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Great performance : Salma Mentor 5

Written by kaitor on 7:04 AM

Last night is my first time watching Mentor 5 live on Tv3 because usually i am not around during this concert broadcast live. You Tube is one of the best website that provide me the recorded video for this reality show.

Last night salma once again show her talent by trying something new , medly of dangdut songs penasaran and kopi dangdut. This first performance show her talent and not in the power of her voice only but she also can dance dangdut, which one of the most sexy dance. As we already know Salma have a big range and high pitch voice.

It become more interesting with her second songs Jeritan batin ku originaly from Jacklin victor. Salma once again show her power of voice together with Azlan & The Typewriter. Ther performance really impress judgers and audience. Guess judgers give highest marks 19 out of 20. Salma still on the top of group B since the first concert. Hope Salma will give a consistence performance in every concert and i can say we already have the winner of this Mentor 5.

Salma Mentor 5 info:
Mentor : Erra Fazira
Full Name : Salmah Binti A. Asis
Age : 21
From: Tawau,
Sibling: 8th from 9.

Carta Borneo Era Kota Kinabalu: Vote for Marthien More - Pinta Hatiku

Written by kaitor on 5:30 PM

My previous post talking about AMP: Recording quality issue and I had mention about chart for sabahan local song either in ERA FM or HITZ fm. Today I find out that this chart already officially started and there are 12 songs in the chart .

One of the songs listed in this chart is Pinta Hatiku from Marthien More and composed by Julius Ebin. Below is the link which you can listen to demo and vote . Do not forget to listen Carta Borneo Era every Saturday 11am to 12 pm.


Pinta hatiku"Marthien More" by butod

Lyric :
Tiada lagi kata .
yang dapat ku ungkapkan .
biarpun telah berlalu .
ku tak mampu melupakan segalanya .
tiada lagi tawa .
hanya jiwa yang sepi .
mengenangkan kembali .
perasaan hati ini .
impian ku .
apa ertinya impian kini tiada .
hanya ku mampu berdoa .
hanya satu yang ku pinta .
segalanya kembali .
pinta hati ku .
impian ku .
biar lah ia menjadi nyata .

AMP: Recording quality issue

Written by kaitor on 6:30 PM

In my previous post , I questioned why AMP especially HITZ FM and ERA FM did not play local sabahan songs. After few days of my post, there are few local sabahan song played onair. A month after that I herd more and more song played at HITZ FM and I really happy that the number of local sabahan song are growing. Beside played songs our local artists also have their jingle on HITZ. Thanks for the great effort and your support for local sabahan songs.

I admit , im not really listening to ERA FM but I still hope that this radio station also have same passion as HITZ FM. Yesterday news reported that ERA FM also played local songs especially malay. Starting from 23 April, this coming Saturday Carta Hit Borneo and Borneo English Top will start their show from 11 to 12 afternoon.

This is a great movement done by AMP to help our local music industry growing. According to Uno or Syazleey Zalsyam the operation manager of AMP Kota Kinabalu, they are trying very hard to help our local music industry. The main reason why many of the song submitted to AMP not played in their radio station because the recording quality issue. Uno give some example that some of the songs are recorded in bed room and using hand phone. Sabahan artist need to start making changes now and fulfill minimum recording requirement so that the song can played in AMP radio station. Changers need to be done because no one will listen to radio if the sound quality bad and AMP radio will lost their listener and it will impact their income. This minimum requirement also will educate our local sabahan artists to done their recording properly. Now its time to start revolutions by changing the way we done the recording and improve the sound quality.

Congratulations to The Ariez because one of their song “Kalimah Cinta”already played in ERA KL.

Sabahan Movie: ULU KUKUT the official trailer

Written by kaitor on 5:40 PM

I was very amazed while watching the official trailer of ULU KUKUT because the quality of the video already same to international level. It might too over if I say this ULU KUKUT have batter video quality compare to some Malaysian movie. It proof sabahan are actually have the talent and skill but did not have space to put or market their product. ULU KUKUT is directed by Richado Tawith and co-directed by Jason J Bullah. Video shooting are done around Kota Marudu and Kota Belud Sabah.

While watching this ULU KUKUT trailer , is remember Thailand and Indonesia grim movie. That means the quality of the video already jump to another level and hope this new improvement will continue growing.

This ULU KUKUT is a story about five friends who want to attend reunion function because one of their friend John just came back from America for vacations. The location of the reunion in desolate area between Kota Marudu and Kota Belud. They are very excited for this reunion because it had been five years they haven’t meet. They are close friends since childhood and schools.

Happiness are gone after they get lost and paranormal starting to get close to them. What happened next…. ???

I am very excited to know the ending of this ULU KUKUT.

Directed : Richado Tawith
Co-Director: Jason J Bullah



Written by kaitor on 8:36 AM

lets the picture say itself :) you are invited.

A day before  1 MALAYSIA SUNDAY MUSICAL , there will be SABAH INDIE BAND MUSIC FEST and unbelievable ticket only RM 15 at Razz Ma Tazz (2pm - 6pm), on Sunday 30 April 2011.


OnLineFM jingle contest.

Written by kaitor on 10:02 PM

You just need 30 seconds to stand a chance to win RM 100.00 cash.

It just an easy process because recording requirement is average , just use you computer and use mp3 format. Below are the keywords you MUST have in the jingle.


There will be two categories for this OnLineFM jingle contest MALAY and ENGLISH

Nera and Lena represent Sabah in Akademi Fantasia 9.

Written by kaitor on 9:59 AM

As we all know , there are only two contestant who represent sabahan in this last season of Akademi Fantasia 9 (AF9), Nera and Lena. Based on their performance in the first concert, they have the quality and package but still have big space of improvement.

Lena performance very energetic and entertaining especially with dangdut songs and audience also dance together with her. Her voice only average and the songs didn’t really challenge her vocal. Good starting and this will become benchmark for her in future performance. One thing I did not like about her is the attitude. It might be her strategy to get attention from audience but in some situations she will over reacting without realize and this will become bad reputations. I hope someone who have direct contact to Lena will give some useful advice.

Nera performance also average only and no extra ordinary which people can easily forget her performace. I had watch Nera perform live at KE Next Top Entertainer (KENTE 3) which more excellent compare to her first concert in AF9. Blased by the good looking and pretty, it will become one of her advantage. She is one of the winner for Mis Sabah and short listed as the semifinalist for KENTE 3. Having a hard time for choose the right decision, she leave KENTE 3 and go for AF9. Nera also have just nice vocal tone and still waiting for her best performance each week.

and... see picture bellow.. NO 1 Nera fans.

JJ, Puma,Pirut,George and Mahapson

Do not forget to vote Nera or Lena , make sure Sabahan will become the winner for this last season of Akademi Fantasia. Hehehe.. as my personal observation .. Both of them will not become the winner but who knows their luck. If you are not agree with me then vote and don’t get me wrong , I have my point before giving out my opinion… just wait and see

How to Vote :
Type AFUNDI NAME or AFUNDI <3/5/10> NAME  and send to 32999

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