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SN Mobile Digital @ 33777

Written by kaitor on 10:07 PM

Download Coad For True Tone(TT) & Full Song(SONG)
996601 - Siti Situ Sana Sini
996602 - Biarlah Rahsia
996603 - Destinasi Cinta
996604 - Hidup Penuh Bicara
996605 - Bila Harus Memilih
996606 - Pastikan
996607 - Hati Berbisik
996608 - Tanpa Dendam Di Hati
996609 - Intrig Cinta
996610 - Impiankan Nyata
996611 - Bisakah
996612 - Cahaya Cinta
996613 - Bulan Kedamaian (Lagu Raya TERBARU!) Video Klip (VC)
996601 - Biarlah Rahsia (Still Photo)
996602 - Biarlah Rahsia (Video)
996603 - Pastikan (Video)

Wallpaper (WP)

How To Download:
True tone: Taip TT KOD hantar ke 33777 (RM3.00)
Full song: Taip SONG KOD hantar ke 33777 (RM5.00)
Video klip: Taip VC KOD hantar ke 33777 (RM4.00)
Wallpaper: Taip WP KOD hantar ke 33777 (RM1.00)
* Want to know TOP True tone, Sms TT TOP to 33777

SPECIAL! you also can get MADAH, RAHSIA and DIARI!
Wanna know RAHSIA, and DIARI from whom? Register Now!!!

How to register:
SMS DAFTAR MADAH to 33777 (RM0.50)
SMS DAFTAR RAHSIA to 33777 (RM1.00)
SMS DAFTAR DIARI to 33777 (RM0.50)

* More on SN Mobile Digital clickhere!

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