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Written by kaitor on 7:22 AM

Are you born to be a dancer? or passionate with dance? This is a good news for you , Sabah Tourism Ministry will organized BORNEO STREET DANCE at Plam Square , Center Point.  This competition will take approximately one months starting from 8 November until 26 November 2011. 

Meet One Nation Emcee, Altimet, DJ Fuzz and many more during the final of BSDC 2011 on 26 November 2011 in conjunction with Labuan Arts Festival. Sabahans, are you ready to party?

Buat Sikit-sikit by Alvin MY with Lyric

Written by kaitor on 6:27 AM

Usually during driving home I must tune in to frequency 91.1 Htz or more known as KK FM, sabahan local radio station and managed by Universiti Malaysia Perlis. The best show in town is ampai- ampai krew with DJ Ramli Carlo and DJ Felix Agus. I enjoy listening their show because there are fun and sometimes crazy but really entertaining and reduce stress level on traffic jam.

I had listened for the first time listen to Alvin MY latest single Buat Sikit-sikit. To be honest , I really don’t get what genre of this song but I can put this song as humor and easy listening same group as Main Tapuk-tapuk by Elmar and Macam Di KK by Janrywine. It seem a new trend for Sabahan to compose songs using sabahan slang with a catchy music.

You may listen to Alvin MY new single Buat Sikit-sikit and give your comment. Happy listening…

Banyak jenis orang di dunia
bermacam ragam bermacam gaya
ada orang yang mahu cepat kaya
ada orang yang mahu cepat semuanya

Pusing pusing kepala jadi pusing
semuanya dengan perihal masing-masing
semua berlumba buat urusan penting
mesin tergendala terjadilah melenting

pre chorus:
Semua cepat takut tidak sempat
tiada rehat aku yang jadi penat

Buat sikit-sikit sampai jadi bukit
biarlah bah lambat asalkan selamat
tapi kalau gopoh yang dibina roboh
mulakan semula dari titik mula

Bukannya mahu berlengah
tapi bagus juga kalau ambil sikit masa
buat perancangan buat peta minda
sambil makan nasi ayam antarabangsa

Tapi jangan rasa ragu-ragu
jangan juga ada rasa malu-malu
cuma jangan sampai lepasi had laju
itu tuan puan sendiri mahu tahu labah

Dari pekan ranau sampai ke kota tawau
dari long pasia sampai hujung dunia
kalau itu benda kita betul-betul mau
buat sikit-sikit tapi seribu daya

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