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Estranged and Infinatez can be list down in the Pertisa nomination?

Written by kaitor on 9:51 AM

If I look into the rules and regulation for pertisa nomination as listed below, I can say Estranged (rich ) and Infinatez (defo aka alvin) should no problem to be in the nomination list. Both of these bands got a member sabahan born. These two bands already qualified for the first rules, the second reason for them to be in the pertisa nomination list is they got an album or single. Rules number four is all languages are allowed, Estranged used English and Malay in their album, Infinatez used Malay in their single.

If these two bands get list in pertisa nomination, please let me know by leaving your comment. If I watch the list from sabah times, I still didn’t saw this two band member listed in any category. I also hope some of sabahan contestant in any reality show be in the list. 10.11.2008 is the closing date for the pertisa nomination registration. More details visit pertisa blog.

Estranged                                                  Infinatez

1. Calon mestilah anak watan Negeri Sabah dan Warga Negara Malaysia.
2. Calon yang berasal daripada Semenanjung Malaysia mestilah bermastautin 10 tahun keatas di Sabah.
3. Mempunyai Album (CD,VCD,DVD atau Kaset) secara single atau kompilasi.
4. Bahasa yang digunakan adalah bebas.
5. Lagu ciptaan mestilah asli. Persamaan melodi melebihi 4 bar dengan melodi lagu ciptaan lain adalah tidak layak).
6. Bagi Telemovie, pelakon-pelakon mestilah anak watan Sabah.
7. Setiap peserta boleh mencalonkan seberapa banyak penyertaan dalam semua kategori.
8. Yuran penyertaan adalah RM 50.00 (Kategori A-F) dan RM100.00 untuk Telemovie(kategori G).
9 Keputusan adalah muktamad.
10 Tarikh tutup penyertaan adalah pada 10.11.2008
11. Undian melalui akhbar New Sabah Times akan ditutup pada 29 November 2008.
12. Pengiriman borang undian bukan bukti penerimaan.
13. Penyertaan yang tidak menepati syarat-syarat tidak akan diterima untuk mengikuti
pertandingan ini serta yuran penyertaan tidak akan dikembalikan.
14. Sebarang pencalonan untuk anugerah telemovie paling popular haruslah mendapat pengesahan daripada Syarikat berkenaan (syarikat yang menerbitkan telemovie berkenaan).
15. Jika calon didapati terbabit dengan kes-kes yang melibatkan jenayah, penyertaan akan dibatalkan dan wang penyertaan tidak akan dikembalikan.

One in a million fever coming again.

Written by kaitor on 7:27 PM

One in a million will be back on their track in a new session. This reality show will broadcast on 8TV. If I’m not mistaken the audition for sabah region scheduled on 8 or 9 15 november 2008 at imperial hotel.
(please correct me if i’m wrong… will check it again to confirm)

Sabahan top 12 My Starz LG sessions II.

Written by kaitor on 10:49 AM

Ag. Sri Iskandar Bahrin

Mohd Hairi Kenneith

Julylen Liew @ Gzell

Hairi, Ag dan Gzell are among top 12 in My Satarz Lg II. Three of them are representative for sabah. I was told one of my friend that there are only two contestants from sabah made into final 12. After a few days letter I read Dbos blog and find out actually three contestants.

Two of sabahan contestant Hairi and Ag was attract the jury attention. Hairi personality as rock and have a unique voice and Ag can dance very well. I didn’t find any review for Gzell but I believe she also have specialty enable he to be listed in top 12.

I had seen Ag perform live during KE Star Studded Nite 2008 with his group D’ Prince. Yes.. I saw he can dance well but I didn’t hear his voice clearly because he is not the lead singers during that time. Ag has a good looking and the extra is he can dance besides singing. According to gua portal, Hairi had an unique vocal and it make him different from the other contestant.

For your info this time My Satrz LG II contestant is young, all of them are around 18-24 years old only. This new session of My Starz LG II had decide to select the youngsters to be the LG star. My Starz LG II will have 15 episodes broadcast my media prima on TV 3 hosted by Naz Rahman and Anne (Hot FM). Jury will give 70% and sms voting will bring 30%, it still remains as last year. Weekly concert will be take place at MBSA Shah Alam on 10 Pm every Sunday.

Top 12 My Starz LG II contestants: Feroq, Hairi, AG, Elaine, Jassica, Cassie, Nashrin, Mimie, Azri, Wana, Fiona and Gzell.

KE Star Studded Nite 2008 Resplendent

Written by kaitor on 7:21 AM

KE Star Studded Nite 2008 (KENite) was successfully celebrated on October 18 2008. This is the night that all guess or KE Members has the opportunity to experience the excitement walking on red carpet with thousand flashing camera capture your picture. Guess or KE member who join the KENite will never forget this great moment. KENite is the time to knowing each other and a great moment to chat and took picture with your favorites artist. Everyone who joins KENite they all look gougers and cool. According to Ronney Ajim as the director of this KE Star Studded Nite 2008, the objective of this event is a nite where all KE Members know each other. Beside that all KE Member can chat and laugh closely with their favorite artist.

Most of sabahan local well known artists had join KENite such as Papier Mache, Vinusak, Da' Prince, Gunsanggong, Danny F Malinggi, Betcy Michael, Benn Simon Bukag, Clare Petrus Edwin, Ivye Alexandra, Reno, S Welly, Wilson Lion, Bernard, Malvin Kalbin, Usal Jon Gavis, Jenny Gaising, Fredo dan Philix Don, Simon Bukag, Nars JM, Jack Simon Bukag, Wilfred, Jovita Johnny, James Sami, Raphael Pinus, Gideon Hilarius, Clarice J Matha, Terry Peter and ATAMA . Most all of them had perform on that night and the best thins is some of the artist singing with the special guess.

There are few activities on that night, such as a best dress (man and women), KE Congeniality awards, KE Mr Friendly awards and KE special awards. The winner as listed below

Best dress:
Aleaf Green (Man)
Betcy Michael (Women)
Betcy Michael

KE Congeniality awards:

KE Mr Friendly awards:
Jr. Joseph
Jr. Joseph

KE special awards:
Mark Mojitoh aka Kadus
*He is the founder of Kadus Entertainment (KE)

For more info visit Kadus Entertainment website.

Ray shine at Asean Golden Melodies Festival 2008

Written by kaitor on 6:58 PM

Reynaldo Raymond Pagie@ Rey, 22 won the gold in the folk song category of the Asean Golden Melodies Festival 2008. His winning song was Temasya Desa Gernalai Ray bring home received US$1,500 (RM5,325), a trophy and a handphone.

Nur Nadia Fadilla Abu Bakar, 24 is another one representative from Malaysia also won a gold in the contemporary pop category with the number Am I Telling You (I'm Not Going) and received the same prize as Rey. Nur Nadia also took a silver in the folk song category (Joget Kenangan Manis) and earned an extra US$1,000, trophy and a handphone

This festival was started on Oct. 14 joined by Asean country Laos, Myanmar, Indonesia, Brunei, Vietnam, the Philippines and Thailand.

Marsha in Kerana Karina 3.

Written by kaitor on 10:14 PM

I believe most of us know who is and what are they doing. Now gua still continue to produce Kerana Karina and now it come to session 3. That is a good effort from gua to produce online movie.

Kerana karina 3 was launched on Tuesdays (14 Okt) at Restoran BREEZE, TTDI Plaza, Taman Tun Dr Ismai. During this launching the winner for Mencari Kawan Karina contest had been announced and bring home RM3,000. The winner is Wan Nurul Aini a UiTM undergrad and will be a part of Kerana Karina 3.

Here is the trailer of Kerana Karina 3. Do not miss the first episode on October 20 2008 only at gua portal.

After Imran gone, Karina has to be strong and struggle to face life her up side down. The main question, who will be replace Imran after Karina alone? Between love and ambition, which one she will pick?.

Sabahan local artist nomination organize by PERTISA

Written by kaitor on 12:51 AM

PERTSA is an official club for sabahan artist, and this club will make a history, PERTISA will organize the Sabahan local artist nomination on December 6 2008. The nominations are open and public can put their favorite artist in the list using the form. You can download the form here or click picture below(right mouse click and save as)

Here are list of category open for the nomination.

1. Local Artis Popular (Artis Tempatan Paling popular)
2. Local Artis Popular- Male (Penyanyi Lelaki Tempatan Paling Popular)
3. Local Artis Popular - Female (Penyanyi Perempuan Paling Popular)
4. Local Popular Songs (Lagu Tempatan Paling Popular)
5. Local Actor Popular – Male (Pelakon Lelaki Tempatan Paling Popular)
6. Local Actor Popular – Female (Pelakon Perempuan Tempatan Paling Popular)
7. Popular Telemovie (Telemovie Paling Popular.)

Recording company or individual who nominee any category as listed will be charge RM 50.00 except for Popular Telemovie, RM 100.00

Voting will be done by public using form from New Sabah Times.

Any inquires, you can contact:
1. En. Abu Bakar Ellah (Tel: 0198101530),
2. En. Evaristus Gungkit (Tel: 0168173159) ,
3. En. Asmin Mudin (Tel: 0168360736),
4. En. Gilbert Gondungan (Tel: 0138713372),
5. En. Narsisius Justin Misin (Tel: 0168447514)
6. En. Edward Kating (Tel: 0198405442).
7. En. Simon Bukag (0148628477)
8. En. James Sami (0195326767)

Sabahan sketsa - Kedai makan.

Written by kaitor on 10:04 PM

Now days sabahan was starting to show their talent. The usage of internet had opened the eyes of sabahan talent and now they start to produce their product. In order to make sabahan entertainment grow we have to tech our younger generation to learn and develop their skills and knowledge in the acting,music,production and anything related to the entertainment environment.

These videos show the two boys, LD and NEL’D have a talent in acting. If I not mistaken the shooting location is around Tambunan, script by J M Poyee.

There is moral value in this sketsa (short film), we have to respect each other.. if you talk nicely to other people, then you will get the answered nice too. :)

Sabahan In the top 20 of My Starz LG2

Written by kaitor on 7:28 AM

My Starz LG 2 already ready to roll their show. This another reality shows in Malaysia to search a star. Every reality show will be bringing their different to capture public to watch their program. In My Starz LG session one, we had seen Rachel among the younger contestant and have very bright future in this world of entertainment. Now My Starz LG 2 already comes out with their top 20 contestants and six of them are Sabahan. I was quite amazed six contestant from sabahan, Ednestha,Hafizan, Iskandar, Hairi, Gzell and Netta.

Now sabahan, our job now is to support them by your SMS. Remember if your help them to archive their dream today, who know they or someone else will help you soon to fulfill your dream. Get helping each other.

more info at My Starz LG2

Guess who will be the final 12?

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