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InnerShine New Talent - Ema AF8

Written by kaitor on 8:40 AM

Ema AF8 from Sabah is among our InnerShine new faces. She was selected because of her young, beauty and confidence look. She also feel the difference in her complexion and digestion after 2 weeks of taking InnerShine Prune Essence in Akademi Fantasia 8.

starznews said: wah.. she really lucky.. AF8 not finish yet but she already become an emissary for InnerShin. Good luck ema... (+_;) 


Written by kaitor on 5:49 PM

Shenanigen's, CCEP, ALIBI & BandWidth Street Pres bring you two amazing nights of glamour and quality music. MY MUSIC (Short for MALAYSIA MUSIC) part I will be held at Kota Kinabalu's classy club, Shenanigen's and for the first time ever, will be featuring notable Malaysian Artists performing their hit songs.

MAY 20
★ The Fabulous Cats
★ Marsha (AF)
★ Han (OIAM)
★ Nabil (Mentor)

MAY 21
★ The Fabulous Cats
★ SleeQ
★ Lah Ahmad (ex-VE)
★ Ezlynn


There will be 3 types of tickets;
One Night May 20 Entry - RM60 per pax (Inclusive 1st Drink)
One Night May 21 Entry - RM60 per pax (Inclusive 1st Drink)
Two Nights May 20 & May 21 Entry - RM100 per pax (Inclusive 1st Drink on each night)

For tickets, contact Kevin 016827624 or Richado 0146571517.

Belukar put Sabah in another stage.

Written by kaitor on 10:38 PM

Preston Zaidan Productions Sdn Bhd was select Sabah as the locations of this brand new movie, Belukar. As we all know , Sabah is rich with cultures and have many beautiful places and that is maybe the main point why Sabah selected. Thanks to Preston Zaidan Productions Sdn Bhd for put Sabah in other stage as one of the best location for film/movie shooting.

Belukar is different from the others Malaysian movie , which is Belukar is an Indie Movie. We already heard Indi band but how often you heard Indi movie? . Honestly for me, this is my first time and it make me really want to know what the movie trying to tell to the public.
Here is official synopsis from Belukar Movie which already played on screen starting on 6 May 2010.

Have you ever experience dealing with professional swindler? Will you ever believe if they say they love you?

Eva (Daphne Iking), a professional swindler who responsible for for over 100 million fraud within 5 years and now is under investigation from many parties. Unfortunately there is no solid evidence that shows she involved on those fraud.

Now it's time for the ABG insurance investigator from Europe, Nik (Bront Palarae) to solve the problem. Yet while he trying to find any proves, Nik fell in love with Eva even though he wasn't sure himself whether Eva truly in love with him or it just another fatal lie.

Who would win this tricky game? Don't miss out the love and thrill on the line in this hottest romantic action film, 'BELUKAR' in cinema near you this May.

zizi & datuk bung mukhtar not arrogant.

Written by kaitor on 7:44 PM

After attract public attentions for getting marriage and going to court for that. Whatever is it, hoe their marriage will last forever. I believe Zizi will more often going back to Sabah and hope she enjoy the culture and harmony environment in Sabah especially in Sandakan.

Pictures below shows that zizi & datuk bung mukhtar have their time at Min Satay Conner which located in Bandar Indah, batu 4, Sandakan. What my point here is both of them which can be put in VIP category still going to public places and not 5 star hotels … zizi & datuk bung mukhtar not arrogant. Congratulations Datuk Bung for going to ground not for the official work only but having dinner as well.

Esther Applunius MTV Promo

Written by kaitor on 8:54 PM

Esther Applunius is the first runner up of One in A Million season 3 and already launch her new album Selalau on 30 April 2010. This is her second album Selalau is unique because four language in one album, Malay ,English Chinese and Kadazandusun.
Esther Applunius had put her 100% effort on her second album while most of the songs in her new album,Selalau was composed by herself.

Jason J Bulla (Tampasak Productions)is the men who responsible to do the video recording and editing. I believe with his skills and creativity Esther Applunius MTV will much more different from others sabahan local artist. I can say the quality and creativity from Tampasak Productions is the best so far in sabah for now. Hope to see more and more entertainment product in the future with a high quality.

There are eight song in this album:
1. Selalau (Malay)
2. Pinupusan Sogigisom (Kadazandudun)
3. Ounsikou Zou Id Toningnu (Kadazandudun)
4. Miilang Kito Koposion (Kadazandudun)
5. Pagarason Ku Ginawo (Kadazandudun)
6. Lamazo Tokou Kaamatan. (Kadazandudun)
7. Miss You Very Strong (English)
8. Zhou Chien. (Chinese)
CD (21.90)and MTV (25.90) are available in the market… support our local artists…. Listen original, watch original, buy original … and .. be original.

Stacy - Cinta yang kuduga

Written by kaitor on 8:23 PM

Cinta yang kuduga is the first slow songs I heard from stacy. Usually she’s performance is very energetic. This new single from stacy Cinta yang kuduga was composed and music arrangement by Ajai. I found out this single not really promoted or played on radio. If I heard Stacy’s name, automatically I can imagine her energetic performance. I’m still cannot really fell this Cinta yang kuduga because it really slow but have a nice melody with a good vocal presentation and control.

p/s: if you have any comment on her new song, Cinta yang kuduga , just leave your comment below this post.

Stacy - Cinta yang kuduga (Lyric)

Walau hatiku pedih
Ku rasa sendiri kepedihan
Kesakitan hati ku menangis
Rintihan jiwa yang terus merana
Walau ku sendirian
Ku renangi lautan yang dalam
Tiada siapa sudi perhatikan
Itu yang ku duga selama ini
Kesakitan cinta yang melanda ku
Menghentikan degupan rindu
Yang hampir bernyawa
Kecewa yang tiada terhingga
Bila mendengar berita kau tak cintaiku
Kini ku fahami erti cintamu
Kau hanya bernyawakan patung dalam dirimu
Kecewa melanda di hati
Mengapa begini yang aku hadapi
Walau ku sendirian
Ku renangi lautan yang dalam
Tiada siapa sudi perhatikan
Itu yang ku duga selama ini

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