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Dj Salipar Jipun and Richeal Rodriguez weeding

Written by kaitor on 5:47 AM

Sunday 31 January 2009 , crew and Dj's attend Dj Salipar Jipun (Rogers B Jack Teo) and Richeal Rodriguez wedding ceremony. I wish both of them have a wonderful family and bright future.

More pictures visit DJ Salipar Jipun Facebook.

KE Next Top Entertainer 2 - KE Founder Words

Written by kaitor on 8:48 AM

"KE Next Top Entertainer (KENTE)", adalah merupakan salah satu daripada acara anjuran KaDuS Entertainment, dan merupakan acara yang paling berprestij untuk KE. Kejayaan musim pertama KENTE telah mendorong KE untuk meneruskan musim kedua, disamping permintaan daripada peminat dan juga bekas peserta KENTE. Pertandingan ini secara tidak lansung telah berjaya menaikkan nama ramai bakat-bakat baru yang sebelum ini kurang dikenali. Selain tiga pemenang tempat teratas, KE & KENTE berbangga dengan kejayaan yang dikecapi oleh Senisah Majilin (MyStarz Lg3), Georgia Joy C. Binsol (Johan Sugandoi Kaamatan 2009), Marlemny Fay (Johan I Got Talent) dan ramai lagi yang telah menerbitkan album solo, mahupun single.

As a KE FOUNDER, i never looked back when i first started this in 2005. I always believe that this could KE could contribute in many ways to promote the entertainment industries in Sabah. At first, people would laugh at me when i say, KE want to do this or that, but now, the same people who laughing is asking what is KE next big project. There will be more to come for KE and for the local industry in Sabah.

As for KENTE, this time around, it will be headed by my co-founder Mr. George Duat or famously known as gogds. This time around also, i will be acting as an advisor/patron to this event. The benchmark is there to reach and I strongly believe that gogds has what it takes to take KENTE to the next level.
For the contestant, this is your chance to prove to all what you have, the talent. Don't compare KENTE to other event such as AF or MYSTARZ LG. KENTE has its own class and unique feature. Use KENTE as your platform to excel to much higher level. Don't say if you failed in the first hurdles, there is nothing left for you. I always refer Senisah Majilin as one of the best KENTE product. Although eliminated in the first heat, she never stop and by not stopping, she has won 3rd placing in the Sugandoi Kaamatan 2009 and achieving top 10 in MyStarz LG. This is the prove that failure is simply not the end of the road as more door is opened for you after that, if you believe.

That's all. To all the. Contestant, give the best you can. All the best to you in KENTE 2. "Do You Have What It's Take?"

Mark Mojitoh (KaDuS)

Life is wonderful- Bong Mokthar and Zizie Ezzete clubbing

Written by kaitor on 4:35 AM

I made this post not to flunk their reputation but I just wanna share this information with starznews reader. This had been widely discussed among forumer and blogger. Bong Moktar and Zizie Ezzete attract public attention with their marriage announcement. It not a big surprise while VIP get marriage with an artist, it happened around the world and not Malaysia only. Gossip in other country might hottest than we have in Malaysia.

Below is the picture of Bong Mokthar and Zizie Ezzete going fur clubbing in Shen – WR, Kota Kinabalu. Yep .. life is wonderful if you have money. Maybe some of you out there didn’t really care about this pictures and some maybe not…whatever is it , everybody have a little secret. Being a politician and artist is not easy because public will put their eyes on you, reality is you cannot run away from gossip.

I just wanna wish have a happy family to Bong Mokthar and his wifes. Some of you might why I pun “s” at the end of the wife word, Zizie Ezzete is Bong Mokthar forth wife (Isteri Muda la katakan…).

*see the pictures in Zizie Ezzete hand, and i really sure this picture was taken sultry and not surreptitious.

 *Zizie Ezzete with a big smile... we are just married

 * happy time...wah who is the guy who really lucky , Zizie Ezzete laying on him... hey dude are you drunk? . Zizie Ezzete blouse also was tear... alamak... terover enjoy or she cannot fit in on the blouse... need more diet ... :)

* Zizie Ezzete with her big fan, i guess...

* Zizie Ezzete i wanna kiss too... i wish i could be lucky as him..:)


Written by kaitor on 7:52 AM

Congratulation Asmin Mudin honored as AHLI DARJAH KINABALU (ADK) by the TYT of Sabah on Novembemr 2009. Asmin Mudin had done a great job bringing up sabahan music and he deserve to be honored AHLI DARJAH KINABALU (ADK). Asmin started popular after compose a songs Gemilang with Audri Suito. Asmin Musin not only composing song but also being a singer and as your information Sayang Kinabalu was selected as official song for Sabah tourism. Visit Etnik Muzik Production for more details.

Raja Lawak Session 4, week 4 - Alex

Written by kaitor on 4:31 AM

I started like his performance and his really funny... just enjoy video below and give your comment. Do not forget to vote for ALEX (Type LAWAK (3/5/10) ALEX and send to 32999). Alex also already have Facebook group and drop your comment there and become his fan.

Akademi Fantasia 8 , Kota Kinabalu Auditions

Written by kaitor on 11:37 PM

Fever symptom already started infectious among Akademi Fantasia fans, last week audition had be done in Promenade Hotel Kota Kinabalu startrd on Friday until Sunday. Last destination Akadaemi Fantasia 8 audition will be in Kuala Lumpur end of this week.

Marryan Razan reported estimated around 1 300 youngsters attend the three days auditions. Some of them already coming for the audition few times such as Mohd Hafsyam,23 from Kota Belud had attend this auditions five times. As usual it not easy being shot listed as Akademi Fantasia 8 student because auditions will be in three stages. Beside that Akademi Fantasia 8 jury to select students is professional, Lah VE, Deja Moss , Fairus Hussin and Cikgu Syafi (Safizawati Shariff).

More details :
Read Malay Version
Read English Version

* Thank You DBos-fm for updating me about Kota Kinabalu  auditions

Akademi Fantasia 8 ,Showcase Asia City

Written by kaitor on 7:04 AM

If you going around Asia City today 24.1.01, you might have a chance to catch our Akademi Fantasia stars in their showcase during the Akademi Fantasia 8 audition. This audition started on last Friday until Sunday in Promedate Hotel. Below are few pictures of Akademi Fantasia stars , Yazid,Nadia,Ebi and Nubhan (I cannot take his picture). Their performance really impressing and stage presentation are exciting. I still wondering how sabahan contestant for this Akademi Fantasaia session 8, cannot get a closer look during this three day auditions. I heard a rumor that Akademi Fantasia 8 will not have AFUNDI…. Just wait an official announcement from ASTRO.

Main stage



Nadia & Noni

Below is the picture of Wiwie Daunah and her friend KomposerMan Pare...and lady in yellow is DJ TRM Ayu (Sabahan.FM)

Preview Dayang Noraini songs

Written by kaitor on 8:26 PM

Hi guys.. happy Saturday, today i was a bit excited because got a plan going to RTM Kota Kinabalu but seem there are a few problem so everything was canceled today. While thinking what should i do after my schedule in RTM was cancled, i check my email and surprisingly there are few song from Dayang Noraini. As i had promises in my previous post I wanna share it to you... but do not get me wrong... you just can listen the songs and cannot download it. :).

Kelawar O' Kelawar [ rock] - Composer & Lyric : Lee haji Wahid

Dayang Noraini - Demi Dekat Padamu

Dayang Noraini - Hipo - Hipokrit

Dayang Noraini - UlangTahun

* please support our local artist... oh ya... it not really easy for you to download this songs... have a time to listen and review Dayang Noraini's songs.

Vote for Wiwie Daunah @ Era.FM

Written by kaitor on 10:01 PM

Wiwie Daunah is a talented singer from sabah and yet she already started get preview in Era.FM . So guys let vote for her by visiting Era.FM . Picture below show how to vote… select program and choose preview(Prebiu) . Search Bilang Hanya Satu – Wiwie Daunah.

Composerb: MANpare
Lyric: SULUsarawak

Sabahan – Raja Lawak Session 4

Written by kaitor on 5:19 PM

I had watch Raja Lawak session four last night on Astro Prima. I really enjoy watching this program and honestly this is my first time put my attention to this reality show. Previous session, I just follow update on Nabil which doing outstanding performance. Now when I know there are contestants from Sabah, KECIK and ALEX , then I start to watch Raja Lawak

The only point for me watching this Raja Lawak is, I wanna watch how sabahan slang can be accepted by Malaysian? Did others can understand sabahan slang? The answer is yes, when our sabahan contestants perform in the stage with their jock, everybody laughing.. that means others can understand sabahan slang.

Din Baramboi give Malaysian habit as a task for week tree, and some of them deliver their joke with a great massage but few of the contestants also cannot doing well.
Kecik had perform well by discussing the debit habit among Malaysian while Alex bring the massage of road safety by acting an beggar. The worst performance is from Faiz but him really lucky because JD was voted out last night.

Video@ youtube… soon…* Updated
Here is the video of Raja Lawak


Caca,Wili (continue)

(continue ) Wili,JD



(continue )Alex

Dayang Noraini – great talent from Sabah.

Written by kaitor on 7:38 PM

Have you ever heard Dayang Noraini before?. She is sabahan ...Honestly .. for me, I never heard her name before until one of our DJ at Sabahan.Fm introduce DayangNoraini to me. Thanks DJ RTM AyuRetro of of the great information and guess I’m not only get to know DayangNoraini but also have her few songs. Wowwwww I really enjoy her vocal tone and the way her present the songs. DayangNoraini also is the versatile singer, just give her any genre, she can sing it. Below is a few songs from Dayang Noraini and I really enjoy it. Actually I wanna share all this songs to you but I have to ask permission from Dayang Noraini recording company first.

Dayang Noraini - Kelawar o' Kelawar
Dayang Noraini - UlangTahun
Dayang Noraini - Hipo - Hipokrit
Dayang Noraini - Demi Dekat Padamu

Talking about her experience, Dayang Noraini have a great experience compare to few local Malaysian artists because she not only perform in Malaysia but overseas around 2005. That is a great beginning and perform overseas or in other country is a big dream for others artists.Dayang Noraini Champion & best performance of Sinaran Passport 6 (Tv3), recorded 2 compilation albums & Performed in Newcastle, Sunderland & Manchester (2003-05).

Name : Dayang Noraini Datuk Haji Sahari
Stage Name : ‘Dayang Noraini’
Date of Birth : 7th March
Place of Birth : Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Height : 153 cm
Weight : 44 kg
Hobbies : Dancing, travelling & swimming
Type of Songs : Pop, RnB, Ballad, Rock & Jazz

And I want to make it clear… I you wish to work together with Dayang Noraini, below is the rate and do not get me wrong, this information is officially from Dayang Noraini recording company.

1. Dayang Noraini (minus one)
3 – 6 songs
Rm 3000
BODY N SOUL (Dayang’s musicians)
(std jazz, easy listening, pop, oldies, rock, up tempo, Malay/indon numbers & asli)

2. Body & Soul
6 piece instrumental (no vocal)
Bass, guitar, Keyboard, drums, percussion & saxophone
Rm 3000

3. Dayang Noraini +Body & Soul
6 piece instruments
Bass, guitar, Keyboard, drums, percussion & saxophone
Special guest artist appearance (Dayang)
Rm 5000

4. Body & Soul + 2 vocalists
6 piece instruments plus 2 (female & male) vocalists
Bass, guitar, Keyboard, drums, percussion & saxophone
Rm 4000

5. Dayang Noraini + Body & Soul + 2 vocalists
6 piece instruments plus 2 (female & male) vocalist
Special guess artist appearance (Dayang)
Bass, guitar, Keyboard, drums, percussion & saxophone
Rm 5500

All selections of quotation (1 – 5 ) are to be selected separately.
All selections of quotation (1 – 5 ) are without the cost of sound system, any additional sound system would cost around Rm 2000.

To Contact :
Mr Roslee Wahid
Bachelor Degree in Music(Uitm), Master of Music Composition (Mus)Newcastle, UK
H/p : 012-392 7473, 012 – 802 7473
E mail:
Also available – Kombo, band, orchestra, acoustic band, singers, choir & gamelan group .

Dayang Noraini Facebook Fan page

ROCK OUT! Chapter II

Written by kaitor on 6:42 PM

Rock Out! is Underground!An effort to bring back the indie rock scene in Kota Kinabalu.Rock Out! Chapter II will feature five local Sabahan Indie Rock bands and one band all the way from KL.

Lineups Are:
4AG (Hard)
WAKE UP CALL (Alternative/Modern)
GOYANG72 (Retro Rock)

And the headline for the event is none other than
SEVENCOLLAR T-SHIRT (Modern/Alternative/Rock)

Also - DJ Nukie D will be spinning throughout the night with his brilliant tune selections!

DATE: Saturday 23rd January 2010
AGE: NO under 18's, Photo ID upon request
DOORS OPEN: 7:30pm and close 2:00am

RM 35 - inclusive of ONE bottle of Heineken Beer

BRONZE Group Package : 1 Beer Tower for 4 pax = RM125 nett
SILVER Group Package : 1 Bottle of Absolut Vodka with mixer for 5 pax = RM240 nett
GOLD Group Package : 1 Bottle of Chivas Regal or Johnnie Walker Black Label with mixer for 7 pax = RM340 nett

Note: Any purchase of any Group Package includes a booked table on the night. You just need to hurry before they get sold out.

You can purchase tickets from:
• D'Junction Fun Pub & Bistro @ 088 - 703 131 (Anne Voo or Zawawi)
• Carlo @ 014 654 5484
• Art @ 016 830 1522
• Waves Jamming Studio, Asia City Complex
• Soundblazer Jamming Studio, Donggongon

Si Gaman@Aman Nyanyi Hebat! Kada Tilombusai Oh Bujang

Written by kaitor on 7:34 AM

* original song by Seikar madusa... si gaman@aman version is become popular song... for me.. the expression and the way si gaman@aman deliver the songs is really attractive... song for aramai ti.... ulang lagi.... ehehehe... enjoy the songs . inform me that gaman's name is Berangin.

Ateng Feat. Mr. J (Ula Ula)

Written by kaitor on 7:20 AM

Okon ko otogod
Isai maa dii gia tumogod
Kada po'ndo gisom ie do otuangan
Kada no pintatasai dino siopon
Opupusan po'd tinumon om muli noh
Ula-ula no daa.. kaa dii molohing nu

Okon ko otogod
Isai maa dii gia tumogod
Kada po'ndo gisom ie do osuaban
Kada po'd olihuan tanak om sawo
Umbal-umbalai po'd tumingkod do momoduk
Ula-ula no daa.. Kaa dii molohing nu


Yoku bo tih kaa nu nung magauk
Numbur 1 kaa nu do moginum
Muli po'ndo nga mokiatod ie tulun
Kunun-kunun naraag do korita
Tau-tau nga nooruan do siopon

Okon ko otogod
Isai maa dii gia tumogod
Kada po'ndo gisom ie do ahadan
Auh ko moti kotunud wayaan do muli
Sumoborong bawang nga orulun ko motii
Ula-ula no daa.. kaa dii molohing nu

Rap : Oi tambalut
Rongoho ti pasonku
Tumboyo'o dikoyu
Kada kokodou tulu
Asaru do kasadu
Gusaon do to'olu
Asaru mongoi boduk
Asaru do ta'auk
Kipusas do palanuk
Rinalatan do manuk

Magauk.. magauk..
Tumoridong sosonduk
Togod nopo molohing
Kada pogihum lihing
Togod nopo molohing
Okon ko monompiling

Popotuduk do ralan
Mongoi koinsanangan
Gompion kolominan
Om kaanu kasanangan
Lisiho no sawo nu
Sorohon tanganak nu
Aiso taanu-anu
No'ontok di logop nu
Mogot muli id walai
Kadii tongo tompinai
Rongoho ti pason ku
Kada kokodou tulu
Siou nopo tompinai
Kada kou kokua'ai
Iti rap pangaramai
Ula-ula tompinai

Anugerah Juara Lagu 24 ( AJL 2010)

Written by kaitor on 6:57 AM

Aizat is successor of Akademi Fantasia one of the hottest reality tv show in Malaysia is the winner of Anugerah Juara Lagu 24. He had won two category, best performance and Juara Lagu 24. Below is the video from Aizat . Honestly I never thought Pergi from Aizat will announced as winner of juara lagu 24.

I have a difficulty to choose which song will be announced as Juara lagu. I just focus on Aizat, Faizal Tahir, Bunkface , Hujan and Yuna. If you really wanna become an artist, take Yuna as your role model.. start to record your music now and upload it in the internet.. who knows you will become a rock star in the future. Yuna is the first runner up of Anugerah Juara Lagu … see video below. …

congratulations to Faizal Tahir as second runner up of Anugerah Juara lagu even do he not feeling well, he still give the best performance.

Raja Lawak Session 4 : Sabah Contestants

Written by kaitor on 7:51 PM

Raja Lawak had build their popularity and start to capture Malaysian attention. Raja lawak had been come to session four and the special thing for this session, there are 2 contestants from Sabah. First contestant is KECIK and another one is Alex. Below are short introduction for them. for more details visit astro website or watch Raja Lawal Live @ Astro Prima (Channel 105) every Sunday 9 PM. For more update what happening on their daily activity catch them on Astro Prima (Channel 105)every Friday and Sunday , 9 PM.

Stage Name: Wan, Achoe
Name: Safuan Madeaming. Mohd Ilham Rusdy
Age: 20 years (Wan), 19 years (Achoe)
From: Beaufort - Sabah (Wan), Tuaran - Sabah (achoe)
Occupation: Petronas (Wan), Staf cyber (Achoe)

Stage name: Alex
Name: Alexander Ahat
Age: 28 years
From: Papar, Sabah
Occupation: PLKN Part time trainer

Akademi Fantasia 8 Auditions

Written by kaitor on 4:04 PM

Astro Ria channel manager Azlin Reza Azmi said auditions will be held at Bukit Jalil National Stadium, Kuala Lumpur (Jan 9 and 10) The Zon, Johor Bahru (Jan 16 and 17 ), Redbox, Plaza Gurney, Penang (Jan 16 and 17), Hotel Promenade, Kota Kinabalu (Jan 22 to 24), Hotel Merdeka Paca in Kuching (Jan 23 and 24) and back to Bukit Jalil National Stadium (Jan 30 and 31).

The auditions are open to Malaysians and Singaporeans, from ages 18 to 45 as of Jan 9 2010, as well as recording artistes who are not tied in a contract with any label or management.

Audition songs for female hopefuls are Gagap (Stacy), Jika Kau Ubah Fikiran (Mila), Tak Mungkin Kerna Sayang (Alyah), Dan Sebenarnya (Yuna), Di Taman Teman (Siti Nurhaliza) and When You’re Gone (Avril Lavigne).

Male choices include Situasi (Bunkface), Hujan (Sudirman), Ada Untukmu (Nubhan), Berdendang Dalam Tangisan (Jamal Abdillah), Fikirlah (Aizat) and I’m Yours (Jason Mraz).

Among jury members who will be involved in the audition process include Lah (from the group VE), Deja Moss, Fairuz Hussein and Akademi Fantasia vocal teacher, Syafizawati Shariff as well as Dr Fazley Yaacob and Azahari Othman.

To promote the auditions, a showcase will be held in Johor during the two days of auditions featuring Akademi Fantasia ‘graduates’ including Mawi, Hafiz, Aishah, Yazid and Isma.

For more information, surf to

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