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Likin Park Live In Singapore on Gua Dot Com My

Written by kaitor on 9:05 PM

Yesterday i had post about Likin Park Live in Singapore brought by DIGI and the contest run on HOT FM. Now here is another source for you to win a ticket to watch Likin Park Live in Singapore for free. The rules is simple, answer the question correctly and you will have a chance to be a lucky winner.

Here is a present waiting for the lucky winner.
2 x Grand Prize – You and a buddy will be on an all expenses trip (hotel and accommodation) to Singapore to watch LP live!

Consolation prizes:
10 x Minutes To Midnight Limited edition CD
15 x Minutes To Midnight CD (Standard packaging)
5 x Limited edition T-Shirt

Join the Contest.

* You have to register as gua member first.

Kerana Karina : Episode 1

Written by kaitor on 8:22 PM

I had made a post about Kerana Karina before this and mention this new series movie will be on tv, but i'm wrong.Really sorry for that. This Kerana Karina is the first ever online series movies hosted by You can read more on gua website. Even this episode only 3 minutes but it will make you cannot wait for the 2nd episode. A new Kerana Karina episode will available in gua website on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You also ca join the forum discuss about Kerana Karina.

I also put the synopsis here, i just copy and paste it.

What would you do if Life gave you a second chance to succeed?

Karina is a successful recording artiste in the process of recording her second album. Her label has high expectations. The media is abuzz with predictions of a bigger hit. And, as we all know, an artiste’s second album could make or break their career.

At the same time, Karina has to work with a new producer, the talented and charismatic Imran. Trouble is, they were once a couple but broke-up acrimoniously. Also, her label executives aren’t supportive of her situation. Faced with all this, Karina and her entourage of managers, friends and hanger-ons try to make sense of what’s good and bad for her career.

As the weeks countdown to her album launch, Karina feels the increasing pressure to make a hit record. Progress is slow but one thing is certain: she’s warming up to Imran’s style as a producer. In fact, she’s falling for him and he too, ends up falling for her again. But obstacles keep getting in their way each time they get closer.

One thing’s for sure: in the music business fame has its price. Just like love. And what price would we pay to get a second chance at either?

  • Marsha AF as Karina
  • Sazzy Falak as Sherina
  • Chelsia Ng as Jennifer
  • Elaine Daly as Jane
  • Zizan Nin as Imran
  • Zally Hussain as Huzir
  • Alan Yun as Marcus
  • Bell Ngasri as Boy
  • Roslan Aziz as Dato' Ross

Watch Kerana Karina : Episode 1

Episode 1

After a successful debut album, Karina is now the hottest thing in local showbiz. But now the pressure of delivering an equally hot second album sets in. Sitting together with her entourage and record company execs, Karina is told that the management has managed to snag this young and talented producer who’s just returned from LA.

The producer’s resume is impressive, having co-produced a couple of singles for top American artistes. Everyone in the room is excited. The door suddenly opens, and in walks the producer. Karina looks at him, and her face changes…

Likin Park Live In Singapore - 13 November 2007

Written by kaitor on 8:46 PM

Hi guys, Linkin Park 'LIVE' in Singapore on 13 November at the Singapore Indoor Stadium! To Malaysian, you have a chance to attend and enjoy this concert for FREE ticket. Not only the concert ticket but return flight ticket and hotel it all FREE. All you have to do is tune on HOT FM. This contest is starting from today 29 Okt 2007.

Listen HOT FM and

-Wait for SMS signal and type LIKINPARK and sent it to 36886
-HOT FM dj will call the lucky SMS sender
-You have to guess the LIKIN PARK song title song which had been played
-If you answer correct, the next song will be played and guess the title

*The winner will announce in weekend, of course the winner is who had guess the songs title correctly. The rule is simple, guess the songs title as many as you can in 10 seconds.

9 September

Written by kaitor on 12:42 AM

9 September‘ is a new Malaysian movie will release soon and the main character is Pierre Andre and Fasha Sandha. Fasha Sandha is a “tomboy” in this movie, can you imagine how the girl with the sweet soft voice as a “tomboy”. I also can’t imagine and wanna see the movie? So how about you? I had made some research about ‘9 September‘synopsis and I had found this. It was written by Fayz in his blog . I just copy and paste his post, enjoy it..

9 September‘ is a romantic comedy which tells the story of Nia (Fasha Sandha) a very cute girl with a tomboy character who has been recently dumped by her stupid boyfriend. Since then she has been hating people who call themselves MEN. Her anger is being let out on Kogi (Pierre Andre). He is seen as someone who is easily a target for Nia to bully. The first time they met was when Nia accidentally entered Kogi’s house. Since then many coincidental meetings had happened between them. No matter how many times Kogi is being bullied by Nia, he stills put on a strong front and very much a gentleman most of the time they spend their time together until they eventually fall for each other but this was cut short when Adrian, Nia’s ex lover, came back to her. What would be the end of the story of between NIA and KOGI? Well you have to see it for yourself! hehe..The movie will be released nationwide in MALAYSIA on 1 November 2007. Movie produced by METROWEALTH MOVIES PRODUCTION.

One In A Million Session 2 || OIM 2

Written by kaitor on 11:33 PM

One in a million(OIM) is back!!!! Hey guys, I believe all of you know that before Hari Raya celebration, One In A Million had go around the country made an audition. The audition of this new session was done in four place Kota Kinabalu, Sungai Petani Kedah, Johor Bahru and Berjaya Times Square, KL. Last session the audition only in KL and Kota Kinabalu.

Do not forget to catch OIM coming soon on 8TV. Syafinaz and Paul still the judgers for OIM session 2, the host also same. Watch The OIAM Season 2 Press Conference!

Click play button to play || Double click to view full screen


Written by kaitor on 10:45 PM

If you are one of the Akademi Fantasia (AF) fans, you have to know this. Af is No 1 reality Tv in Malaysia and so far it now come to session 5 or AF5. Every session Af will come out differently and brought many surprise. Majalah URS (Untuk Remaja Sahaja) Just For Teenagers Magazine had made a poll and here is the result. Congratulations DAFI!! :)

Grooves and new moves at Backyard fest

Written by kaitor on 8:25 PM

THE Backyard JAMFest 2007 takes off tonight with a list of musicians that looks all geared to rock your socks off at the Backyard Pub in Kuala Lumpur.
The party begins at 9pm, with soloist Sherman Tan raising the curtain, followed by the evening’s main act, the Sharin Band featuring keyboardist Richard Gomes.

The JAMFest is named after the late Jairus Anthony who died from the effects of pancreatic cancer four years ago.

Jairus was a pub performer who strove to put as many newcomers as he could on stage whenever he performed.

This year, the event organised by publican Jerry Chong and his music director Edmund Anthony spreads over five Wednesdays, starting today.
“Like Jairus, we try to promote as many new bands and music as possible,” said Chong. “We have a mix of old and new acts and the new ones are especially excited at showcasing their brand of music.”

The Backyard Pub, located in Taman Sri Hartamas, is well-known for staging live music seven nights a week. It also has a very active website which has attracted quite a bunch of both local and foreign acts over the years.

The rest of the musicians slotted to perform at the Backyard JAMFest 2007 are Superbar, Sunburst Blues Power, Small Stones with Jeff Nathan (Oct 31), Shoelace Untied and Blister (Nov 7), Azmyl Yunor and Fasylive (Nov 14) and Mark Renesh, Albert, VJ, Bada and Muriz (Nov 21).

The new acts to watch out for include Superbar, Sunburst Blues Power, Shoelace Untied and Blister.

Fasylive features Maldivian lead guitarist Fasy who was recently named “best unsigned guitarist in the United Kingdom”.

The Backyard JAMFest 2007 begins at 9pm. There is no cover charge. The pub is located at Jln Sri Hartamas 8, Taman Sri Hartamas, KL.

For more information, call 03-6201-0318, 012-201-6333 or 017-368-0644. You can also visit


Radio Online: Hitz FM

Written by kaitor on 10:30 PM

Click play button to listen is a Malaysian national radio station managed by AMP Radio Networks, a subsidiary of Astro All Asia Networks plc. Hitz is Malaysia's leading English-language station in terms of listenership.'s award-winning website includes interactive programmes such as the Late Net Show and EQuest, live webcasts and online chat sessions with station personalities and guest artistes. Other website features include movie reviews, entertainment news, traffic updates and in-house interviews with local and international celebrities.

Radio Online: HOT FM

Written by kaitor on 10:05 PM

Click play button to listen

Hot FM is owned by Media Prima and Malay is their first language. Hot FM broadcasting from Sri Pentas, Bandar Utama. Hot FM was start from Janury 15 2006 for testing and officially on air on February 5 2006. Hot FM broadcast 24 hours a day providing their listeners with classic songs, malay songs, Indonesia songs and international music as well as music information. Until 2007, Hot FM listeners estimated around 3.99 million and the second radio station beside Era FM. Hot FM listeners between 15 to 30 years old.

Radio Online: Era FM

Written by kaitor on 9:52 PM

Click play button to listen

Era FM is Malaysia No 1 radio station with 5.31 million listeners on 2007. Era FM is owned by AMP Radio Networks under Astro All Asia Networks broadcast from Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur. Era FM officially start on August 1 1998. The first song played on Era FM is Hijau from Zainal Abidin.

Radio Online: Minnal FM

Written by kaitor on 9:29 PM

Click play button to listen

Minnal FM, formerly known as Radio 6 and Radio Malaysia Saluran 6 (Radio Malaysia Channel 6) is a Malaysian national Tamil radio station operated by Radio Televisyen Malaysia, the government broadcasting service under the Malaysian Ministry of Information.

It was the first 24-hour Tamil language broadcast service in the world. It serves as a source of information and entertainment not only to Indian Malaysians but to people of Indian origin worldwide as well as Tamil enthusiasts.

Radio Online: KL FM

Written by kaitor on 8:50 PM

Click play button to listen

KL FM (Formerly known as Radio Malaysia Kuala Lumpur (RMKL) and before that as Radio 3 Kuala Lumpur and Radio Malaysia Ibu Kota (RMIK) is a regional radio station operated by Radio Televisyen Malaysia. Its main radio station is in the International Broadcasting Centre, Angkasapuri.

Radio Online: Ai FM

Written by kaitor on 8:44 PM

Click play button to listen

Ai FM, formerly known as Radio 5 and Radio Malaysia Saluran 5 (Radio Malaysia Channel 5) is a national Chinese radio station operated by Radio Televisyen Malaysia. It is broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Radio Online: Asyik FM

Written by kaitor on 8:37 PM

Click play button to listen

Asyik FM, formerly known as Radio 7 and Radio Malaysia Saluran 7 (Radio Malaysia Channel 7) is a Orang Asli radio channel operated by Radio Televisyen Malaysia. As of 1 January 2007, Asyik FM now broadcasting from 8 am to 10 pm.

Radio Online: TraxxFM

Written by kaitor on 8:13 PM

Click play button to listen

TraXXfm, formerly known as Radio 4 and Radio Malaysia Saluran 4 (Radio Malaysia Channel 4) is a national English radio station operated by Radio Televisyen Malaysia. TraXXfm's catch phrase is "Experience The Excitement".The station operates 24 hours and Live streaming can be accessed at the official webpage and this blog.

The Click Five @ Hard Rock Cafe KL

Written by kaitor on 7:45 PM

Hello, all you kids. Here 's the finalised details for The Click Five's do in KL: The bois will be playing at Hard Rock Cafe on 7 November, 9pm onwards. Tickets are RM50, inclusive of 1 drink. Call 03-2715 5555 for info on how to get your hands on them. - Murai Portal From Astro.

Written by kaitor on 12:34 AM

Astro had launch their new portal known as Portal Murai. This is a new medium for user and Astro to get connected. This portal still in construction and will be launch around 11 days from now. According to buddey or more known as sensasi selebriti, Astro had pick Murai as their portal name because according to the story a bird called Murai cannot keep the secret and always busy to speak. Maybe that is the point Astro take that name, they wanna be a hot and happening website with the latest gossips and fresh information.

Murai portal first activity is run the Celebrity Clone contest. If you are around 15 – 40 and feel you are clone to Ella, Mila Af5, Datuk Siti Nurhaliza, Awal Ashaari, Haziq Af4, Nana Era, Izwan Pilus, Shawal Af5, Fasha Sandha & Fazli Zainal then this a time to show your self. If you are lucky, you have a chance to enter the very first web reality with your clone artist. You can start to submit your video starting from 1 November 2007, 2 weeks from now… so you still have a time to compose and edit your video. All you have to do is just make a clone action of your idol. Go to Murai Portal and watch the adfi’s clone video as an example. Good luck.

*if you planning or already send your video clone, please let me know .I will make review about your video. I also really welcome any new update about this contest and Murai Portal.

Vinusak launch their first album

Written by kaitor on 6:26 PM

Vinusak, is a new group from sabah will launch their first album on November. They are new but everybody quiet experienced. There are four members in this group Robbie Angkangon, Vincent Duan, Emily Lukas dan Nelly Majuda.

Some information about the group members from Vincent Duan.

Robert Angkangon: Start his carrier early 80’s and 90’s. He also had won third place in Gema Warisan and Juara Bakat Kota organize by Radio Television Malaysia (RTM). He is one of the finalist of CATS 2006 and won the Pusakag Production singing competition.

Vincent Duan: Generate experience from Sugandoi (singing competition during Harvest Festival). His best achievement is second place in Bintang Nostalgia 2003 and finalist Gema Warisan in the same year. Vincent also one of the finalist of CATS 2005 organize by RTM.

Emily Lukas: New comer in sabah music industry. Even do she is new, but do not judge book by it’s cover. She also had expensive singing experiences, she was a singer for Marina Resort. She is Kudat’s Unduk Ngadau winner for year 2007.

Nelly Majuda: As Emily she also a new comer, but has a big talent. She is the winner of Sugandoi for Daerah Matunggong 2007 and one of the Sabah Sugandoi contestants.

Back bone of this album:

Executive Producer: Joe Rendie A

Producer: Vincent Vince D

Music Engineer: Peter Poninting@Sitaring

Vocals: Robert Robbie, Vince, Emily, Nelly Majuda

Studio: De'Q Studio (Peter & Andrew Poninting@Apai)

Kadus Entertainment is the official website for Vinusak album promotions. Kadus Entertainment provide Vinusak demo songs, you can find more information there. Do not forget to join their forum. Their forum language is Malay but, don’t panic.. just drop your comment and I believe you will get response from them. Thus of you, who are nearby, do not let the chance to join the Vinusak album launching, as below:

Date: 8th November 2007

Time: 4.00 Petang

Vanue: Kompleks Asia City, Asia City, Kota Kinabalu.

Li Dao (Island away) - Karen First Chinese Songs Lyric & translation

Written by kaitor on 10:17 PM

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketRemember last time I had made a post about Karen Kong first Chinese song played on air last week, 1st October in MYFM. Karen Kong had launched her first album in Malay and now she work hard for her first Chinese album. Her voice is cutie and nice, many outside there who had listen her Malay songs said her voice like Malaysia No 1 Artist, Dato Siti Norhalizah. I want to mention here, she is the first Malaysian artist who gets popular with social network service, Her video hosted with YouTube is one of the most viewed. Just open YouTube website and search “cinta hello Kity” , other video clip from her will listed. Spent your time to listen her voice and give your comment, do you like her voice or not?.
Talking about her first Chinese song, Li Dao (Island away) this song is very nice and I had listened it more than 10 times. How many times you listen this songs?. In my previous post, I just inform that Karen will on air in MYFM. Karen was surprise when her song was voted NO1 songs on MYFM night chart. Here is the lyric and translation by Keith. To be hones I also didn’t know to speak Chinese but I love to listen Chinese songs. I had listen Chinese songs since I was child until now. I didn’t know why I like to listen Chinese song, is this because I had a Chinese blood? Not really sure, all I know my Chinese family name is KONG but I didn’t have Chinese name. If you are like me, cannot speak or read Chinese, just read the translation.. I had copy and paste it from Karen’s blog. I also had put the songs here, just press play button to listen.

離島 (leaving the island)
詞:黃明志 lyrics:huang ming zhi
曲:張捷惟 song: zhang jie wei
靠坐在陌生的床 牆角還擱著行囊
Sitting on the foreign bed, the luggage sitting in the corner
窗外的霓虹燈搶了 月亮的光
the neon lights outside the window shining brighter the the moon light
來自大海的方向 從地圖的另一端
coming from the sea, from the other side of the map(world)
背著夢想 也帶著揮不去的牽掛
carrying my dreams, and also bearing the longings that I can’t leave behind
風 啊 風 把我帶到這地方
wind, oh wind, who brought me to this place
blue colored memories still left in my home on the sea.
輕輕躺在這城市的中央 寧靜的夜晚 眼角淚未乾
gently lying in the city’s central, in the still of the night, my eyes still wet with tears
falling onto the moonlit window ledge.
喔喔 風 啊 風 吹送著我的牽掛
oh oh, wind, oh wind, blowing away my longings
accompanying the directions of the sea waves into your arms
走啊走前往夢想的路上 每次感覺孤單 看著月兒彎
moving towards the dreams, whenever I’m feeling lonely, I look towards the crescent moon
彷彿笑著說 “你要勇敢 別害怕”
who seems like smiling and saying, “you must be brave, don’t be afraid”
擔心月兒會孤單 星星守護在身旁
worried that the moon might be lonely, the stars watched over it by it’s side
安靜地陪我夢了一段 家鄉
Silently, accompanying me, dreaming a dream of my hometown.

Radio Online : Muzik FM

Written by kaitor on 1:44 AM

Click play button to listen

Muzik FM, formerly known as Radio Muzik and Radio Malaysia Saluran Muzik (Radio Malaysia Music Channel) is a music radio station operated by Radio Televisyen Malaysia, broadcasting in Malay. It is also Malaysia's first radio station to broadcast in FM Stereo. The main motto is Stesen Muzik Anda (Your Music Station).

Malaysia Tv Online : RTM 2

Written by kaitor on 11:41 PM

Click play button to play || Double click to view full screen

RTM2 is a television station in Malaysia that is owned by the Malaysian Government through Radio Televisyen Malaysia.Broadcasting of RTM2 began in 17 November 1969 when the RTM tv channel was split into two channels. It offers entertainment programs, films in Malay, English, Chinese, Korean, Tamil, and Hindi. There are also few dramas and movies in Thai and Spanish.On April 1, 2006, RTM2 assumed its present name (previously known as TV2), but its slogan remains the same; and from April 3, 2006, this channel broadcasts 24 hours daily, offering more programmes for viewers who stay up late to watch television.RTM2 is also available over Astro on channel 102.

This Online Tv Host By

Malaysia Tv Online : RTM 1

Written by kaitor on 11:09 PM

Click play button to play || Double click to view full screen

TV1 or Radio Televisyen Malaysia 1 or RTM1 as of April 3, 2006 is a television station in Malaysia that is owned by the Malaysian Government under the Ministry of Information. TV1 was launched on December 28, 1963. TV1 offers education programs, local information, news bulletin and entertainment programmes in both Malay and English. It was the first and the oldest television channel in Malaysia.RTM1 is also available over Astro on Channel 101 (formerly channel 5, then channel 1) and over StarHub in Singapore via Channel 39.

This Online Tv Host By

Hari Raya Full Album

Written by kaitor on 11:14 AM

Hari Raya is one of the biggest celebration in Malaysia. Now days Hari Raya is not celebrated by Muslim but this great moment share with all Malaysian either you are Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan Dusun , Iban, or Bidayuh. Everyone celebrate Hari Raya. Enjoy your Hari Raya and hopefully it can bring all Malaysian together. Here is a few links to download Hari Raya Full Album, thanks to What I Want? blog. Selamat hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin-- SN--

Hijjaz - Lembaran SyawalSiti Nurhaliza - Anugerah Aidilfitri
Raihan  - Maafkan
Syoknya! Raya
Seleksi Hari Raya
Nur Syawal

Linda AF2 Come Back !!!!

Written by kaitor on 1:25 AM

Em.. Linda AF2, where did she go? I heard that she had get married. After asking my friends who are close to Linda then i got the answer. She on holiday almost a year and not marry :) From now on she will be active in her singing carrier. For you information, Linda is not under Maestro Talent And Management anymore. She's contract with Maestro Talent was ended on May and working hard for her second album. According to Mr Chua, Linda want to sing a Chinese songs.. i'm not really sure about it, but wait and see either it true or just a joke. There is not to much i could talk about Linda because i have a limited sources to get her information. Anyway, welcome back Linda and I wish you all the best.. :)
p/s: Maan noh koti... osokung oku dika sabap youku nogi nga tulun ranau!!!

Here is the article post by Mr Chua...

Hi, guys. chua baru saja interbiu Linda kat The Summit, Subang Jaya.

Abangnya dan managernya Habil ada kat sana. Linda, abangnya Habil dan kakaknya Lina (beautician) tinggal di Subang Jaya berdekatan dengan rumah Vince.

chua, Linda dan Habil juga makan tengah hari kat satu restoran Cina kat The Summit.

Ini kisahnya:

Jelitawan Linda Nanuwil ingin menyanyi dalam Bahasa Cina, dan sememangnya Tikus Yang Cintakan Beras dalam lagu popular dendangan penyanyi Singapura Jocie Kok.

Heronya Vince Chong telah menyanyikan lagu itu dalam Bahasa Malaysia manakala kumpulan pop Australia North menyanyikannya dengan tajuk baru Because I Love You.

“Saya memang Tikus, itu zodiak saya dalam kalendar Cina. Saya juga amat cintakan beras, iaitu nasi ayam,” katanya.

Sebelum kedatangan Jaclyn Victor, Linda yang agak pendiam adalah ratu rancangan nyanyian realiti.

Anak jati Ranau, dekat kaki Gunung Kinabalu itu muncul sebagai naib juara Akademi Fantasia 2 (AF2), beberapa bulan sebelum Jaclyn menundukkannya dengan menjuarai Malaysian Idol 1.

Gadis tinggi lampai dari keluarga Kristian yang mementingkan kerja sosial itu amat mengalu-alukan kehadiran “Kak” Jaclyn dalam dunia seni.

Mereka berdua telah menyanyi bersama dalam lagu Suluhkan Sinar, projek artis-artis Malaysia terbitan KRU untuk membantu mangsa-mangsa tsunami Disember 26, 2004.

Linda sentiasa berdiri teguh di belakang Jaclyn.

Dari awal Malaysian Idol lagi, Linda yakin Jaclyn akan menjadi penyanyi terhandal di Asia dan tanggapan itu terbukti benar apabila Jaclyn menjuarai Voice Of Asia 2005 di Shanghai, China.

Linda dan Jaclyn pada mulanya dicalonkan sebagai 2 wakil Malaysia dalam pertandingan nyanyian benua Asia itu.

Malangnya, Linda terpaksa diganti oleh pemenang keempat AF2 merangkap pemenang wanita kedua tertinggi AF2 Farah Anuar dari Kedah.

Penganjur mahukan calon Malaysia yang memiliki album, dan album Linda belum siap masa itu.

Walau bagaimanapun, Jaclyn amat berterima kasih kepada “Udoi” atas sokongannya yang tidak pernah pudar, setelah beliau pulang dari Shanghai.

Jaclyn sentiasa mendoakan kesihatan, kejayaan dan kebahagiaan Linda.

Album Linda akhirnya muncul pada Tahun Baru Cina 2006.

Dia menggubah 2 lagu dan menulis sebuah lagu.

Linda telah berehat dari dunia seni selama setahun akibat sakit tekak yang serius.

Dia kini sudah sihat semula dan sedang giat merancang album keduanya.

“Walaupun saya bercuti setahun, saya tidak pernah memisahkan diri dari muzik dan nyanyian.

“Di Ranau, saya amat aktif [dan masih aktif mengajar muzik kepada anak-anak muda di kampung, sebagai kerja sosial dan amal gereja,” katanya.

Apabila suara Linda semakin pulih, dia muncul bersama penyanyi Sabah termasuk artis Akademi Fantasia dalam pertunjukan makan malam dan kebudayaan di seluruh Sabah.

Linda telah meninggalkan anak syarikat Astro TV yang menguruskan artis Akademi Fantasia iaitu Maestro Talent And Management pada bulan Mei, dan kini diurus oleh abangnya, bekas jurustail rambut Habil.

Linda ialah anak ketujuh daripada lapan orang anak bekas pegawai polis Nanuwil Galida dan isterinya Jaunim Sulinging.

Bekas pelajar Sekolah Menengah Sanzac di Kota Kinabalu ini serta adik-beradiknya menjadi ahli koir gereja mereka semasa di sekolah rendah lagi.

Ketika berumur 12 tahun, Linda telah belajar bermain gitar dan piano.

Linda berkata: “Saya digalakkan oleh keluarga untuk menyertai AF. Pada masa itu saya baru saja habiskan peperiksaan SPM Tingkatan 5.

“AF banyak mengajar saya tentang keindahan negara Malaysia. Saya dan rakan sekelas telah makan, minum, berlatih, berbincang serta merancangkan setiap persembahan bersama-sama.

“Rancangan realiti amat berjasa memupuk perpaduan dan membentuk Bangsa Malaysia,” katanya.

Linda telah mengikuti kesemua musim Akademi Fantasia serta memantau perjalanan seni rakan-rakannya.

Peminat setia Celine Dion, Juwita Suwito, Kelly Clarkson dan Francissca Peter ini amat mengkagumi rakan senegerinya di Akademi Fantasia seperti sepupunya Marsha Londoh, Velvet Aduk, Rich Gimbang dan Candra Clement, serta Suki Low One In A Million.

Tetapi hero terbesarnya dalam dunia seni tanah air ialah juara Akademi Fantasia 1 Vince.

Duet Vince dan Jaclyn, You’re The Music In Me adalah “doa yang terjawab” buat Linda.

“Kor (“abang” dalam Kantonis) Vince dan Jaclyn adalah penyanyi hebat yang paling serasi,” katanya.

Linda turut mengalu-alukan lakonan Vince dalam pementasan teater Bahasa Inggeris berjudul Frogway bersama-sama aktres kesayangannya Elaine Daly dan Chelsia Ng baru-baru ini.

“Saya jarang dapat jumpa Vince tetapi amat tertarik dengan personalitinya. Dia budiman sejati, amat penyayang dan sentiasa menasihati saya agar berani, kuat dan yakin,” katanya.

Kegigihan Linda dalam menggubah serta menulis lagu sendiri diilhamkan oleh Vince dan komposer Aubrey Suwito.

Linda, yang berlakon dalam filem Gila-Gila Pengantin Popular pada tahun 2005 ingin berlakon dengan aktor kesayangannya Hans Isaac dan Daly satu hari nanti.

Dia menasihati penyanyi baru dalam rancangan realiti supaya sentiasa jujur kepada diri sendiri dan sentiasa serius tatkala memiliki karier dalam dunia seni.

SN Mobile Digital @ 33777

Written by kaitor on 10:07 PM

Download Coad For True Tone(TT) & Full Song(SONG)
996601 - Siti Situ Sana Sini
996602 - Biarlah Rahsia
996603 - Destinasi Cinta
996604 - Hidup Penuh Bicara
996605 - Bila Harus Memilih
996606 - Pastikan
996607 - Hati Berbisik
996608 - Tanpa Dendam Di Hati
996609 - Intrig Cinta
996610 - Impiankan Nyata
996611 - Bisakah
996612 - Cahaya Cinta
996613 - Bulan Kedamaian (Lagu Raya TERBARU!) Video Klip (VC)
996601 - Biarlah Rahsia (Still Photo)
996602 - Biarlah Rahsia (Video)
996603 - Pastikan (Video)

Wallpaper (WP)

How To Download:
True tone: Taip TT KOD hantar ke 33777 (RM3.00)
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Written by kaitor on 4:43 AM

From dafi....

This festive occasion is greeted with great joy, the young will ask for forgiveness from their elders and everyone will put on new clothes. Open house or invitation for relatives and friends to come to their house is practised. Plenty of traditional Malay delicacies are served during this festive season. Houses are thoroughly cleaned and decorated with the lighting of oil lamps to welcome the "malaikat" which is believed to be visiting the earth during the seven days preceding the festival. The celebration lasts for a month which the celebration is concentrated in the first three days.

The Official Dafi Fan Clubs, brings you "Mesra AidilFitri"..., DFC's way. Experience Hari Raya, just the way you want it to and all VID's welcoming you to our own kampung house. Be part of this excitement as if it is the night before Hari Raya.

See you guys there !!

Gadaffi Ismail Sabri

*DaFi SaYaNg DafIniTEs !! * Baik PunYa !! *

Date/Tarikh : 27th Oktober 2007/ 15 Syawal 1428 H
Time/Masa : 8.00 malam
venue/Tempat : Lot 2064, Jalan Melayu,
Batu 3, Kampung Sungai Kandis
41000 Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

DAFINITES only open on the nite, for details please contact 0122235517 Ms Lychee or 0126306211 Ms Lovitz,places is limited.

Selamat Hari Raya

Written by kaitor on 8:30 PM

Create Yours @ NackVision

Marsha - Kerana Karina + Theme Songs (Yang Mana)

Written by kaitor on 11:32 PM

Marsha will play the main role in series tv, Kerana Karina and it might show on tv Oct 29, as reported by gua website. Marsha also records a song theme for this series tv drama called Yang Mana. Azmir (Malaysian well known composer) to produce the track and M.Zulkifli is the lyric writer. Azmeer added that these days it has become compulsory for TV series to have their own theme songs or signature tunes. More on gua website

“Sampul Duit Raya Mawi” - Mawi small envelope

Written by kaitor on 3:59 AM

Today was a busy day for me; as usual on Monday I’ve a lot of stuff need to be complete. When I was take a few minute for rest, I surf the internet and I’m looking for “angpow design” then I found “Sampul Duit Raya Mawi”(I don’t know what the English name – usually its small and colorful envelope , you can put the money inside as a gift.)

This special envelope comes with two designs and you can make an order now. There is two way to get this mawi small envelope, either come to take it by your self at Terminal Putra, Gombak ,Bangsar , Jalan Raja Laut , KLCC , Ampang Point or by post. It have tow package for each design 30 or 15 only for RM10. Remember if you wish to use post, the shipment charge is RM 10. If you interested, you can order NOW by sms to Shida (012 284 9603).

Your sms should be like this:
Sampul Duit Raya Mawi
Name :
Address or you can arrange to pick by your self at( Terminal Putra, Gombak, Bangsar, Jalan Raja Laut , KLCC ,Ampang Point)
packej and how many :

*shipment charge : RM10 (max 5 packet)

Payment to:
Nur Shahida Abd Rahim

Che’Nelle Make Sabahan Proud

Written by kaitor on 6:28 AM

I believe you have heard “Che’Nelle “name right, and she’s song had been playing around the world. Honesly I had heard her song in a few weeks ago and the DJ said “here song from sweet sabahan girl Che’Nelle - I FELL IN LOVE WITH THE DJ”. Then the question goes into my mind, is that true? I never heard this name before. I had do some research on the net and find a few web about her such as her MySpace page, official webpage, wikipedia and mrBadak blog. Che’Nelle real name is Cheryline Lim born on March 10, 1983. Their family had moved to Perth Australia. I had watch mrBadak blog closely for a few days and there was a comments coming up, some of their comment giving a compliment to her and a few comments said Che’Nelle has forgot Sabah or her root. mrBadak blog get more exited because Che’Nelle had put her comments in the blog. I’m quite surprise that she still can write the comment in Malay.. wah.. that prove she didn’t forget her root. Here is she’s comment on mrBadak blog

che'nelle said,
August 18, 2007 @ 10:25 pm
ello semuaaaaa di kk..
che’nelle here..!!! haha yes its really me and i want to first of all say thank u so much for all the supporters.. so sweet la.. eventhough i moved to australia when i was 10 and its now also my home saya tak lupa sabah.. kk.. hehe actually i can’t wait to go back and see my granparents .. anyways.. thank u again.. and don’t worry when i go back to malaysia i know i cannot be to sexy sexy haha i’ll be convered up. i’ll wear a baju kurung haha yayy!! muahs!! xoxo

Her current single “I fell in love with the DJ” is making waves among the club scenes in UK. She had a world tour going to australia, hawaii, paris, and japan. There is a rumor that Che’Nelle schedule to perform in Malaysia on New Year eve but it depends on EMI to arrange it. She had promise to going back to KK and makes her concert there.

*As sabahan I was really proud that she had hit the world class artist. I hope in the future there are more and more artist from Malaysia to be a world class especially from Sabah. Hey guys, did you realize most of the reality show, there are many contestant from Sabah, look we do have talent, all we have to do is hunting the change to be known world wide. Beside that, our local music had start growing and as a result Atama song had been played a few clubs in Singapore and Thailand. Kinabalu Kings also have a great potential to be a world class artist. Atama and Kinabalu Kings also an R&B singer-songwriter.

Listen and download Che’Nelle's songs on MySpace

Selamat Hari Raya From Marsha AF3

Written by kaitor on 7:23 AM

Marsha Milan Londoh or Marsha Af3 (stage name) wish all Musilms in Malaysia Selamat Hari Raya. The picture will speak by it self.

Marsha Offical Website

Esther Esthera

Written by kaitor on 2:29 AM

Esther Esthera ..a wired name right?. This is a new movie made by sabahan. Esther Esthera now is on sale in the market. The story is about family, relationship, status and love. My friend DB-BOS.FM had watched and made review for this movie and I wrote this based on what he had written. The story of Esther Esthera is based on true story but it had been edited to make this story more interesting.

I believe you will satisfy with the movie because it has a good plot story plus the great editing. Now day’s Malaysian film story mostly talking about family, relationship, love and status of the family. Esther Esthera also didn’t run out from this topic. If you did not understand Sabahan SLANG (the way sabahan people talk), don’t worry because it have an english subtitle. After watching the the trailer movie made by DB-BOS.FM I believe all Malaysian can understand the dialog.

Being a best friend since childhood brings them in to fall in love with each other, Esther and Iyan. Both of them also were studying in a local university. The conflict of the story begin when Esther’s father Datuk Sham Gunthar didn’t like his daughter make a special relationship with Iyan, their former worker who still live in Esther’s family land with his grandmother. Datuk Sham Gunthar has taken an action sending Esther to Kuala Lumpur for study. The purpose of sending Esther to Kuala Limpur is preventing this two lover seeing each other. Esther and Iyan had faced many hardship and problem but both of them are trying hard to hold their special relationship. At the same time Datuk Sam business also have a problem . What will Datuk Sam do to prevent special relationship between Esther and Iyan, how does his business?

Esther had promise to her father, Datuk Sham that she didn’t want to cheat on him end up the relationship with Iyan. After live in Kuala Lumpur, Ester has married with Professor without permission from her family. The story more interesting when the Professor religion is different from Esther and it give Datuk Sham a big shock.

Who is Esthera? still didn't got the clue?... you will know the answer in the movie.

Esthee and Esther are twins. Iyan also had fall in love with Esthee, is their love goes smooth or will be same as Esther story? The answer is in the Esther Esthera movie.

More on dbos-fm

* please inform me if this embedded video have an error.. :)

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