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AMP: Recording quality issue

Written by kaitor on 6:30 PM

In my previous post , I questioned why AMP especially HITZ FM and ERA FM did not play local sabahan songs. After few days of my post, there are few local sabahan song played onair. A month after that I herd more and more song played at HITZ FM and I really happy that the number of local sabahan song are growing. Beside played songs our local artists also have their jingle on HITZ. Thanks for the great effort and your support for local sabahan songs.

I admit , im not really listening to ERA FM but I still hope that this radio station also have same passion as HITZ FM. Yesterday news reported that ERA FM also played local songs especially malay. Starting from 23 April, this coming Saturday Carta Hit Borneo and Borneo English Top will start their show from 11 to 12 afternoon.

This is a great movement done by AMP to help our local music industry growing. According to Uno or Syazleey Zalsyam the operation manager of AMP Kota Kinabalu, they are trying very hard to help our local music industry. The main reason why many of the song submitted to AMP not played in their radio station because the recording quality issue. Uno give some example that some of the songs are recorded in bed room and using hand phone. Sabahan artist need to start making changes now and fulfill minimum recording requirement so that the song can played in AMP radio station. Changers need to be done because no one will listen to radio if the sound quality bad and AMP radio will lost their listener and it will impact their income. This minimum requirement also will educate our local sabahan artists to done their recording properly. Now its time to start revolutions by changing the way we done the recording and improve the sound quality.

Congratulations to The Ariez because one of their song “Kalimah Cinta”already played in ERA KL.

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