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Happy Birthday Suria.FM (24/11/2009 )– 2nd Anniversary

Written by kaitor on 11:32 PM

Happy Birthday Suria FM
Suria FM … I believe Malaysian already know who are them. Suria Fm is organized by The Star Publications (M) Bhd and each year their listeners increase, the average of listeners is 700,000. The biggest achievement for Suria FM is listeners increase up to 25% from Norts, North East, North and Lembah Kelang area compare last year.

Suria FM already enters Kota Kinabalu last year with the appearance of Dj Othoe in Suria Pagi KInabalu. What is the “special things” offered by Suria Pagi Kinabalu? . Well if you not in Sabah, I can guarantee you will fall in love after hear Suria pagi Kinabalu once. Suria pagi Kinabalu will be more focus to share the information in Sabah and most of all, Suria Pagi Kinabalu play sabahn local songs. That is one of the major attractiveness beside DJ Othoe who really friendly and make your morning full of laugh and joy. Suria Pagi Kinabalu only can be hard around Kota Kinabalu and few area nearest of it. Sabahan.FM as the no 1 internet radio station in Sabah broadcast Suria pagi Kinabalu and now listeners can listen it around the glob as long there are internet connections.

Suria FM Chif Operations , Yusry Abu Samah
Sarawakians , it maybe a good news for you, Suria FM will be in Sarawak on 2010. Suria FM now is in the final stage of their preparations and just waiting green light from Suruhanjaya Komunikasi dan Multimedia Malaysia. Its confirm by Suria FM Chif Operations , Yusry Abu Samah.

Guess who was circled? ... DJ Othoe : Suria Pagi Kinabalu


Written by kaitor on 7:42 PM

We are graduating ! All of us are composing ,orchestrating & will
be conducting a song for the orchestra, arranging @ 5 horns piece and
performing 3 songs for our major instrument.. All are very much welcome
to see our final recital.. Entrance is free !! :)

Start Time:
Friday, November 20, 2009 at 8:00am
End Time:
Saturday, November 21, 2009 at 8:00am

“Marsha Nite Out”. : Senario The Movie Episode 2: Beach Boys

Written by kaitor on 9:20 AM

Hi guys… it been a busy day for me in previous few days.. but do not worry.. I will still spend a little bit of my time updating what new information. “Aramaiii ti”… those words sounds familiar and has abstract meaning and it could be anything as long it enjoyable. If you guys realize Sabah already known as a haven of talent . Really? , that might one of the questions come across your mind right now… the reason I say like that is… every Reality show , there were an audition in sabah and sabahan contestant giving a big impact to that reality show by giving great challang to the other contestants. Most of our sabahan artist done well in this entertainment industry such as Marsah Milan Londoh. Beside singing she also can play music very well and acting. Marsha already going international in acting after her appearance in one of the filem in Indonesia.

Now she had finish with her new project Senario The Movie 2. What special in this film, she not only acting but singing the Pokok Kalapak songs which she sing during Akademi Fantasia Concert. She also use sabahan slang in this film. Let’s spend our time to watch Senario The Movie 2 and release our tension because for sure you will laugh and it suitable for all rece, religion also ages. It is great if you can watch Senario The Movie 2 with your family or friends.

Ops.. seem I had writing to much… yes this film much more enjoyable if you watch with your friends , now here there are.. present to you .. “Marsha Nite Out”. Marsha will going to watch this Senario The Movie 2 with you at GSC one I Borneo next week, details as below:
Date : Monday, 23 November 2009
Venue : GSC 1Borneo
Time : 7.30pm Showtime
*For more information visit Facebook

as i mention before in my previous post , Marsha did well in this Senario The Movie Episode 2: Beach Boys ... enjot the trailers

StarzNews Said: let’s take this opportunity chill out with Marsha and I believe this is the first time in sabah an artist going out together with her fan to watch the movie…Thanks to SYADHAFIZA ROSLI, Marsha's manager providing the information to StarzNews.


Written by kaitor on 7:36 AM

- Are you into Hardstyle, Softstyle, Jumptyle, or/and Tecktonik?
- Are you a shuffler, jumper, or/and tecktonik dancer?
- Do you just love Electronic Dance Music (EDM) although you don't know how to shuffle, jump, or dance tecktonik?
- Don't know what EDM is but eager to find out?


28th November 2009 | Saturday | 2:30PM - 6PM
Growball Lounge, 6th Floor, Centre Point

RM20 (drinks included)

3 Hours of Hardstyle, Trance & Tecktonik music with DJ Charlton Gomes | Shufflerz, Jumpstyle & Tecktonik demo

SHUFFLE, JUMPSTYLE & TECKTONIK DANCE CREWS are encouraged to attend! Let's see how many crews are already established in K.K.! Stand out y'all! :)

Digi Music LIVE "Sound Unite" Concert : Kota Kinabalu

Written by kaitor on 7:47 PM

DIGI will hits Kota Kinabalu this coming December and bringing to you the hottest independent band. As DIGI slogan, "The Smarter Choice" , here are the smarter independent band such as PRANA, ONE BUCK SHORT, SevenCollar T-Shirt, They Will Kill US All, Pure Vibracion and Bittersweet which scheduled to perform in Digi Music LIVE "Sound Unite" . Details of the concert as below:

Venue : Foo Chow Hall
Date : 5 December 2009
Time : 2pm – 8pm
Entrance Fee: FREE*

Owh really itsFREE? Yes it is… however you MUST be a DIGI subscriber and DIGIMusic Unlimited subscriber. For more details you may visit .

Get the latest update for this concert at

* As I been informed, Bandwidth Magazine will review this concert in their magazine. Interesting information I receive, Sabahan.FM shall broadcast this Digi Music LIVE “Sound Unite” concert live in their internet radio station.

Othoe Fan Club :suria .fm

Written by kaitor on 8:26 AM

“Suria FM..Music Tanpa Henti” iss one of the top radio station in Malaysia, for Morning section Suria .FM is the no 1 radio station in Sabah. Guess what the major point making Suria.FM as the No 1 radio station for morning section in sabah… it because the Dee Jay Othoe. At the beginning , Othoe at Suria Pagi Kinabalu is the slot that handled by Othoe only available at Kota Kinabalu , since end of last yesar. Now Suria Pagi Kinabalu-Suria.FM can be heard around the globe when Sabahan.Fm broadcast it in their internet radio station.

Othoe had create two Facebook account , but it not enough because only 5000 friends can be added in one account. Now Othoe come out with his Fan Page on Facebook and the best thing of this Fan Page is no member limitation . Bah .. guys lets become Othoe Fan at

Listen to Suria FM :: Suria pagi Kinabalu (DJ Othoe 6am – 10.00 am: Monday to Friday)
Frequency : 100.59htz
Online: http://sabahan.FM/listen.pls or

Marsha-Yang Terbaik

Written by kaitor on 9:25 AM

Ku selalu memikirkan tentang kita
Apa punya harapan yang dikejar
Kerna aku masih penuh rasa ragu
Melihat kau seperti tak bersungguh

Jika kau mencinta
Berikanlah kurasa

Diriku dah berikan yang terbaik
Dan bukannya nak mengungkit
Siapa benar siapa salah
Siapa menang siapa kalah

Dah berikan yang terbaik
Memaksa hati merisik
Mungkin kau bukan teman hidup
Yang terbaik untukku

Memang benar ku amat menciantai mu
Dan harapkan di sana pun begitu
Tetapi kau tak luahkan perasaan
Apa lagi memberikan ku kasih

Jika kau mencinta
Berikanlah kurasa

Diriku dah berikan yang terbaik
Dan bukannya nak mengungkit
Siapa benar siapa salah
Siapa menang siapa kalah

Dah berikan yang terbaik
Memaksa hati merisik
Mungkin kau bukan teman hidup
Yang terbaik untukku

starznews said: I heard this songs played in most of radio station either in frequency or online radio. I love this songs .. when i close my eyes while listening to this songs, i can imagine a cute girl with her smooth white blouse in the bedroom... surprisingly ... when i watch the video .. what come into my mind.. it almost same... :P

anyway... maybe some of us did not really like the songs or MTV clip .As a proof .. here are one comment i found in Youtube page...


The song is SOOOOO OK but the vid is macam tidak kena2 ngan this song...PLUS we're not "NOT" supporting our local artist its just..she's like...a representative of sabahan girl... its not quite OK la this tunjukan that sabahan girl is so GETE one...PLEASE RESHOOT this vedio...yang betul2 kena sama ni jalan cerita lagu...

from his nickname..i guess this person from Sabah... depend on us.. like it or not... nobody will coercive ...

Mr Rozzalin Mohd Hashim@ Abang Linz : Utusan Borneo

Written by kaitor on 4:21 PM

Utusan Borneo is one of news paper focus on Borneo Island news or update. This newspaper is in Malay language and widely circulated in the Sultanate of Brunei and the Malaysian states of Sarawak and Sabah. Wikipedia website reported that Utusan Borneo Headquarters in Kuching has a current editorial staff of about 100.Utusan Borneo also widely sell and easily to get with only RM 1.20.

 Abang Linz with his few reports friends

Newspaper is very important for us to gain knowledge and share information. Who are responsible to prepare the news, and I guess you can answer it easily, reporter. I was lucky have a chance to know one of the reporter from Utusan Borneo , Mr Rozzalin Mohd Hashim or more known as Abang Linz and he are the person incharge of his entertainment column . He will review update for our local sabahan artistwith his fresh idea. I was meeting Mr Rozzalin Mohd Hashim during W.O.R.M album launching, he is very friendly and I believe you will easily working with him in the future.

Abg Linz with Mayor Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu, Datuk Iliyas Ibrahim

Wanna your article or news get published in Utusan Borneo, very easy all you have to do is get to know him in FaceBook at or just search Rozzalin Mohd Hashim.

Some information of Rozzalin Mohd Hashim @ Abang Linz:
- Reporter at Utusan Borneo Kota Kinabalu.
- Love his carrier and do not mind to work overtime.
- Status : Married
- Birthday: January 18, 1974

winner ~~ yeh!
Good Luck and have a bright future and always put sweet smile in your face. :P

Infinatez was burst? - what Alvin Mahathir Yunus comment.

Written by kaitor on 3:35 AM

I was surprised after receive sms from my friend “ hi i***, good day.. :) do you read daily express ? got hot news, Infinatez was batter find it now .. interesting news.” Ehehehehe.. I was busy that time and need to finish my job ASAP. Guess what… ahahaha.. I just surf internet and directly type , yeza.. the newspaper clip already been uploaded… no need to buy news paper. :P Thanks DBOS..

StarzNews said: em.. I believe writer just wanna the article attract the reader. A good choice of title :) . Now days no need to be surprised if few member in a group come out with their own album or single. Everybody have their own mission and vision, so if you have the leeways, why not grab it. This vocal group take Black Eyed Peas as the best example for their group. Well we will see how it gonna be…
I laso had check some comment in the facebook and here what explanation from Alvin Mahathir Yunus

Alo my frens, bah mo beli or pinjam tu daily express baru buli baca cerita sebenar. Sy still with inf jg ni, we will still do songs together ^_^ As u know mmg sy tgh buat EP solo ni now, but x bermakna inf berpecah. Kepada yg teda beli daily express today, nnt I think buli baca juga tu di - anyway thanx all for the support and love!! Please do wait for my upcoming EP, x lama suda ni mo release ^_^

Info: Alvin will release his new EP soon and there are five song plus few bonus songs such as Raya Di Kinabalu. Most of the song in English and almost all the songs are soft music.

Top 10 My Starz LG3

Written by kaitor on 9:12 AM

Here is the video of our TOP 10 contestant MYStarz LG3. Watch MyStarz LG3 concert every Sunday 10.30 pm and My Starz LG 3 Starlives on 7.30 pm every Saturday only at TV3.

W.O.R.M "Destiny in a Decade" album launching

Written by kaitor on 8:50 AM

 W.O.R.M members
W.O.R.M is stand for World Of Rock Music was formed in late 1999 by Key (Vocalist) with Brain (Bassist). W.O.R.M now have Jay and Adie (Guitarist) and Melvin (Drummer) beside Key (Vocalist) with Brain (Bassist). Successful in music industry need some unique value to attract the fan. Being the first in Malaysia play primarily Visual Kei is the major differences with other band in Malaysia. Visual Kei is a type of Japanese rock blend little bit of local tribal and electro into their music concoction.

W.O.R.M Rock the stage

Saturday November 8, 2009 was the biggest day for W.O.R.M , launching their debut album called “Destiny in a decade”. This album has nine track songs with fresh music arrangement and creative idea was the biggest attraction in their new album.Experience is one of the major key for successful, and yet W.O.R.M took ten years to come out with this album. First single was recorded on 2002 and public really love their music, it stayed in the local Top 10 Chart for two weeks. Amazingly the single also went into T0p 10 in the UK Indie Rock Chat.

great performance

1Kinabalu Entertainment is their recording label and W.O.R.M hope to inspire younger musicians and create big impact to Malaysian music especially in sabah. W.O.R.M are planning to perform in KL, Japan , Indonesia and Singapore.During the launching album ceremony, W.O.R.M had perform all their song in the album with additional few performance from guess artists such as EBI AF, Ridah, Soul Chamber nad Mobius.

Ebi AF

This album launching ceremony also broadcast live by Sabahan.FM and Utara.FM. Beside that Radio Television Malaysia (RTM) also show their support to our local Visual Kei band W.O.R.M. Few Sabahan artist also support W.O.R.M album launching, Big J, Terry Peter, Lester (Andalusia) and many more had come down to Shenanigan's at Hyatt Regency Kinabalu. Overall “Destiny in a Decade” new album from W.O.R.M launching is successful and hope the album can be accepted by listeners… Do Support Our Local Artist…

Dj Salipar Jipun of in Utusan Borneo

Written by kaitor on 7:39 AM

i was busy doing my work.. then suddenly my HP ringing , but i didn't manage to answer the call. Just after few second after that, i got an SMS.. "DJ SJ was on the newspaper-Utusan Borneo)". I left my job for a while and ask my collect either they had buy Utusan Borneo, lucky he had buy.. then directly open the entertainment section .. wahh its really Salipar Jipun...

Starznews said: congratulations SJ, hope you will be more successful in the future. For those who didn't know who is Dj Salipar Jipun.. you may visit DjSaliparjipun Sabahandotfm Facebook.
Listen to Click Here.

Thanks to AbgLinz Utusan Borneo 9th Nov 2009 , i heard he is the one who write the article. AbgLinz is the reporter of Utusan Borneo and responsible write about sabahan music industry. Good Luck brooo

Raja Lawak session 4 Sabah auditions

Written by kaitor on 5:15 AM

Raja Lawak one of the hottest reality TV in Malaysia and it hosted by Astro Ria. This reality show had showing improvement in every session and now it come to session four. Zizan,Johan and Nabil are the most famous successor of this reality TV. For past three sessions, there is no audition in Sabah, yet it now come down to town. It is your chance to show your talent and who know it will be the turning point for you to change your lifestyle.

Raja Lawak is open to all Malaysians above 18 years old and required to perform spontaneous within three minutes. Audition open to individual or three persons in a group. Useful tips for those who will attend this audition, be creative and make sure audience love your performance.

Date: 14 & 15 November 2009
Venue: One Borneo, Kota Kinabalu Sabah

Marsha Milan Londoh @ Senario The Movie Episode 2: Beach Boys

Written by kaitor on 8:32 PM

After the successful of Senario The Movie which collect RM4.5 million, now the publisher David Teo come out with Senario The Movie Episode 2. This movie is suitable for all ages and race, so comme and support this movie because one of our sabahan artist, Marsha Milan Londoh was in the movie and guess what, she will sing the song “Pokok Kelapak”.

Senisah Majilin TOP 10 MyStarzLG 3

Written by kaitor on 8:06 PM

MyStarz LG session three will show on your TV screen every Sunday, 10.30 PM at TV 3. First episode already broadcast on 1 November 2009 which reviews the audition around Malaysia, Top 20 and finally Top 10 contestant. This Top 10 contestant is the best among the others and will stay at LG house and doing concert every Sunday. Audience and public will vote their favorite contestant and in the same time professional judgers also will give marks.

Two of the Top 10 contestant is from Sabah one Male and one Female. Female contestant is Senisah Majilin and she has much experience in singing competitions. Some of competitions that I remember she had get involved are Sugandoi and KE Next Top Entertainer. I didn’t get any information for sabahan male contestant, mystarz lg website also didn’t provide contestants details. Anyway good luck to both of them. Sabah Boleh. Aramai tiiii

Dj Iter @ Sabahan.FM interviewing  Senisah Majilin during Semi Final Sugandoi 2009 at KDCA

P/s: nah markie.. ada juga artis KE yang dapat masuk reality TV. Bah apa lagi sabahan... top up your phone and start voting. :)

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