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Dusun Film Odoi Odu (Oh Grandma) winning Short Film Astro Kirana Award 08/09.

Written by kaitor on 7:14 AM

Odoi Odu or oh Grandma is a story using the theme of sadness old grandmother. She always saw her late husband. The village people think she is mad but she manage to cope up daily life with only her cat make her happy.

Director of this film is Farizie Bin Morinding from Ranau,Sabah and using Dusun language. This film is very short only 19.45 minutes but it had give big impact to the voters and also judgers. Odoi Odu only using basic tools to do editing such as Windows Movie Maker but in the end this sort film Odoi Odu bringing luck when bring home RM 500.00 cash, trophy and budget to produce movie rm 100 000.00 Odoi Odu also had win three other category , best director , best story and best actor.

Watch Video

*congratulations to Farizie Bin Morinding, and I’m proud of it. Do not forget to let me know if you need to find another actor soon, I’m interested. :P

Esther OIM3 : Second Week Concert.

Written by kaitor on 10:11 AM

Just finish watch second concert, and what I want to say overall performance tonight not really good compare first concert. I had watched every contestant and my focus tonight is who is the best performance and will get immunity from the judgers. Esther is the first contestants perform tonight. I have put attention on her because she the only sabahan in OIM3, the hottest session yet.

Esther had sung a song Mengenangmu from KerisPati and the arrangement totally different. I agree what judgers said, especially Paul Mos, there is no strength in that song. My choice of best performance tonight is Saimon and Amylea. Congregation for Amylea and you deserve to get the immunity.

The Beginning 2009 concert.

Written by kaitor on 7:50 PM

This coming March, there will be a concert in KDCA. Everyone is invited to attend this concert. There will be six artists will perform in this concert. There are:

The Divine Masters
Papier Mache
Felix Agus
Ivye Alexandra

DJ Othoe also was listed and I believe he will be the host of this concert. Come and join us at KDCA on Friday, March 13, 2009 (7:30pm - 11:55pm). Experience the excitement. Ticket are now available at D'Angels' Music & Education Center, Donggongon, Penampang.

For more information:
Tel: 088-731971, 088-731975

My Starz LG2 Champ: Wanna.

Written by kaitor on 5:51 PM

My Starz LG2 is come to the final last night with four contestants giving their best in the final concert. Wanna, Hairi, Cassie and Nashrin. I was hoping our sabahan contestant win My Starz LG2, but it not easy because every contestant have tier own redundancy. Crowd from the audience and comment from the judgers already tell us who will bring home RM 100 000.00 and recording contract with Warner (M) Sdn.Bhd plus 42 inch LG LCD TV.


Congratulation to Wanna as winner of My Starz LG2, she bring home RM 100 000.00 and recording contract with Warner (M) Sdn.Bhd plus 42 inch LG LCD TV. Second place goes to Nashrin, RM 20 000.00 with 32 inch LG LCD TV.


Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian (ABPBH) 2008

Written by kaitor on 7:23 AM

Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian 2008 will be held on April 12, 2008 at Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands. Below are the finale candidates for sixteen category.

* highlighted are my favorite choice for each category.

1) Pengacara TV Lelaki Popular
a) AC Mizal
b) Ally Iskandar
c) Aznil Nawawi
d) Faizal Ismail
e) Faizal Tahir

2) Pengacara TV Wanita Popular
a) Abby Fana
b) Cheryl Samad
c) Fara Fauzana
d) Juliana Evans
e) Nurul Alis

3) Penyampai Radio Lelaki Popular
a) AG
b) Aznil Nawawi
c) Faizal Ismail
d) Kieran
e) Khairil Rashid

4) Penyampai Radio Wanita Popular
a) Abby Fana
b) Fara Fauzana
c) Leya
d) Linda Onn
e) Nana

5) Artis Komedi Lelaki Popular
a) AC Mizal
b) Afdlin Shauki
c) Nabil
d) Saiful Apek
e) Zizan

6) Artis Komedi Wanita Popular
a) Amyza Aznan
b) Kenchana Dewi
c) Noorkhiriah
d) Ruminah Sidek
e) Sheila Mambo

7) Artis Baru Lelaki Popular
a) Aiman
b) Fizzow Omar’
c) Nabil
d) Nubhan
e) Riz

8) Artis Baru Wanita Popular
a) Ayu OIAM
b) Lisa Surihani
c) Sari Yanti
d) Scha
e) Stacy

9) Penyanyi/ Artis Nasyid Popular
a) Aiman
b) Akhil Hayy
c) Hijjaz
d) Rabbani
e) Raihan

10) Penyanyi Berkumpulan/ Duo Popular
a) Estranged
b) Fabulous Cats
c) Hujan
d) M. Nasir dan Malique
e) Meet Uncle Hussain

11) Penyanyi Lelaki Popular
a) Adam
b) Aizat
c) Amy Search
d) Mawi
e) Nubhan

12) Penyanyi Wanita Popular
a) Elyana
b) Jaclyn Victor
c) Mila
d) Siti Nurhaliza
e) Stacy

13) Pelakon Filem Lelaki Popular
a) Farid Kamil
b) Que Haidar
c) Rosyam Nor
d) Rusdi Ramli
e) Saiful Apek

14) Pelakon Filem Wanita Popular
a) Erra Fazira
b) Liyana Jasmay
c) Maya Karin
d) Sharifah Amani
e) Vanidah Imran

15) Pelakon TV Lelaki Popular
a) Aaron Aziz
b) Aqasha
c) Ashraf Muslim
d) Fahrin Ahmad
e) Rosyam Nor

16) Pelakon TV Wanita Popular
a) Abby Abadi
b) Diana Danielle
c) Dynas
d) Fasha Sandha
e) Rita Rudaini

Stacy First Album - "Aku Stacy"

Written by kaitor on 7:05 AM

As we all know, Stacy will launch her first album on 8th March 2009. I believe Stacy fans very excited and cannot wait that moment. The best news is, Stacy will launch her first album in Sabah and this is a history because for the first time Maestro organizes album launching in Sabah. There are few new song in Stacy first album such as Aku Stacy, Gagap, Cinta Yang KuDuga, Rasa- Rasa, Cerah and Pakai Buang. Watch promotion video below.

For your information, there are “sabahan slang” such as kenapa bah! kau berubah! in Pakai Buang song. I believe KRU done this to attract sabahan listeners. We, sabahan should proud that our “sabahan slang” started accepted by other races. :D

I hope Stacy first album (Aku Stacy) will be successful, she need your support “Stop Piracy … Buy Ori”

Date : March 8th 2009
Venue : Kadazan Dusun Cultural Association (KDCA) Penampang

Julie Melissa Justin - - AF 7 student ?

Written by kaitor on 6:33 AM

I was searching some information on Akademi Fantasia session seven (AF7). I did not have any close friend who working with Astro, so it a bit hard for me to become spoiler. I had been told that there are many Sabahan who made into next level audition. Congratulations for those who successful goes to next level.

On March 7, 2009 is the first episode for AF7 offical concert (Tirai Akademi Fantasia 7). Guys if you have any information about AF7 , please inform me by email ( especially who will be the AF7 students.

Below is the one who have the highest potential to become AF7 student. I ‘m not say she is the one but she have a highest chancres. Her name is Julie Melissa Justin and the only one playing guitar during the audition on 30 January at One Borneo. She also has her own youtube page and all video inside it is her. Julie Melissa Justin has compose her own song and sing a fews songs.

After going thru all her video, I really love this song.. enjoy it . I really wanna see her in AF7. A best of luck for you Julie Melissa Justin.

Below is the video of Julie Melissa Justin before AF7 audition.

More Julie Melissa Justin videos and information.

哈亚庇,溜货私 - (ha ah bi liu fo si)

Written by kaitor on 6:56 PM

enjoy this songs, i didn't understand this song but i love to listen it. I had asked my friend who understand Hakka, he said this song about a guy come to sabah searching for amoi@sumandak cantik (liang moi).

My Starz LG2 Finale 22/02/09.

Written by kaitor on 6:46 AM

I had watched most of the episode of My Starz LG session 2 host by TV3. It now come to the finale and who will be bring home RM 100 000.00 + Recording contract + LG goods. Next week 22/02/09, 11 pm is the finale and do not miss to watch this episode. There are four contestants in the finale concert to take the challenge and bring home the first prize.

Below is list finale of My Starz LG2:


* Hairi is the only Sabahan in this contest and he is the only one who always sang a rock songs. Chances for hairi to win the first prize is difficult, but it doesn’t mean he did not have a chance to have it. Let’s support your favorite contestant and do not forget to vote them. Remember 30% can change the result given by the judgers. Voting 30%, Judgers 70%.

More MY STARZ LG2 video

Easther OIM is dangers… ???

Written by kaitor on 8:04 AM

Esther......Ini adalah bahaya untuk mana-mana peserta, adakah undian perkauman akan berlaku?Perlu di ingatkan meskipun jumlah peserta Cina Sabah ini satu dari 12 tetapi kemungkinan dia menang besar, kerana jumlah pengundi Melayu akan berpecah kepada 10 orang tetapi dia senang-senang akan dapat imuniti setiap minggu sama seperti keadaan Daniel dengan Suki, dapat imuniti tidak boleh di undi keluar minggu seterusnya. Dia bakal mengulangi keadaan yang sama.hanya satu sahaja yang boleh menyelamatkan harapan peserta2 lain..Semua pengundi tidak payah mengundi Tomok, Pija atau sesiapa terus bersatu Undi keluar Esther...Bersihkan OIAM dari undian perkauman...Lepas OIAM dah bersih barulah undi peserta korang.Kalau tidak percaya nanti lihat sendiri apa yang aku cakap ini akan jadi kenyataan.Adakah sama pendekatan Paul Moss yang ingin mengangkat martabat penyanyi kelab malam ke taraf yang sepatutnya atau pemikiran rakyat Malaysia khususnya orang Melayu yang memandang rendah pada penyanyi kelab malam?Hanya masa akan menentukan.

I had read this comment in Cari Forum, honestly I didn’t agree with the person who gives that comment. So what do you think? Yes.. Let the time decide it… and I wish Esther will be in top 5. :P

New single from Infinatez - Hinonggo

Written by kaitor on 9:00 PM

Infinatez open their new page in music industry by producing a new song Hinonggo. “Hinonggo” means “where” or in malay “dimana”. This song, Hinonggo was composed by Alvin aka Defoo Reuben Raymond aka Fingerstylo. Sabahan don’t worry because Infinatez dusun songs was composed by dusun boy (Alvin aka Defoo)Reuben Raymond aka Fingerstylo from RanauTambunan. So there is no issue of wrong words usage. We should proud that our local language is start accepted by others community or race. I believe if the song have a good melody and music arrangement, no matter what language is it, people still listen to that song. I will take my self as an example, I also listen Chinese, tagalong, Spanish and Japanese song even I’m not understand it. That is the power of music.

Alvin aka Defoo already told me that Hinonggo will be on air in Sabah V FM. Alvin’s blog had announced that the song already in Sabah V FM hand now and just waiting to roll the music in the air. DJ DJ Selina Light is the person who receives the song an to be play in Sabah V FM. I’m pretty sure hinonggo will be played during DJ Selina Light slot, every Saturday 11 pm until 2 am. Do not forget tune to Sabah V FM because this is the first time hinonngo will be played to listeners. Below is a short videoclip of Infinatez singing their new song Hinonggo.

Diari OIM3 - - Do Not Miss It.

Written by kaitor on 7:30 PM

Starting on 23 Febuary 2009.
Time: 11.30 PM
Every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

More gossip and information about TOP 12 will be cover in Diari OIM3

Elizabeth Applunius Chin

Elizabeth Applunius Chin or her stage name "Esther" is one of the Top 12. She need your support and for those who live nearby or Esther fans, you are invited to Seri Pentas 2 Shah Alam to watch the first concert. Entrance is FREE !!

Nikki and Audi Mok was Engaged, 26 December 2008.

Written by kaitor on 2:15 AM

I you had seen Melodi on TV3 ,25 January 2009, then you probably know that Nikki and Audi Mok already engaged. Today mStar had announced that Nikki and Audi Mok will get merry on 27 June 2009. The wedding ceremony will be somewhere in Kuala Lumpur church and after that the Prince and Princess will have their wedding celebration in Audi’s place in Melacca.

Audi Mok had proposed his special love to Nikki during Nikki’s birthday November last year. She was very happy and cannot speak any words during Audi Mok propose. Nikki also get a special present from Audi Mok but she had decide to keep it secret.

Audi and Nikki had a special relationship around three years past and yet were engaged on 26 December last year in Sabah. Nikki and Audi Mok start to know each other during producing Nikki’s album Maharani. Both of them keep their relationship as a secret until they get engaged December last year because they didn’t want to get gossip by media or public.

I wish a bright future to Audi Mok’s new family.

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