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Dayang Noraini – great talent from Sabah.

Written by kaitor on 7:38 PM

Have you ever heard Dayang Noraini before?. She is sabahan ...Honestly .. for me, I never heard her name before until one of our DJ at Sabahan.Fm introduce DayangNoraini to me. Thanks DJ RTM AyuRetro of of the great information and guess I’m not only get to know DayangNoraini but also have her few songs. Wowwwww I really enjoy her vocal tone and the way her present the songs. DayangNoraini also is the versatile singer, just give her any genre, she can sing it. Below is a few songs from Dayang Noraini and I really enjoy it. Actually I wanna share all this songs to you but I have to ask permission from Dayang Noraini recording company first.

Dayang Noraini - Kelawar o' Kelawar
Dayang Noraini - UlangTahun
Dayang Noraini - Hipo - Hipokrit
Dayang Noraini - Demi Dekat Padamu

Talking about her experience, Dayang Noraini have a great experience compare to few local Malaysian artists because she not only perform in Malaysia but overseas around 2005. That is a great beginning and perform overseas or in other country is a big dream for others artists.Dayang Noraini Champion & best performance of Sinaran Passport 6 (Tv3), recorded 2 compilation albums & Performed in Newcastle, Sunderland & Manchester (2003-05).

Name : Dayang Noraini Datuk Haji Sahari
Stage Name : ‘Dayang Noraini’
Date of Birth : 7th March
Place of Birth : Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Height : 153 cm
Weight : 44 kg
Hobbies : Dancing, travelling & swimming
Type of Songs : Pop, RnB, Ballad, Rock & Jazz

And I want to make it clear… I you wish to work together with Dayang Noraini, below is the rate and do not get me wrong, this information is officially from Dayang Noraini recording company.

1. Dayang Noraini (minus one)
3 – 6 songs
Rm 3000
BODY N SOUL (Dayang’s musicians)
(std jazz, easy listening, pop, oldies, rock, up tempo, Malay/indon numbers & asli)

2. Body & Soul
6 piece instrumental (no vocal)
Bass, guitar, Keyboard, drums, percussion & saxophone
Rm 3000

3. Dayang Noraini +Body & Soul
6 piece instruments
Bass, guitar, Keyboard, drums, percussion & saxophone
Special guest artist appearance (Dayang)
Rm 5000

4. Body & Soul + 2 vocalists
6 piece instruments plus 2 (female & male) vocalists
Bass, guitar, Keyboard, drums, percussion & saxophone
Rm 4000

5. Dayang Noraini + Body & Soul + 2 vocalists
6 piece instruments plus 2 (female & male) vocalist
Special guess artist appearance (Dayang)
Bass, guitar, Keyboard, drums, percussion & saxophone
Rm 5500

All selections of quotation (1 – 5 ) are to be selected separately.
All selections of quotation (1 – 5 ) are without the cost of sound system, any additional sound system would cost around Rm 2000.

To Contact :
Mr Roslee Wahid
Bachelor Degree in Music(Uitm), Master of Music Composition (Mus)Newcastle, UK
H/p : 012-392 7473, 012 – 802 7473
E mail:
Also available – Kombo, band, orchestra, acoustic band, singers, choir & gamelan group .

Dayang Noraini Facebook Fan page

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  1. 2 comments: Responses to “ Dayang Noraini – great talent from Sabah. ”

  2. By Minn on January 20, 2010 at 12:01 AM

    Wasn't she the one of Bintang RTM winner? She is a teacher if not mistaken.

  3. By starznews on January 22, 2010 at 7:58 PM

    is taht really she is one of the winner if Bintang RTM, i didn'treally sure about that. What i know she is the winner of Sinaran Passport Kegemlangan 6 (1998). She also preform in Newcastle,sunderland and Manchester (2003-05)

    *is that she really a teacher... wah bertauhla student dia ni.. blh belajar vocal free...

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