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New Hari Raya song – Joget Di Pagi Raya by Dayang Noraini ft Ebi AF and Noty Boy

Written by kaitor on 11:49 PM

Enjoy this brand new song from Dayang Noraini featuring Ebi AF and Noty Boy. This song was officially release early of this month. Listening to this song make me very excited and cannot wait Hari Raya holiday. :)

Sabahan Hakka Singer, Tian Long at World Hakka Pop Music Awards 2011, held in Meizhou ,China

Written by kaitor on 6:54 AM

Did you remember video below, I had make a post about it long time ago in my blog. I not understand this song but I was enjoying while listening to it.
Did you know the guy sang this song have few songs? I just discover it and I was very excited writing this post. This guy knew as Tian Long aka The Hakka Singer. Tian Long already giving up in music after ended up with nothing and struggling in KL more than 10 years. He get stuck, cannot doing anything because of his contract and the manager didn’t want to release him.

*i took picture from his fb account

Back to sabah and start his own graphic company and don’t want to make music again. Who know back to his hometown is a blessing for him, making music just for fun turning him into a superstar. Tian wrote a Hakka song and upload into youtube and next morning surprisingly thousand viewer had watch his video.

Tian Long are invited to attend the World Hakka Pop Music Awards 2011, held in Meizhou ,China on this coming August 20. Over 2000 sings were submitted for these competitions from all over the world. Among all the song, two (2) of Tian’s songs have made into final top 20 “Don’t go to England” and “Da Pao Wang”.

Voting break down as shown below:
Online votes: 40%
Postal votes: 10%
Professional judges’ votes: 20%
Weekly radio broadcasting results: 30%

Part of the voting was done on China’s radio station, and Tian’s songs held the top spots for 12 out of 24 weeks.

This one of his song which made into final Top 20, Don’t go to England

JON PARADISE - DARK STREET (Official Music Video 2011)

Written by kaitor on 10:43 AM

Have you heard this song before Dark Street by Jon Paradise? Thanks to Jason JB for let me know this video clip. I’d listened this song for the first time on Friday last week and keep listening until today which I write this blog post. The reason why I didn’t make a review on Friday just after receive the video clip is I want to feel the song and get the message behind the lyric.   

Listening these songs more than times make me realize the moral value that our society need to consider and improvement need to be done immediately.  Modern world always steal your time and with that limited time, love for your family and friends will also limited.  The reason why disaster arises is from our communication among family members which is the root of homeless and alone.  A total of 6 270 teenagers below 18 goes missing between year 2004 to 2007. It not a small number and something need to be done. Congratulation to Jon Paradise for their new song “Dark Street” bringing this issue, at least some one will do changers in their life after listen this songs. 

By the year 2010, estimated 10 million sex worker in Asia and  our government also are trying very hard to  educate our society especially Malaysian against the human trafficking. Maybe the producer for mainstream such as radio or TV can pick this video clip. Beside a good message within these songs, the quality of the sound and video are suitable to be broadcast.  I do hope some organizations especially the government to make this the official video clip for their campaign to educate our society to be more caring and responsible.    

Watch video below and give your comment, the lyric are included and I hope you like this song as I did. 

1st Verse:
Where are you going,
Please hold my hands,
I`ll help you runaway from this fear,

O` Lord please help me,
Innocent children born,
Homeless and nowhere else to go,

Pre Chorus:
People are insane,
Says the words that they spoke,
Coming out and it sounds like nothing,

The reason why disaster comes,
The message that nobody knows what it is,
No more peace and this is the sign,
We need to change,

2nd Verse:
Prostitutes are everywhere,
Waiting for their turn,
Desperately finding easy money,
Empty church on Sunday,
People on their way,
Say pray to God,
Father help us,

Pre Chorus:



Pre Chorus:

Chorus 2x


Macam D KK – New single from Janrywine J. Lusin

Written by kaitor on 9:48 AM

My first time listen this songs Macam D KK during Hary Nianti launching album. Thanks for all who support this album launching. I myself also join the launching ceremony and having a great time with my friends while enjoy the moment of sharing happiness with Hary Nianti.

Janrywine J. Lusin make a special appearance performing his new single Macam D KK. This songs not officially release yet but do listen to his live performance. Many good responses on his Facebook personal account compliment his creativity on the song, it simple but yet entertaining. Janrywine previously have few single and being voted in Carta Artis Tempatan Sabah. Being simple in a stage is the key of his performance to attract listeners enjoy and sing along with his new single, Macam d KK. By watching this video , it remind me Bruno Mars , that always come with easy listening song but interesting and bring big impact. Yes .. now we have Burno Mars made in Sabah, Janrywine. :)

Special thanks to Ricardo Unto who recorded this video and uploaded to youtube. Watch video below and give your comment.

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