Genuine Canon optics for high definition images with exceptional clarity, contrast and resolution
* Electronic image stabilizer (EIS) eliminates shake for smooth and steady video recording
* Colour Correction filter gives videos it

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