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Top 12 of One In A Million session 3, OIM3.

Written by kaitor on 4:48 AM

In my previous post, we already know who are top 12 of One In A Million session 3, OIM3. I got the information from d-BosFm’s blog and today I got an email from my friend to check out from cari forum who are top 12 OIM3. What I had find out, list from d-bosfm blog is CORRECT. Below are list of top 12 OIM3.

1. Tomok
2. Simon
3. Pija
4. Ayu
5. Amelia
6. Nine
7. F.I.F.I
8. Ester a.k.a Elizabeth
9. Rizwan
10. Anis
11. Rihana
12. Azweera a.k.a Awie

Amelia, Siti Elizad, Tomok, Pija, Rain are some of the well known artists joined the OIM3. Below are pictures of top 80 and 40 of OIM3. Click on the picture to enlarge it and try to recognize the artists who join this reality show.

Top 80

Top 40


Written by kaitor on 5:46 AM

Good news for bloggers, Elvis Saladan already start doing promoting his new album officially release on February 2009 (just a fews days) . How you can get the album for free?, it really simple, just subscribe his official blog newsletter


Good luck, and i wish you all a best of luck.

Esther top 12 One In A Million session 3.

Written by kaitor on 7:30 AM

It was a great news for sabahan , Elizabeth Applunius Chin or more known as Esther is one of the Top 12 in “One In A Million” reality show. One In A Million already comes to the third session, more and more improvement was done to produce a high quality artist. One In A Million is different from another reality show because this program open to all Malaysians even professional singer also can participate.

Esther was born on 12 April 1987, Hospital Queen Elisabeth, Kota Kinabalu .Esther have early education in Shan Tao Kindergarden/SRJK (C ) Shan Tao and continue to KK High School. Esther is very talented and she has a very good background in music industry. I believe her experience plus talent she has, she shall be in top 5 of One In A Million. Esther start singing around six years old and let her singing spirit alive until now she is one of the top 12 of One In A Million session 3.

- MITRAMAS Karaoke Contest (1996)
- H.Q.E Anti-Dadah Karaoke Contest(1996)
- H.Q.E Karaoke Contest anjuran KDCA(1996)
- H.Q.E Tadau Kaamatan Karaoke Contest (1997)
- Pantai Point Merdeka Day Celebration,Children Singing Contest (1997)- Johan
- Hozou Kadazan Dusun Onom Ngapadan(1998)- Tempat Kedua
- Bintang Kaamatan Anjuran KDCA Tambunan, (1998)- Johan
- Bintang Kecil Peringkat Negeri Sabah Anjuran RTM Sabah, (1998)- Johan
- Bintang Kecil Peringkat Zon Tg.Aru Anjuran Sekolah2, (1999)- Tempat Kedua
- TNGC Talent Search, Singing Competition (2002)- Tempat Kedua
- Damai Open 1+1 DUET, Hil’ Est Combination (2003)- Tempat Ketiga
- KK High School IDOL, Group Category (2004)- Johan
- Miss Teen, Central Shopping Plaza (2004)- Miss Talent
- Sugandoi Kaamatan, KDCA (2005)- Johan
- Penyanyi Wanita Popular Anjuran PERTISA (2008)

* More information, pictures and video visit Esther OIM3 fan blog.

Below full list of top 12 in One In A Million session 3, thank you to Dbos-Fm for this great information.

1.Tomok (artist)
3.Pija (artist... prefer known as Sabahan)
5.Amelia (artist)
6.Nine (artist)
8.Ester a.k.a Elizabeth (Sabahan)
12.Azweera a.k.a Awie

Remember: One In A Million session 3 will start on 20 Februari. Broadcast live on 8TV live from Sri Pentas 2, Shah Alam.

New Album HAWA – Nikki.

Written by kaitor on 7:47 PM

New album HAWA from Nikki already available in the market now, do not miss to get a copy of this album. Remember to get the original copy to support Malaysian music industry. The price of this album is very reliable, only 25 Ringgit . Inside the CD, there was three wallpapaers.

This is good news for those who already buy Nikki’s album HAWA, you can snap a picture holding the CD and email ( to MRMANAGER. He will post your pictures in his blog.

Elvis Saladan , unreleased songs. (promotion edition)

Written by kaitor on 7:57 PM

I had got message from butod inform me that Elvis Saladan unreleased song ready for download on butod’s blog. I didn’t know what the title of this song is but i bet you will love this song; it has a happy melody and his voice also have a good tone. Eheheh.. there is a message from Elvis Saladan mention that his album will coming out soon. This is one of the new methods of promoting songs. Mine while butod’s blog mention that Elvis Saladan album will available in market next month, February.

And you know what, finally I got the answer for this question posted in butod’s blog also.

The answer is .......

Download Elvis Saladan , unreleased songs. (promotion edition)

English Local Hits : Sabah V Fm

Written by kaitor on 8:53 AM

Have you tune to Sabah V FM ? if you haven’t do that then try to tune Sabah V FM frequency. There are many thing you will get from it especially heard a different “sabahan local language” not including Malay and English.

My focus on this post is one of the sabah v fm slot, English Local Hits. This program will be live on air every Saturday on 11.15 PM. Dj for this program English Local Hits is Selina. Listeners can vote their favorite song and every week there will be a new song to be listed in the chart. Sabahan are encouraged to listen English Local Hits and support our local artist. Picture below is the chart week 10 for 2009 and how to vote the songs.

If I’m not mistaken there will be a lucky winner picked every week at the end of the program. Winner will get RM 50.00. Rules are easy, just sms (vote you favorite song and guess what the top song is) you will have a chance to win RM 50.00

Akademi Fantasia 2009 : Sabah Audition

Written by kaitor on 12:16 AM

We had Stacy as winner of Akademi Fantasia (session 6) last year and she is one of the big star in Malaysian entertainment. Vince, Zahid, Mawi, Faizal, and Mila are the winner of the previous Akademi Fantasia (AF) session one until five.All the winner had been in a top line of Malaysian artist.

Every year AF will bring some differences from the previous session. Akademi Fantasia session 7 (AF7) is more challenging compare to the last session. AF7 open the audition for Singaporean. I really hope AF7 will have student from Singapore. Artist also allowed to join this AF7 but they must be not bond to any recording company.

AF7 will broadcast in Astro Ria,Channel 104 and for Singapore it will be in mio TV.

Here is the songs list for audition.

Lagu-lagu pilihan untuk peserta wanita: (Female song)
1. No One (Alicia Keys) R&B
2. Kalis Rindu (Elyana) R&B
3. Dikir Puteri (Noraniza Idris) Irama Malaysia
4. Karma (Cokelat) Pop
5. Tari Silat Melayu (Aishah) Irama Malaysia

Lagu-lagu pilihan untuk peserta lelaki: (Male Songs)
1. Angan dan Sedar (Mawi)Pop
2. You Raise Me UP (Josh Groban) R&B
3. Ketelusan Hati (Anuar Zain)Balada
4. Hanya Engkau Yang Mampu (Aizat) Balada
5. Ada (M.Nasir) Irama Malaysia

For sabah region:

Borneo South Atrium, Kota Kinabalu (at 1borneo)
30 - 31 Jan & 1 Feb

*please bring your profile photo and ic photocopy.

Bintang RTM audition in Sabah

Written by kaitor on 12:08 AM

10 – 11 JANUARI 2009 : (SABTU & AHAD)


Good luck to all who had attend the audition.

Sabahan Music T-Shirt: Dari Kau Saja Bah

Written by kaitor on 6:25 AM

Sabahan Music will produce their first T-Shirt soon with unique tagline “Dari Kau Saja Bah”. According to butod, designer of this T-Shirt, there is a big project behind of this T-Shirt. I will try to get some information what is their “Big Project” and share it to starznews reader. Below is some of the pictures of Dari Kau Saja Bah T-Shirt.

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