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ROCK fest Marathon 31 July 2010

Written by kaitor on 10:33 AM


Hi , guys wanna enjoy the "Rock" music... here is the golden opportunity for you to join the crowd and have fun. Lots of our local band will performing... wanna know how great they are, join us in ROCK fest Marathon on 31 July 2010.

Heliza AF between business and teaching

Written by kaitor on 10:15 AM

Many of us still remember who Heliza or her full name Nur Heliza Helmi born from Akademi Fantasia reality TV show. She had stop for a while her study in UMS just for this Akademi Fantasia and now she already become one of the successful artistes. Heliza just 24 years old but already have her own company Heliza Helmi Production Sdn. Bhd. (HHP).

Heliza admitted it not easy to run a big company and need her full attentions. Latest HHP projects are in the middle of producing a film, produce songs for Isma AF7, Herman Tino and Arlyn Hazif beside Heliza’s songs. Beside that, Heliza who famous with her new single “Panggil Namaku” also in the middle of the process completing her travelog book about her experience in Universiti Malaysia Sabah and become an arties.

Heliza graduated from Universiti Malaysia Sabah last year with Ijazah Sarjana Muda Pendidikan Sains. She have a choice become a teacher but decided to concentrate on her business Heliza Helmi Production Sdn. Bhd. (HHP).

Become a teacher is one of her dream but now another options coming and decision had been made, become a successful business. Her said during the interview :

“Walaupun tidak bergelar guru, saya akan menghasilkan buku sendiri sebagai suatu warisan kepada masyarakat. Setakat ini, projek buku ini masih dalam perbincangan. Saya berhasrat untuk membuat sebuah buku yang menjadi motivasi dan didikan kepada semua,”

Heliza current project:

1. Compose her own song , chord G : this song is very special because it a story about Heliza .
2. New single – Hello : release at end of this months
3. Commercial product : Garnier Light Oil Control
4. Host for interactive CD .

"artis pungut-pungut"

Written by kaitor on 4:02 AM

I’m quit shock after reading a newspaper clip at D-Bos fm blog reported one VIP saying sabahan artists are “artis pungut-pungut” . Some of you might didn’t understand what “pungut-pungut” means, em.. direct translations collected.

You can read the newspaper below (thanks dbos-fm).

This newspaper clip reported one VIP saying in his speech sabahan artist are just collected to doing performance after didn’t manage get artist from peninsular Malaysia and reality tv artists. That means sabahan artists is the second choice or in a different words, second class. Many effort and suggestions to support our local sabahan artists but it seem not in right positions, everything just going wrong.

Happy Birthday AyuStitch Sabahanfm (Dj Ayu)

Written by kaitor on 3:28 AM

Dj’s and crew of celebrated AyuStitch Sabahanfm or more known as Dj Ayu birthday at Center Point last night. Dj Ayu is one of the active member of and most popular female Dj at (online radio). Beside active in online radio Dj Ayu also active in sports and charity activities such as bowling, futsal , 7K run, pesta jagung, pesta kamattan and many more.

Dj Ayu become as Dj at just for hobby at the beginning but now she receive a great offer from HOT FM, ERA FM, emcees and host for TV programs. I don’t know which one of the opportunity she will choose but all the best for her.

Below are some pictures of her birthday last night. More pictures AyuStitch Sabahanfm (Dj Ayu) facebook.
owh.... NO!!!!! who is this .... "Nenek Kebayan"
eik... its her ... Dj AYU.. birthday girl ... 
is that her daughter?
and finally guess who are they?

Starznews wanna wish happy birthday to AyuStitch Sabahanfm (Dj Ayu) and a best of luck for her future...

 P/s: ayu.. jangan marahhhhhhh 

Written by kaitor on 8:47 AM

i got a message from Da Prinz yesterday ...

Da Prinz baru sahaja merakamkan lagu single kedua mereka semalam bertajuk "Dance". Nantikan video sneek-peek lagu ini akan datang. Teruskan menyokong Da Prinz!

Aye Len

it their brand new single "Dance" ... you can watch video below, the songs preview.

what can i say, Da Prinz already start explore new genre and this new single seem inspired by adam Af. This song also remind me My Starz Lg which one of the student is AG(song and lyric -"Dance" ).

i highly recommend Da Prinz to produce video Clip for this new single because Da Prinz have good skills in dancing.

Stacy : Jahat , Entertaining Performance 7K Sunset Charity Run

Written by kaitor on 10:31 PM

Stacy had give her best performance in the Sutera Harbour 10th 7K Sunset Charity Run 2010 concert. She capture the audience with her new songs "Jahat". Beside deliver the songs very well, she also dance very nice and i really enjoy watching her. either your comment positive or negative... i just wanna say... stacy is great and i luv her performance. ... enjoy the video below.

Stacy - Jahat (Lyric/Lirik)

Aku sudah serik bercinta
Kerna asyik berakhir dengan kecewa
Tapi sejak hadirnya dia
Semua sistem kawalan kini terdedah

Kepala kata jangan gelojoh (no)
Hati pula kata pergi (go baby go)
Benarkah cinta itu buta
Kerna tak nampak apa selain dia

Aku aku
Bagaikan sudah terkena mantera cinta
Dari manakah kau datang menyerang
Diriku diriku
Yang disangka kebal
Oh jahatnya kamu
Jahatnya kamu
Engkau engkau
Penyebab diriku terigau-igau
Kini ku terbayangkanmu hampir setiap waktu
Ku mahu ku mahu denganmu selalu
Oh jahatnya kamu
Jahatnya kamu

Apa agaknya sudah jadi
Pada ingkar untuk tak bercinta lagi
Walaupun belum bersedia
Tapi hatiku mendesak dan menggesa

Ulang korus 2X

Jahatnya kamu
Jahatnya kamu

Watch Sutera Harbour 7K Sunset Charity Run LIVE !!! –SOT-

Written by kaitor on 9:05 AM

Sabah Online TV will bring to you Sutera Harbour 7K Sunset Charity Run live tomorrow 10 July 2010. All proceeds collected during the 7K Carnival will be distributed to the Special Olympics Sabah and Sabah Thalassaemia Society, the beneficiaries of the 7K Run. Beside can get up close to Suria.Fm Dj Othoe and DJ Linda Onn , participants also will enjoy the memorable evening with performance from Stacy AF6 and Chaq of Mentor 3. Our local artists such as Ridah and many more will perform too. 10,000 people are expected to participate in Sutera Harbour 7K Sunset Charity Run.

Watch Sutera Harbour 7K Sunset Charity Run LIVE !!! –SOT-

Tanak Kampung-Jimmy Palikat - Video Clip+ Lyric

Written by kaitor on 12:33 PM

Good music not only come from great band music arrangement but it was a complex combinations of hard work, melody and effort publishing music. Some songs with too much sound effect sometimes cannot capture listener attentions. Yet with a simple song with nice melody will always get attention from the listeners. That was happen for this songs Tanak Kampung by Jimmy Palikat . This songs was release early of this year and played on air at suria pagi kinabalu and online radio such as and utara fm.
For those who didn’t understand these songs, let me give short descriptions on it. The story behind these songs is a boy or men who live in a village and didn’t have money or car , in s simple word he was poor. He fall in love with someone who really beautiful which every men admire. He had decide not put any hope on her even he love that women because of his “poor” life style.

Yoku nopo diti
Tanak do mosikin
Aiso nunu nunu
Do posurungonku
Ika tu olumis
Au oku kaanu
Kapasanang dika

Yoku tanak kampong
Aiso sinikulan
Kuli-kuli do touki
Au kapadan dika
Ika tu olumis
Ogumu poh muhang
Lagi orang kaya

Ingga korita ku
Mogowit dia mimpanau
Ingga poh walaiku
Usukon toh ngoduo
Lobi pondo pongopung
Om balanja dapur
Panansawo dika

Okon ko au oku
Orohian dika
Nga rosian oku
Katanud koh osusa
Sabab noh do muhang
Logoson ku ika
Id langon do wokon

Ika poimulok
Lagi kikolumison
Kada do sumonsog
Kusai irad doho
Ika tu olumis
Manasal koh moti nga
Ingga noh guno

W.O.R.M will perform in Japan Music Week is Tokyo's

Written by kaitor on 11:46 AM

WORM – World Of Rock Music is one of the most successful band from sabah will perform in Japan Music Week Shibuya , Tokyo 8 – 14 Nov 2010. I had review WORM before you might view it W.O.R.M "Destiny in a Decade" album launching. Worm has their unique identity Visual Kei and they are the first band in Malaysia using this concept. Visual Kei is a type of Japanese rock blend little bit of local tribal and electro into their music concoction.

Japan Music Week is Tokyo's first major annually-occurring international all-genre music festival and conference.

Content includes:
1. Japanese City Showcase Events
2. International Festivals
3. Music Genre Festivals
4. Regular Live and Club Events
5. Music & Creative Industry Networking Events, Seminars & Workshops

We aim to provide great entertainment to music lovers, and help boost Japan’s music industry by showcasing new music in all genres from Japan’s and overseas regions, and helping to integrate the music industry of all regions and sectors.

lets check out W.O.R.M music Video... it really great and as fellow sabahan i was really proud ...lots of improvement in music and video editing .... W.O.R.M-2AM.

WORM: Key (Vocalist) with Jay and Adie (Guitarist) and Melvin (Drummer) beside Key (Vocalist) with Brain (Bassist) .

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