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Written by kaitor on 8:48 AM

Dj Othoe will host another exciting showcase “girl power” this coming Saturday 16/10/2010 starting on 8 pm. According to Dj Othoe, this showcase is one of the efforts to enhance our local music industry. Talented singers Ivy Alexandra, Esther Clement Tubong, Conie M Jangkie, Jenny Gaising, Donna Masidah, Meeda Hamzani and Wiwie Daunah will perform on that night. D’Soundwave is the official band to backed this exciting event.

I would like to become a spoiler for this event.. ehehhee… you will enjoy on that night because there are some games and special performance which you will never get anyway… blink.. blink… tiger show… opsssssssss … just joke… just come and enjoy the show at My Way Café, Karaoke and Lounge at 8pm this Saturday.

New update of Suria FM

1.Tenom Kopitiam at Harbour City announced will play live “Suria pagi KInabalu ” every Monday to Friday .. customer can enjoy the breakfast with the morning show .
2.Suria FM will have their own studio in Sabah soon, scheduled on December this year at 1Borneo

Tenom Kopitiam (left) interviewed by Utusan Borneo reporter

MyWay Owner (left) with Esther Clement Tubong (right)

Dj Othoe with Conie M Jangkie

Othoe with Conie M Jangkie
Suria FM banner @ Tenom Kopitiam

Alif Azziz ft Joanna - Kalau Cinta

Written by kaitor on 7:29 AM

I just heard a song from Aliff Aziz featuring with Joanna – Kalau Cinta. I was really enjoy with this songs and like the chorus parts. This songs quite simple but have a nice melody with good voice presentation from Aliff Aziz and Joanna.

Alif Azziz ft Joanna - Kalau Cinta

Di lubuk hatiku
Adalah kamu
Sebagai ratu

Seluruh jiwaku
Hanya dirimu
Yang aku mahu

Telah ku percayakan
Hati ini padamu
Maka kita tak saling risau
Risau risau risau

Kalau cinta jangan kacau
Kalau sayang tak perlu marah
Kalau ikhlas tak minta berbalas
Serahkan cintamu
Pada yang punya cinta

Aku perlu
Kau jiwaku
Kau cintaku
Aku rindu
Kaulah ratu

Sabahan Community Potluck Aidilfitri a day before

Written by kaitor on 8:31 AM

Sabahan Community Potluck Aidilfitri will going to be happening when 9 community come together and organize this event. I was invited into their meeting and get few important information what are things going to be done in this Sabahan Community Potluck Aidilfitri. All who had attend the meeting give a brilliant idea , so we come wit few exciting activity such as Best Dress,Best Car, Best performance.

According to Bro Jebat as the back bone of this event, the objective of Sabahan Commounity Potluck Aidilfitri are to show we can unite and show to the world we can organize an event without any politicians involvement.  This event will be a benchmark for another join venture event in the future.         

Beside eating fresh seafood, all guess will enjoy the "Kuih Raya", thanks to Windbell restaurant because giving us the permissions to bring outside food. For those who like to sing, you will have a chancae to show your talent and believe me you will enjoy the surprise activity.

If you are interested to join this Sabahan Community Potluck Aidilfitri, you mak come to Windbell Restaurant at Tanjung Aru and get to know new friends and fell the sabahan spirit with Aidilfittri celebrations.

Entrance fee only RM 30.00

you may interested to read the first post for Sabahan Community Potluck Aidilfitri

Below are the pictures during the meeting ...

"attention please.. lets start our meeting "... Bro Jebat
W_Daisy and ME&U Crew
Bro Jebat & Kenarianz
Ann and Amir - SBOSS
Who's this ticket belong to ?
Peace .. no War - C-Zer
Getting to know each other -(+_;)
Sabahan Community Potluck Aidilfitri - ticket 
Wei.. Jagung do not forget my ticket.. i'm already paid :)

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