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Infinatez was burst? - what Alvin Mahathir Yunus comment.

Written by kaitor on 3:35 AM

I was surprised after receive sms from my friend “ hi i***, good day.. :) do you read daily express ? got hot news, Infinatez was batter find it now .. interesting news.” Ehehehehe.. I was busy that time and need to finish my job ASAP. Guess what… ahahaha.. I just surf internet and directly type , yeza.. the newspaper clip already been uploaded… no need to buy news paper. :P Thanks DBOS..

StarzNews said: em.. I believe writer just wanna the article attract the reader. A good choice of title :) . Now days no need to be surprised if few member in a group come out with their own album or single. Everybody have their own mission and vision, so if you have the leeways, why not grab it. This vocal group take Black Eyed Peas as the best example for their group. Well we will see how it gonna be…
I laso had check some comment in the facebook and here what explanation from Alvin Mahathir Yunus

Alo my frens, bah mo beli or pinjam tu daily express baru buli baca cerita sebenar. Sy still with inf jg ni, we will still do songs together ^_^ As u know mmg sy tgh buat EP solo ni now, but x bermakna inf berpecah. Kepada yg teda beli daily express today, nnt I think buli baca juga tu di - anyway thanx all for the support and love!! Please do wait for my upcoming EP, x lama suda ni mo release ^_^

Info: Alvin will release his new EP soon and there are five song plus few bonus songs such as Raya Di Kinabalu. Most of the song in English and almost all the songs are soft music.

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