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FOC for great performance

Written by kaitor on 6:51 AM

Most of Sabahan local artists still doing charity by performing free of charge (FOC) . This issue arise long time ago , where our local artist struggling produce the best songs, best performance and best music but the volume return of investment is very low. Few suggestions had voice up from non government organizations and respective ministry too, how to help our local artist survive but it seem cannot work.

Before this Datuk Masidi Manjun had announce minimum payment for Sabahan artist is RM 2000.00 and highly encourage five star hotel in Sabah employ sabahan artist or musicians. According to few resources hotels in Sabah choose foreign artists or musicians because the costs are cheap. It just in one conner , mine while in another angle some organizations not put a budget for Sabahan local artist . They are more interested to invite establish artist and willing to pay a high price. I still remember , one organizations invite Dato Siti Norhaliza with big budget, RM 20 000.00 for 3 songs not including flight ticket and accommodations.

Back again to sabahan local artist, why they did not have an opportunity to get paid instead performing FOC in any show. I can say our local artist is the best in the world , charity ,charity and charity. Solutions is not easy to accomplish in this stage. Sabahan should realize we have to pay a little bit for a great talent and not FOC because they have to survive too.

Here are my few suggestions:
1. Artists must have their own manager to manage and organize their shows .
2. Must demand a bit, do not accept free performance and try to ask payment .
3. Try to produce an album with low coast but good quality.
4. Do not just concentrate on singing but try another scope such as emcee or acting
5. Become business men/women such as ivy alexendra , Allen (Da Prinz)
6. Proper financial planning.
7. Produce your own product

changers come from us itself .....

Jason Jack Bullah (tampasak production) magic touch

Written by kaitor on 7:30 PM

Jason Jack Bullah is not a new name in sabah entertainment production line and his product comes with high creativity and good quality. Jason or more known as Tampasak among his friends have a great experience in video shooting and editing more than 10 years. Experience without interest will never give great outcome, Jason had shown his interest in video shooting and editing by participating in KE Next Top Entertainer and editing video clips. Beside that Jason also active wedding video shooting.

Below is video clip from Andalusia – Episode 22 directed by Jason. His video clip was having a different from the others. You can compare the quality and creativity with others video clip and i admit it was the most impressive Sabahan’s music video.

Jason new project is produce vedio clip for Rubisa Tiasin AF7 with her new single, jangan bilang siapa-siapa (don’t tel l this to anyone).

Title of this post said that Jason or tampasak have a majic touch in his work and i can say he have an excellent creativity. All of his work inspired with international quality and i hope one day Jason will try another field directing a short film or movie.

Watch Final Kadus Entertainment Next Top Entertainer session 2 (KENTE 2 ) Live @ Sabahan.FM

Written by kaitor on 3:46 AM

Sabahan.FM is the No 1 online radio is Sabah will broadcast live Entertainment Next Top Entertainer season 2 (KENTE 2 ) Finale concert . Middle of February KENTE 2 started this singing competitions and get very good acceptance with five heat. Each heat have ten (10) contestants and two (2) will selected to final by professional jury and another two (2) will selected to heat six (6) which another chance for them to be listed as finales.

Kadus Entertainment (KE) selected Pusakag Cafe, Donggongon as their stage to select the finalist from six heat while KDCA , Penampang is the place for us to know who is the winner for KENTE 2. This Final concert will broadcast live by Sabahan.Fm. This services available in Sabahan.FM website and off course starznews , show will started at 6:00pm - 11:00pm tomorrow (Friday, April 16, 2010). Those who live nearby , you are invited to watch this Kadus Entertainment Next Top Entertainer session 2 (KENTE 2 ) finely concert.
--Video ... coming soon ---

Free video streaming by Ustream

Below is the 12 finale of Kadus Entertainment Next Top Entertainer session 2 (KENTE 2 ).

14th Politeknik Kota Kinabalu convocation - Live by Sabahan.FM

Written by kaitor on 4:57 AM

Watch live video broadcasting 14th Politeknik Kota Kinabalu convocation at

Date: 14 – 15 April 2010
Venue : Dewan Refflesia, Politeknik Kota Kinabalu.

Congratulations to all students who will celebrate their graduation day. :)

you also can watch the 14th Politeknik Kota Kinabalu convocation ceremony from this blog. Watch video below :

Live TV by Ustream

new songs : Kau Tuli Kah?? - Khai Puma Jamal

Written by kaitor on 1:48 AM

Kau Tuli Kah ?? or in english Are you deaf?? .. is a new song from Khai Puma Jamal. He is a friend of mine, and i do know him well. Khai Puma Jamal or more known as puma have a brilliant talent in singing beside have a nice voice tone. I still remember during KENTE 02, he preform and sang a song I'm Yours (Jason Marz)it really entertaining.

Here is the video of his new songs Kau Tuli Kah ?? Thanks to for sharing his tips how to embed facebook video into Blog or Website.

Dream Team Auto Show 2010

Written by kaitor on 9:04 AM

Hi guys, here is an interesting event for you on 17 April 2010, Dream Team will organize an Auto Show 2010. Dream Team consist 16 students who have a big dream successful in M.I.C.E industry and future leader Event Organizing.

Early of 2010, Dream Team will open this Auto Show to all and divided into few category as listed below:
Car Category: Open,K-Car And VIP Style Category
Bike Category: Best Looking
Registration Fees :
Car ( RM80)
Bike (RM50)
*starznews said: wah… the registration fees is very cheap… honestly I just notice it after living in this world almost 26 years. I thought the registration fees must be in thousand…. Prizes are awesome waiting for the winner.

Prizes - Car Open Category
1st Place = RM500+Certificate+Trophy
2nd Place = RM350+Certificate+Trophy
3rd Place = RM250+Certificate+Trophy

-VIP Style Category
1st Place = RM500+Certificate+Trophy
2nd Place = RM350+Certificate+Trophy
3rd Place = RM250+Certificate+Trophy

- K-Car Category
1st Place = RM500+Certificate+Trophy
2nd Place = RM350+Certificate+Trophy
3rd Place = RM250+Certificate+Trophy

- Bike Category
1st = RM200+Certificate+Trophy
2nd = RM150+Certificate+Trophy
3rd = RM100+Certificate+Trophy

All participants will receive an entry certificate.

Bah… make sure you are free from any appointment on 17 April 2010 and see you in Harbour City, Kota Kinabalu .

More information visit Dream Team Facebook Group

Carta Artis Tempatan Sabah (CATS) 2010 – Winner : Felix Agus

Written by kaitor on 6:27 AM

Felix Agus was announced as winner of CATS 2010 and bring home RM 3,000.00 cash, trophy and certificate. “Aku juga iya” which was composed by himself bring luck selected winner of CATS 2010.

Another winner of each category are:
Best Vocal : Afsah Jumrin @ Cha
Best Performance: Andalusia

Akademi Fantasia 8, Third concert – YouTube

Written by kaitor on 5:36 AM

As usual, I have no chance to watch the live concert of Akademi Fantasia because I have important task need to done. Thanks for Akademi Fantasia 8 follower uploading in YouTube.

I was hoping the concert will batter than the previous two concerts, but I just a hope no improvement at all. Some said song choices not suitable for student and others said not challenging. Here are my comments, anyone can sing a song no matter what, but the most important is how the student make the song entertaining and interesting performance. We can compare Akademi Fantasia 8 students with the previous sessions who have creativity and effort in their songs. Good examples are Stacy, Akim, Aizat, Felix and Zahid.

Enjoy the concert and give your comment, who know Astro can attention on your comment and do some improvement.

Part 1 Intro Konsert 3 AF8

Part 2 Alif - Suatu Janji

Part 3 Ain - Cinta Antara Benua

Part 4 Farina - Cantik

Part 5 Shahir - Derita Cinta

Part 6 Iwan - Permaisuriku

Part 7 Nad - Bulan Cinta

Part 8 Maulana - So Sick

Part 9 Adira - Kini

Part 10 Daus - Separuh Jiwaku Pergi

Part 11 Anum - Kau atau Aku

*My choice this third concert is Anum, good stage performance and confident.. sadly she was eliminated in this third concert...

anum was eliminated ... :(

Alvin MY- EP Launching

Written by kaitor on 11:25 PM

Today there are lot of events around sabah, and mos of you might can guess it correctly.

1. SAC - Sabah Adventure Challenge 2010 (Tambunan 2nd - 4th April 2010)
2. Pesta Kalimaran 2010 (Tenom Sabah , 2nd - 4th April 2010)
3. Carta Atris Tempatan Sabah (1 Borneo , 3 April 2010 ,2 Pm)
4. Alvin My EP Launching (VINO LOUNGE, VENETIAN CLUB, 3 April 2010 , 8PM)

That are the list what happening around sabah in this weekend. Sabah also Public holiday on 2nd April for Good Friday an i guess it not very late for to wish you all blessed Good Friday and happy Easter.

Terrence & Alvin MY with copies of Learning You CD.

Back to Alvin MY EP-Launching tonight at VINO LOUNGE, VENETIAN CLUB> Remember to bring along your fiends , invite as many you can because free entrance. come and enjoy the music. Below is a video taken during Back to sikul gathering and hope you enjoy, lets dance...

:) guess who Terrence, gaman iter, Alvin MY ? :P

Watch Sabah Adventure Challenge Live @ Sabahan.FM

Written by kaitor on 10:46 PM

Hi guys , remember that I have made a post earlier about Sabah Adventure Challenge 2010. Thanks to Sabahan.FM for bringing this Sabah Adventure Challenge 2010 LIVE on internet and make us feel close and update real time.

Just click this link and enjoy the video. More pictures at Sabahan.FM fan page.

Sabah adventure Challenge 2010 start and end tomorrow 4/4/2010. Good luck to all contestant and do the best Sabahan.FM crew.

Streaming Video by Ustream.TV

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