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KK FM Auditions get awesome acceptance

Written by kaitor on 12:41 AM

On 26 and 27 of January 2011, KK FM (91.1 HZ) once again calls Malaysian for an interview. As announced in their announcement, KK FM is looking for someone who can be a deejay and news reader.
I have few friends who come to the auditions and said the auditions is quite hard but interesting. Two days of open interview show may new talent trying their best to start new carrier with KK FM. Felix Agus and Adi are the panel of this open interview.

Becoming a radio deejay is a dream for everyone who loves to get public attentions. Some of sabahan local artist also attended this auditions such as Esther Clement Tubong and Usal Jon. Some of my friend said Esther Applunius also come for this auditions but when I ask Black Noty @ , he confirm that she (Esther Applunius) didn’t come to the auditions. Esther also made into next stage.

Beside the artists, some of online radio deejay from Sabhaan.FM such as Black Noty, Salipar Jipun, Steam Pressure One's and DJ SM attend this interview and some of them are going for the next level. Stay tune to KK FM because they will announce who already shot listed and you (listeners) will choose who will get employ with KK FM by sms voting. Be ready to vote your friends or your feature favorite Deejay.

3rd Dice – Kesan Di Hati (Acoustic)

Written by kaitor on 10:23 PM

Did this band name sound new to you? Actually they already exist since 2003 and already achieve many great successful. I still remember 3rd Dice is one of the independent band who had perform in Digi Indie Band Concert on 2009 and featured in ROTTOW magazine.

I love their song “New Hope” nice melody with great music arrangement , I can categorized this song in slow rock.

3rd Dice also active doing performance in any showcase or gigs and video below is recorded by Revolution On Motion at Acoustic Night Live @ Starbucks 1Borneo Video Of 3rd Dice's Acoustic Performance On 5th June 2010 at Starbucks. Enjoy their Malay song Kesan Di Hati .

If Not Bro Langau, Who Else?

Written by kaitor on 9:47 PM

Did you recognize picture above? He is Bro Langau and the founder of on9fm. I can say he is very energetic and motivated. He always will do the best and friendly too. If you want to know more about him, KKBandWidth have his story on January 2011 Issue, read If Not Bro Langau, Who Else? [BandWidth Issue 18, January 2011].

Kalau Bukan Kita, Siapa Lagi. “If not us, who else? If not our local bands, who else? This tagline is useful for what I’m doing. Don’t wait for other people to do it for you. This is my own radio, I can do whatever I want to do. I just need to follow a few rules.”… Bro Lanagu

Alex Raja Lawak host Warung Kita ,Sabah and Sarawak editions.

Written by kaitor on 9:26 PM

I believe most of you guys still remember this big guy with a lot of fun. He is the second runner up winner Raja Lawak. He is one of the host for Warung Kita for Sabah and Sarawak editions and do not forget to watch on Astro Prima (Channel 105) every Friday 7.30 PM.  Alex and Angah will host this show.

If you guys want Warung Kita visit your places especially around Sabah and Sarawk, just give suggestions to the producer MunawarHarun & JocelynHoon at Warung Kita Facebook Fan Page .

i saw some comments on cari forum especially from sarawak that they not satisfy with new edition of Warung kita, read Warung Kita Edisi Sarawak Sucks Big Time!!!!!! to know the full story.

KE Next Top Entertainer season 3

Written by kaitor on 2:33 AM

Many of us know that there are many reality show in Malaysia , but did you know Sabah had their own reality show? Ehehhe… but this will not be publish on TV. After being work hard last two years, now another season will come with a lot of improvement from the previous years.

 KENTE 3 committee 

Last time I just follow the update of KE Next Top Entertainer, but now I really glad that I can help them to run this competitions. By only two season, KE Next Top Entertainer already produce good quality entertainer and for your information all the winner is fresh, means they never have single or sign as recording artist before. There are Carry Yubong ,Celestina Juli , Shery ,Marlleyn and Feraddy.

This Season 3 will give much bigger prizes compare to last two seasons and the best thing is the finalist will have their own song which composed by Francis. If you have song and want the finalist sing , just visit KE Next Top Entertainer fan Page or just leave comment below and I will get the right person to get deal with you.

Prizes for KE Next Top Entertainer are:
Winner : RM3,000
1st Runner Up : RM2,000
2nd Runner Up : RM1,000

You can register online via Facebook, just visit Ke Next Top Entertainer Fan page (KENTE ) or comme to Pusakag on the registration day 29 January 2010 1 PM. Good Luck all ..

Chat and win Movie ticket

Written by kaitor on 11:23 PM

Just chat and you will reward with two #2 free ticket to watch movie at "Golden Screen Cinema" (GSC). Maybe before this we herad this kind of competitions available in peninsular Malaysia only, but now it happen to you in sabah especially in kota kinabalu. It very easy to win… just chat .. that all… so let’s chat at on9fm website and remember, all your words will be count to determine the winner. Watch who is the top 20 on9FM chatters and do not forget to start chat if you want to get 2 ticket for free and enjoy the movie. 

On9FM will pick top 5 chatters and of course the winner will get two ticket to watch movie at GSC and the rest will be given “speaker” for 1 months. Yoy may wondering what this “speaker” status means, speaker will have the opportunity to request song and will played imminently.It’s time to chat and win ticket for movie at GSC and enjoy the independent Music at ON9FM.

Oh ya.. it a big questions … let say Gaman win as the top chatter fort this months, will he still be the top chatter for another following months?? They didn’t mention this on their FB… will get you the answer from on9FM... and here the answer i got from On9FM founder bro langau, the counter will reset every months and it will give all the chatters equal opportunity win the cinema ticket for two persons. Good lick. 

read more about On9FM Mini Jammed

Akademi Fantasia 9 auditions – online auditions

Written by kaitor on 6:27 PM

It had been a long time Akademi Fantasia (AF) bringing out new star in Malaysian music industry and some of local media labeled AF is the No#1 reality Tv in Malaysia. After 8 years running successful , now it come to the end and the last sessions and it going to be very special. Yesterday, January 14th, 2011 press conference at Dua Residency, Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur around 3 PM and Astro Ria Channel , Puan Azlin Reza Azmi with Executive Producer , Mohd Irwan Abdul Rauf had confirm that Akademi Fantasia 9 is the last sessions.

It is a big tribute for Sabah because we are the only place that Akademi Fantasia 9 will organize auditions besides Kuala Lumpur. That means there are only two places auditions for Akademi Fantasia 9 as listed below:

1. Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur - 11, 12 & 13 February 2011
2. Promenade Hotel, Kota Kinabalu Sabah - 28, 29 & 30 January 2011

Registrations will be start on 9 am to 1 PM.

Astro also doing other changers on the auditions for this year which is provide auditions online. All you have to do is select song from the list, record and upload to you tube. For more details visit Akademi Fantasia 9 online auditions.

This year also , Akademi Fantasia 9 provide many songs choices and total is 40 sing , 20 for male and 20 for female with cover many music genre. Being a last sessions , Akademi Fantasia 9 will bring all the memory back on stage since sessions 1 until 8.

Astro also said that Akademi Fantasia 9 will be host by famous Malaysian host. My guess, it will bring back Aznil Hj Nawawi to Akademi Fantasia. This session also will be bit different because the principle of Akademi Fantasia 9 will be import from other country either Singapore or Indonesia. Well it still a big questions for us to predict it for now but there will be a press conference soon revel everything.

Below is the song list for online auditions.
 Female :

1.    Ku Ada Kamu (Adira)
2.    Nobody (Wondergirls)
3.    Realiti Dewi (Alyah)
4.    Tolong Ingatkan Aku (Ana Rafali)
5.    Jahat (Stacy)
6.    Hati Yang Kau Sakiti (Rossa)
7.    Matahari (Agnes Monica)
8.    Pelamin Anganku Musnah (Azie)
9.    Bila Cinta (Gio & Felly)
10.  Bertamu Di Kalbu (Jaclyn Victor)
11.  Helo (Beyonce)
12.  Sejak Ku Bertemu Padamu (Sanisah Huri)
13.  Gila (Mila)
14.  Puisi Cinta (Ella)
15.  Rela (Tila)
16.  Aku Tak Percaya Cinta (Liyana Jasmay)
17.  Cinta Sempurna (Yuna)
18.  Tari Tualang Tiga (Saloma)
19.  Cinta Ini  (Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza)
20.  Ku Bukan Aku (Tilu)


1.    Selamat Malam (Faizal Tahir)
2.    Kebahagiaan Dalam Perpisahan (Shahir)
3.    Drama King (MUH)
4.    Extravaganza (Bunkface)
5.    Billionaire (Travis Mc Coy)
6.    Bukan Cinta Biasa (Afgan)
7.    Ketulusan Hati (Anuar Zain)
8.    Bila Cinta (Gio & Felly)
9.    Noktah Cinta (Hafiz)
10.  Yang Pernah (Estranged)
11.  Dan Bila Esok (Sofaz)
12.  Akulah Kekasih Mu (Axl’s)
13.  Tinggal Kenangan (Salem)
14.  Tak Mungkin Berpaling (Zamani)
15.  Pelita (Api)
16.  Susun Silang Kata (Aizat)
17.  Inilah Cinta (Akim)
18.  Sorry Sorry (Super Junior)
19.  Baby (Justin Bieber)
20.  Yank (Wali Band)

MALAYSIAN WANT'S-M1 Sabahan Contestants

Written by kaitor on 4:23 PM

There are brand new reality TV show will broadcast soon on Astro Ria and HitzFM. MALAYSIAN WANT'S-M1 already complete their auditions nationwide which started from Kuantan (4-5 December 2010), Ipoh (8-9 December 2010) , Penang (11- 12 December 2010), Kuala Terengganu (14 -15 December 2010), Kuala Lumpur (17 -18 December 2010), Melaka (22-23 December 2010), Johor Bahru (28 -29 December 2010), Kuching (4-5 January 2011) and Kota Kinabalu (7-8 January 2011). M1 is a new Reality TV Programme where six Malaysian will be chosen by fellow Malaysians to form a band.

M1 will dividen into three stages which is Stage 1:Auditions, Stage 2: The Workshop and Stage 3: Go Live. There are 6 category offered by M1, Vocalist, Keyboardist, Lead Guitarist, Drummer, Bassist and Percussionist. Only 10 will select for each category (total of 60 contestants) will be joining the second stage “The Workshop” for 10 days. At the end of stage 2, only half (30 contestants) will go to stage 3.

Stage 3 will broadcast live in TV (Astro Ria) and schedule started broadcasting live on Febuary 26, 2011 (Saturday) and followed by result on the following day, Sunday. Each week 1 band will eliminated based on the judgers marks (60) + Sms voting from audience (40). Only two band will perform in the final on Mac 19,2011.

The judgers are very professional , Helen Yap, Fauzi Marzuki and Cat Farish. All of them are well known and have good achievement in their carrier.

That is the details on this M1 TV reality show and now its time for me to introduce our sabahan contestants who made into Stage 2. There are :

1. Jimbonievin Simon (Benn) – drum, vocal and guitar
2. Oscar Jefferson Chew – Drum
3. Izhamuddin Bin Hamdu – Vocal
4. Al- Sabre Bin Gibson – Bass
5. Md. Syuwari Bin Sutrisno – Guitar
6.Julie Mellissa -Vocal
7. Suib Zinin

Stage 2 – The Workshop will start on 17 January 2011. Good luck all and do your best.

Buat Mu Kekasih – Nadia

Written by kaitor on 5:35 AM

Nadia Ali or more known as Nadia are popular with her song “Salam Untuk Kekasih” in 1996. Nadia had been in a silent few years and now she come back with new songs. Actually I just know early 1999 that Nadia is sabahan and I was really surprise and impress. Now Nadia already rise from her long rest and now with new songs Buat Mu Kekasih. These songs was recorded at art putera studio. These songs almost same to her hits songs “salam untuk kekasih”. You can view video below and enjoy the songs , but the quality of the voice is not really good. Do not forget to give your review by giving a comment at the end of this posts.

Nadia had perform at DBKK new year 2011 countdown and become judgers BATTLE OF THE BAND (FINAL) on 29 Dis 2010. Below is the pictures taken during nadia perform attract the visitor get rock… I wish a best of luck for this queen of rock …

Nadia- Buat Mu Kekasih


Nadia upcoming event:
Nadia will perform in Pesta Budaya Tawau BIMB EAGA 2011 on 15 January 2011. If you are around or nearby Tawau catch her live.

Visit Nadia Fan Page Facebook

Aizat and The Band commint to Semporna and Pulau Sipadan Sabah

Written by kaitor on 7:03 AM

Have you ever watch XPRESI KEMBARA? If I didn’t mention the channel you should know it. For those who didn’t ever have a try watch Radio Television Malaysia (RTM), you should tune into channel 101 (for astro user) or TV1 every Saturday on 11.30 am.

XPRESI KEMBARA was started middle year of 2009 and it continues after successful attract viewer in 2010. With the effort of RTM to provide new tv program with more excitement and new concept. XPRESI KEMBARA will invite the independent artists as their special guess such as 6ixth Sense, Yuna, Bunkface, Azlan & The Typewriter, Couple, Black, Grey Sky Morning, Ana Raffali and many more.

Usually XPRESI KEMBARA will go places in peninsular Malaysia but Aizat and The Band is very lucky because they had fly crossing the sea coming down to Land Below the Wind, Sabah. Destinations of this XPRESI KEMBARA are Semporna, Pulau Sipadan dan Mabul and Taman Laut Tun Sakaran.

Some of their activity around semporna are going to Pasar Kering Semporna and Bukit Tengkorak. For those who haven’t an experience to collect fist from the net, this might your time to know it because Aizat and The Band tried this activity. Beside that Aizat and The Band going to Pasar Kering to experiences the lifestyle in semporna. They had entertain Pasar Kering Visitors by performing few song or in a simple word, basking. Exercise of fitness are really needed when you want to climb Bukit Tengkorak . Again watch RTM 1 this Saturday on 11.30 , how Aizat and The Band climb Bukit Tangkorak to enjoy the nice view on the top.

Did you still remember, the Malaysian film Duyong? Shooting was done in sabah right? Again XPRESI KEMBARA bring Aizat and The Band visit Holiday Resort . Few activitys was done around Pulau Sipadan and Mabul such Turtle Hatch and Snorkeling.

Aizat and The Band alsogiven the chances to experiences the lifestyle of Bajau Laut, which are difficult and struggling for their life. I also hope this episode will open the eyes of our government to thing something for improving the Bajau Laut lifestyle.

There are much more activity done by Aizat and The Band at Semporna and Pulau Sipadan so do not forget watch RTM 1, 11.30 every Saturday. I also hope RTM will invite sabahan indie artists for their TV program XPRESI KEMBARA.

On9FM Mini Jammed

Written by kaitor on 2:46 AM

As the 2011 start , On9FM also start their new year with a big event and I can say this is a great starting point for them more successful in future. On9FM was formed on 1st January 2010 and DJ Langau is the founder of this online radio. After complete one year operating, Yesterday is their first anniversary and celebrated it with their fans at Damai Kopitiam ,Luyang. On9FM had arrange this Mini Jammed well done and few independent band were perform yesterday night such as Orang Planet, The Mines, Cahaya D’Folk , Oldnavy andThe Retrock.

On9FM is the only radio online serving many verity of music form independent band or singer. If you are fan of “independent” , then you must listen to this online radio. Now days we can found many new born radio stations and claim they are the best one, but I can assure you On9FM is the only internet radio station in Malaysia focusing on independent band/singers.On the same occasions On9FM also had launch their brand new look official website.

I didn’t have many information on this On9FM Mini Jammed because I’m still at my home town and unable to attend. I had viewed their pictures on On9FM official Fan page and I can imagine how happening this event goes on.

Visit On9FM on:
Official Fan Page (Facebook)
Official website + listen radio
Bro Langau (On9FM founder.)

Wali band concert was reschedule to February

Written by kaitor on 1:38 AM

This concert was reschedule to February but the date was not confirm yet. It was published in Sabah Times. According to Productions Manager BOMP , leeny James , main reasons this concert reschedule is the vocalist of Wali Band, Faank not felling weel. For those who had purchase the ticket, you can keep it until February. You also can refund the ticket at Stadium Likas tomorrow 2/1/2011. Any inquires , you can call to Lenny James – 019 966 0666.

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