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Hitz.FM KK should played Sabahan local English songs.

Written by kaitor on 8:39 AM

As you all know, #No 1 English Radio Station in Malaysia, Hitz.FM already officially broadcast live from Kota Kinabalu. This was really great news for us sabahan to have our local content and information on No#1 English Radio Station in Malaysia. Yes I admit… I’m fan of Hitz.FM, and every morning I will listen to gotcha call. I also enjoy the songs played and Hollywood update every morning. Since Hitz.FM promises to provide local content I really excited to hear our local songs played on Hitz.FM. I was spend my whole day today driving my car around kota kinabalu city, I listen Hith.FM. As usual 10 in the morning to 1 afternoon, it was broadcast live from Kota Kinabalu studio.

I was a bit upset because there are no sabahan English songs played on Hitz.FM during Cassie and Rica on Air. Hey guys… it the best time for us to help improve our local music industry especially on English songs. If sabahan artists not given an opportunity and chance to played their song on Hitz especially during “sabah sections 10 am – 1 pm” , that means our local music industry will never grow up. I believe all the artists are really happy when heard their song played on top radio stations such as Hitz and it will encourage them to work hard and produce more and more songs in the future with high quality. I admit in sabah we still have very limited artists produce an English song but It doesn’t mean we left them behind. It time for helping them.. believe me.. in the future there will be more and more Sabahan artists will produce English songs if there are place and space for them to put their songs.

Maybe there will a few standard need to be fulfill before the songs can be played on Hitz , but why not give them a try first and advised for improvement. There are few Sabahan artist might have good quality of English songs such as Terry Peter, Atama, Andalusia, Ateng, W.O.R.M and Donatello. I highly recommend Cassy and Rica to look for their song and believe me tier song are not bad.

I check the programmes which broadcast live from Kota Kinabalu studio start 10 am to 1 pm on HItz.Fm official website , there are only 3 sections KKTOP 10, Hitz by Demand and HITZ SMS (Most Wanted). It will be good enough if 1 hour was given for Sabahan artist zone and I believe it will attract more listeners. It will never work if just pointing from one side onle, means Sabahan artist also need to work hard to compose and produce quality songs. Good luck all and have a wonderful Christmas and New Year Celebrations .. do not forget … HITZ also have their new year countdown party at 1Borneo .

Wali Band Live Concert in Staduim Likas

Written by kaitor on 2:25 AM

Are your band good enough and ready to perform as opening band for wali band live concert in stadium likas? Wali Band is one of the big name and had give an big impact in Malaysian music industry , some of their song dominate the Malaysia radio stations. One of the popular song I always heard from online or frequency radio is “Cari Jodoh”. Their music genre also had influence few band in malaysia. Now it is the time to capture the public attentions by performing on Wali Banc Live concert in Stadilum Likas.

I had get some information that this concert is organized by Borneo Music Portal (BOMP) and it had officially announced in their official Facebook Fan Page. Did you still remember one of the hottest online radio deejay Salipar Jipun? He was starting from his own internet radio , and after that he work with , now he become the producer for BOMP and at the same time as deejay. DJ Salipar Jipun posted in Wali Band Live in Staduim Likas Fan Page that, BOMP are looking for 6 band which energetic and entertaining. Now it’s your time to tell the world that INDIE band are better than the conversional band. I believe most of you dreaming perform in a big concert and international , wow… it’s a big dream .. why not start your dream with Wali Band Live in Staduim Likas.

There are few lists of band who interested to perform during Wali Band Live in Staduim Likas as listed below.

1.PIBS ~Project IndieBand Sabahan~
2.The Cosmic
4.The Ariez
7.Not you jupiter
8.The Mines
13. ...

Hey gu.ys… it not too late to submit your band name because BOMP still accept it and they have their own system voting to determine who the final 6 bands are. Hurry … give a call to this mobile number number … 019-532 6399 (Dj Salipar Jipun).

Terms and conditions:
1. No payment but your band will featured in newspaper and entertainment magazine.
2. Automatically join BOMP - will help you on the album sales and promotions
3. Your band pictures will upload into Wali Band Live Concert in Staduim Likas Facebook Fan Pages and public will vote to determine which band will perform as opening band.

Details about Wali Band Live in Staduim Likas :
Date : 02hb JAN 2011
Time : 7.00 Malam - 11.00 Malam
Venue : STADIUM LIKAS, Kota Kinabalu

RM 22 (Adult)
RM 7 (Children)
RM 40 (Adult , rooftop)
RM 20 (Children, rooftop)
VIP + Dinner with Wali Band (RM 100 – Adult, RM 50 - Children)

Ticket are available at:
1) Sinar mustika Penampang,Putatan,Bundusan & Inanam
2) Miza Enterprise kedai Digi (same row to standrad Supermarket Putatan)
3) De Beaute Land (upper of Bank Rakyat Cwgn Penampang)
4) Puteri Beauty Boutique Wawasan Plaza (Near to Celcom centre)
5) Sonia Reflexoloig Kinarut
6) Restoran MoM's cafe Taman Jumbo, Petagas (Near Koboi Town)
7) Restoran Alamanda Api-Api Centre
8) The Place Api-api Centre
9) Re' Sari Ayu Kingfisher, Likas (Near to Restoran Mawi same row to
Gaint Supermarket)
10) Stadium Likas, Kota Kinabalu

celebrate your new year by attending Wali Band Live Concert in Staduim Likas !!!! it must be exciting ....

Winner of Soundblazer Blast 2010 Competition : Falling In June

Written by kaitor on 7:05 AM

Did you remember my previous post about Soundblazer Blast 2010 Competition and it was taking place today. I was really want to watch this competition but it not my luck today because my car still in the workshop. Really hard to travel without car… anyway thanks to Mohd Shah Djiskatambula from because broadcast live this competitions. Big applause goes to the organizer and hope there will be more competitions next year.

Congratulations to Falling In June become the winner of Soundblazer Blast 2010 Competition. Their group members are:
Ann - Vocal
June - 2nd Guitar & B.Vocal
Ozie - 1st Guitar & Vocal
Oyoe - Bass
Santo - Drum

Below is the video I found from youtube , hope you enjoy it.

Please do share to me some information from this band especially during the Soundblazer Blast 2010 Competition. .. will update again soon

Era FM, HitZ Fm and My Fm Officialy operating in Sabah

Written by kaitor on 9:13 AM

KOTA KINABALU: Local talents in Sabah may have the chance to make it big in the music industry after all, thanks to opportunity by AMP Radio Networks with the launch of its three radio channels here, yesterday.

The voices of AMP Radio Networks Kota Kinabalu Studio, (from left to right) Ily, Beebey, Cassie, Rica, Min Jun and Gin. - Photo by Aniq Azraei.

“We know there are a lot of talented people in Sabah, and the Akademi Fantasia (AF) show is just an evidence of this. We welcome anyone to share his or her talents with us … your songs may be played, not just here but also in the national channels,” said AMP Radio Networks executive director Datuk Borhanuddin Osman.

The voices of AMP Radio Networks Kota Kinabalu Studio, (from left to right) Ily, Beebey, Cassie, Rica, Min Jun and Gin. - Photo by Aniq Azraei.

Speaking during the official launch of the three-hour live ERA fm, MY FM and broadcast here yesterday, he said the broadcast involves exclusive local facelift to engage local listeners in a more personal way.

For the initial stage, the three radio stations are set to air local content, weekdays from 10am to 1pm live from the Kota Kinabalu studio, hosted by homegrown announcers – Cassie and Rica for; Ily and Beebey (ERA fm); and Gin and Min Jun (MY FM).

Stressing the move was not an after-thought, Borhanuddin said they have been playing with the local sound after going through many years of understanding the market demand in Sabah.

“Our focus on Kota Kinabalu is an important move forward as we respond to the people’s calls to provide more local information, updates about happenings here and contests designed for locals, in addition to the national segments already on offer,” he said.

He said being the radio market leader, it was a natural step for AMP to reach closer to the people in the city while they work on ways to improve the quality of sound by upgrading transmitters located here and its surrounding areas.

“Our station here is getting the newest equipment. Currently, the coverage is just within Kota Kinabalu but we hope, eventually, we will reach out to other areas as well,” he said, adding their Bayu station is penetrating into places they cannot go.

He stressed: “We are here. We are serious. We know the competition but I think it is good, because I do not see any other medium as a competition. People used to say that the print media and radio will die but we evolve. We are here to stay.”

AMP Radio Networks group general manager (Programming), Jake Abdullah, meanwhile, said their presence is to build the bridge, especially for talented people both in the west and east of Malaysia.

“Our market research showed that the people here (in Sabah) like our brands (referring to the radio channels) but they felt left out. They want to go to concerts, take part in contests, and listen to local happenings … we hear you, and that is why we are here,” said Jake.


Gambus 2010 - Lembaga Kebudayaan Negeri Sabah

Written by kaitor on 8:50 AM

Being a entertainment blogger is not an easy task for me and I’m not have official educations in music. I was take it a challenge and for now I already started to understand few music words and getting more and more knowledge and I encourage me to get more seriously blogging. Some of my readers do not know who am I? but I am comfortable to remind anonymous . I was surprise there are huge traffic increment from early of this years and starznews started to receive an invitations from big organizations such as astro, Kerajaan Negeri Sabah and latest invitations from Lembaga Kebudayaan Sabah.

This event, Gambus Plus 2010 organized by Lembaga kebbudayaan Negeri Sabah and supported by Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS). The event will be on 17 December 2010 (this coming Friday) starting from 7 pm until 10.00 pm.

Gambus is a traditional music instrument and it is the most common lute found in a variety of styles in Malay folk music as well as syncretic music such as ghazal. It is also used to accompany song and dance in Sabah. Originating from the Middle East, the Malaysian version uses 9 to 12 wire strings which are plucked. There are two types of gambus in use, the Gambus Hadramaut and Gambus Hijaz.

I will update this post what happening on Gambus Plus 2010 soon because I will never leave this opportunity…. Looking forward for this Gambus Plus 2010… really excited.

As I had promises to I will update this post what happening on this Gambus Plus event. Gambus Plus was officially launch by Datuk Masidi Manjun, Ministry of Tourism, Culture & Environment . Gambus Plus is the idea from Datuk Masidi Manjun to create new opportunity for traditional music noticed by public. According to Apai, it not easy to arrange music by combining the modern and traditional music because it come from different era.
Gambus Plus Officially launched by Datuk Masidi Manjun, Ministry of Tourism, Culture & Environment  

According to the emcee that night, Gambus are from Brunei and usually played during weeding celebrations. Fauziah Gambus was one of our local artists produce an album and she playing gambus while singing. Another big name on Gambus instrument is Ridzuan, and according to Apai, Fauziah and Ridzuan have a proper educations on playing instrument especially in Gambus. Riduan just finish her degree in gambus while Fauziah finished diploma.
Fauziah Gambus
Ridzuan (Left), Azri (Center) Roger Wang (left)
Marcl , Rachel , Alvin MY and Dayangku Nurul are artists who perform that night and music have the element of gambus. Beside songs performance, Ridzuan also had play gambus instrumental with Roger Wang.
Alvin My
I hope there will be more advertisement to promote this event so that the public get to know more our traditional music.
Gambus PLUS - group photo
Hip - Hop Dance with Fauziah Gambus

Borneo Buskers - street performance

Written by kaitor on 8:43 AM

Do you guys have ever seen street performance around kota kinabalu city? You might seen it appear on musicians blog or youtube because it already well known in western country even in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur as well. Street performance or more popular called BUSKING now officially syarted in Kota Kinabalu. First w saw their video in youtube and it very interesting because they show talent to the public on art painting and music. Most of them join this Busking around Jalan Gaya. Watch video below and give your comment .. sabahan youth very talented.

Yesterday I heard there will be another Busking at Jestelton Jesselton Poin from 6 to 9.30 Pm. That evening was rainy and I was late to drop off just to watch closely what this busking about. I was arrive at JP around 9 pm and it was really surprising that I knew few familiar faces JJ ,Dj SaliparJipun and Julie. I was enjoy watching them sing a song with playing guitar and entertaining the JP visitors. Most of the visitor are hangout for dinner and playing futsal at suria sabah. There are one big futsal team join the busking while take their rest after finish their futsal.

Enjoy singing while rest just after finish playing futsal.

JJ (red) with Julie .. forgot the name for this beautiful lady ... :P
The visitor of JP accept this busking and some of them invite Julie the queen of busking to entertain them by requested songs and most of them are sing along with her. Around 9.30 the buskers team prepair going home.
Group photo before going home
Miss Julie or more known as the queen of busking had few times try her luck in Akademi Fantasia and One In a Million reality tv show but unfortunatelythe luck not on her side. Keep trying Julie and wish you the best of luck.
The Queen of BUSKER - Miss Julie
Want to watch the busking live .. catch them at :
(AT THE BACK SIDE- Where u'll see theres phone booths and taxi's .)
TIME: 1:30PM - 5:00PM

TIME: 2:00PM - 6:00PM

Visit Kota KInabalu BUSKERS page on FACEBOOK or directly contact Miss Julie (016-818 6059 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              016-818 6059      end_of_the_skype_highlighting) for more details. FB - Search for Borneo Buskers

NOTYBoY- first single “kasih” feat Diana

Written by kaitor on 9:56 PM

I admit this last few months I was really busy attending event invitation, office work and t-shirt printing. Most of my time goes to my new small business t-shirt printing. After running few months, the projections is good but I have to spent most of my time for this t-shirt printing. Me and my 2 others friends are busy every night doing printing because we do have our daily job. This also the main reason why I cannot on air at Sabahan.Fm for this past few months. I will talk more about t-shirt printing soon and… owh.. almost forgot our company name is [s]gobuk[/s] GoBook creative.

Last week I have a chance to meet another sabahan born artist NOTYBoY. I bet most of you never know who this guy. I had join the interview sections with NOTYBoY organized by Sabahan.Fm at Tenom Kopitiam. NOTYBoY are friendly and it make us easier to get an information.

NotyBoy was born on 1985 ,grow up in Brunei Darussalam but NOTYBoY village is Putatan Sabah and come back home every year. NOTYBoY started his carrier SneaQue, since 2003 he become an artist for Pelangi FM and on 2006 started his solo by producing first single “kasih” feat Diana and become on the top chart Kristal FM 907 .

NOTYBoY also is a composer and his best achievement is the best music composer year 2004 for a songs “baby girl”. Beside active in music , he also acting and one of his drama “KOD 486” season 1 & 2 with Jamarul Hisham and Umie Aida.

NOTYBoY will release new single by next year " Terima Kasih " feat Damian Mikhail V.E because now they are in the final stage of recording.

Pictures below was taken during the interview sessions with Sabahan.FM .
       NotyBoy- front cover

NotyBoy- back cover : info about him

NotyBoy showing his first single "Kasih"

NotyBoy with dj DJ IsKaTambula of

NotyBoy with dj DJ IsKaTambula of

NotyBoy with WAN (Tenom Kopitiam owner)
Interview sessions - Black Noty (Black), KelawarCinta (Red) , NOTYBOY (red cap)

Listen to NOTYBoY - Kasih ft Diana

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