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9 July 2011 Grand Finale - KE Next Top Entertainer (KENTE) 3

Written by kaitor on 6:36 AM

9 July 2011 Grand Finale - KE Next Top Entertainer (KENTE) 3
It been a while that we haven’t updated what going on KENTE 3. It was started around February this year and now it come to the end, the grand finale concert. There are 10 contestants who shining among 60 that had been register for this competitions.

Pusakag café is the official venue for KENTE since first session and the grand final in KDCA but this year there are some changers had been done. Usually final concert will take place before Kaamatan festival but this year it’s a bit different because grand finale is after Kaamatan and venue also different, Auditorium Tun Mustapha (Yayasan Sabah). Details as below:

Date: 9 July 2011
Venue: Auditorium Tun Mustapha (Yayasan Sabah)
Entrance fee: RM5.OO

The organizer had made this grand finale more exciting by giving a chance to the facebook user to vote for their favorite “KENTE 3 Finalist Facebook Favorite 2011”. Here are the steps how you can vote your favorite contestants.

1. Click "Like" The Page --

2. "LIKE" this photo to VOTE for KENTE 3 Finalist Facebook Favourite 2011 ---

This are the finale list for KENTE 3


Based on my previous performance during semi final, I will predict that SALDIVIVI WENCES is the winner. I choose her based on the vocal range and her tone, she have high pitch and wide range vocal. Others contestants also are good such as GEDION HILLARIUS who have good vocal control and play harmonize on his voice will be strong point for me to choose his as the first runner up. This grand finale promises you the excitement of sabahn local song, KadazanDusun and definitely different from others singing competitions.

DJ Othoe Suria FM Resign

Written by kaitor on 7:21 AM

It was a shocking news today after some of my friend tag me in Facebook , the famous social website. Before going to office after breakfast, I rush to get a copy of Utusan Borneo and searching the HIburan sections and read the shocking news. I believe most of Suria Pagi Kinabalu listeners are shock and not believe what happened. It just a short of period , on 2008 DJ Othoe start a new segment and revolutions in radio broadcasting after become the apprentice of DJ who use sabahan local slang. It was inspire some of our local DJ in RTM to follow DJ Othoe style or presentations. Beside using sabahan local slang DJ Othoe also open the opportunity and give new hope to pur local artists especially in sabah to be featured in radio stations.

Around 2 years plus, DJ Othoe had been decided to leave or in other words resign from Suria FM Kota Kinabalu. The main reason push him to take this hard decision just because he didn’t have the chances to played more sabahan local songs and the top management had decide only three to four sing can be played compare to previous nine songs.

Suria Pagi KInabalu have new DJ, and his name is RAY … I am not sure either this guy have an aura like DJ Othoe. Some of my friends said, Ray already started his new job as replace DJ Othoe but I cannot give a comment for him because I didn’t listen to Suria Pagi Kinabalu this morning.

"sukar memartabatkan hiburan tempatan sepertimana yang dilakukan sebelum ini"
"Kalau dahulu di Kuala Lumpur dalam Segmen Suria Pagi Kinabalu, saya diberi kebebasan untuk memutarkan lagu-lagu tempatan dan seterusnya memartabatkan penyanyi Sabah"
"Apabila ditukar ke mari (Sabah), saya dapati pemilihan lagu lebih kepada pihak pengurusan di mana hanya 3 hingga 4 lagu tempatan sahaja diputarkan berbandingkan dahulu"
"Kalau dahulu mereka (Suria FM) boleh dikatakan menyerahkan 100 peratus kepada saya dalam pemilihan lagu dan bebas untuk menyampaikan konti"
"Corak pemilihan lagu lebih tertakluk serta sudah dipilih melalui sistem yang mengutarakan lagu berulang ulang dan kurang lagu tempatan diputar. Jadi kalau ini berterusan saya rasa ia adalah tidak baik untuk perkembangan arena muzik di sini."
For me, I don’t think DJ Othoe resign from Suria FM just because of the song selections had been limited but there must be a big issue between Othoe and top management. This problem can be solve by putting it on a round table and looking for the solutions. Suria FM top management also know that they want to localize the content, that why they become the first commercial radio station focusing local content.

I believe Suria FM also scare that they ratting will goes down and their competitor will have advantage to increase their rating. For me , Suria FM Kota Kinabalu is the only radio station to play more and more sabahan local song because AMP network (ERA KK, HITZ and MY FM) didn’t play many sabah local songs. AMP Network already give their reason on this matter , ERA FM KK cannot played many sabahan local song because AMP Network already have Radio Bayu which is only available in Digital content or ASTRO and not frequency. HITZ FM KK is focusing on English song and MY FM is in Chinese.

Well … I just can give comment but the decision is made by their management and maybe they have their own reason for their decisions. My main concern now is who will fight and give opportunity for our local talent especially in singing. In another side, I believe DJ othoe already have new planning because it will not be realistic if he just resign without any backup planning. Is he going to join another radio stations or open a new radio channel? Well… we have to wait and see… but do believe me, DJ Othoe already have a great follower and just after his news of resignation was publish, new Fan Page was created “I Say NO Suria FM- kami tidak dengar suria fm kalau Tiada dj Othoe”.

Congratulation Lena AF9 – 1st runner up AF9

Written by kaitor on 9:48 AM

As I expected Lena will be a winner of this last session of Akademi Fantasia (AF9) because Hazama and Fina AF9 are more consistence in their performance every week. Somehow it become surprise when Aznil announce Fina is on the third place , means Lena AF9 will have a chance to be 1st runner up because I already predicted Hazama is the winner.

Having a unique tone (serak-serak basah) Lena AF9 already come back to her track. I like Lena AF9 first performance compare to her second performance. Maybe Lena AF9 still searching for her genre but I really like when she perform rock songs.

This is Lena AF9 first single – Sisa Kisah Kita

Congratulation Hazama AF9 – Winner AF9

Written by kaitor on 9:30 AM

As we all know Akademi Fantasia already come to the end today and winner for the last episode of Akademi Fantasia is Hazama. He was bring into akademi fantasia 9 on the third week and have consistence performance. Have an experience as vocalist for meet uncle hussien was an advantage for him. Both performances in the final concert also exciting compare to the other students.Hazama new song have a good quality and expected to explode soon. His new single called “Cinta Teragung”. Below are the lyric of his new single.

Lirik Lagu Cinta Teragung – Hazama AF9
Maafkan aku sekiranya tak termampu
Untuk mencurahkan semua isi hatiku
Ternyata tak terkata
Rinduku padamu
Ku takkan bisa menjadi lebih
Dari apa yang terdaya
Namun ku tetap berjanji
Akan masih mencuba untuk
Memujuk hatimu
Mencintai aku
Kerna semua yang ada
Hanyalah untukmu
Secebis perasaan ku hamparkan
Membawa sejuta harapan
Menagih cinta
Teragung darimu
Ulang Chorus
Maafkan aku sekiranya
Tak termampu untuk
Mencurahkan semua
Isi hatiku

Unduk Ngadau 2011 full with controversy .

Written by kaitor on 10:24 AM

Every Harvest Festival I will take a long leave, now I am back. I had spend one day at KDCA on 30 May 2011 and there are many improvement especially on the traditional house, had been repair. As usual every year KDCA will become the people ocean and it really hard to get parking. I have to park my car at dynasty food corner and walk to KDCA. It doesn’t matter because everybody has their good time to celebrate Kaamatan (Harvest) Festival.

Talking about main event of this Kaamatan, Unduk Ngadau 2011 I heard many complain and comment on Facebook complaining and express their disappointment. Before we look on the bad side, I want to congratulate the winner of unduk ngadau 2011 , Bo Tiza Arthur S Disimon.

Jovenea Jim Lajim and Bo Tiza Arthur S Disimon

Guess who ??
 its our Unduk Ngadau 2011 winner natural look…

Below are the full result for Unduk Ngadau 2011
Winner: Bo Tiza Arthur S Disimon
2nd : Jovenea Jim Lajim, Tamparuli
3rd: Caroline Anthony, Tuaran
4th: Shopie Angela Kutam, Ranau

It is normal in any competitions, there must be a winner and sometime there will be disappointment against the results. But this year, many blog post and comment on Facebook didn’t agree with the Unduk Ngadau 2011 judgers after give the crown to Bo Tiza Arthur S Disimon.

Bo Tiza Arthur S Disimon cannot answer the question which will show she’s IQ level and asking more time to answer questions. This section is one of the main factor to choose the winner , and Bo Tiza Arthur S Disimon make it possible.. Undu Ngadau 2011. Beside the Q&A sections, some of the contestants complain that the mackup artists of Bo Tiza Arthur S Disimon are one of the committee for Nnduk Nagadau 2011.

The latter below show us how serious this disappointment against the result of Unduk Ngadau 2011.

Melton Martin,
Pengerusi Unduk Ngadau Peringkat Daerah Beluran 2011,
(Telupid, Beluran dan Paitan)
Peti Surat No. 27,

01hb Jun, 2011.

Yang Berbahagia Jornah Mozihim,
Pengerusi Unduk Ngadau Negeri KDCA,

Yang Berbahagia,


Dengan segala hormatnya, perkara di atas adalah dirujuk.

02. Adalah saya dengan ini menulis surat bagi membuat aduan dan bantahan rasmi mengenai penganjuran Unduk Ngadau 2011 yang berlangsung baru-baru ini.

03. Saya mohon senarai kenyataan dibawah ini akan di ambil perhatian, dijawab dan diambil tindakan pembetulan dengan segera demi menjaga kesucian semangat Unduk Ngadau.

1. Saya masih ingat kenyataan Yang Berbahagia pada persidangan Pengerusi-Pengerusi Unduk Ngadau Daerah 19hb Mei dengan terang dinyatakan bahawa Encik Martin Buguk (Make-up Artist JK UN KDCA) tidak akan memekap peserta. Pada 30hb dan 31hb Mei ramai yang mendakwa nampak Encik Martin Buguk dan anak buahnya yang juga memakai kad AJK Unduk Ngadau KDCA memekap peserta Penampang, Tuaran dan Klang Valley.

2. Saya juga masih ingat kenyataan Yang Berbahagia untuk membuat kad nama kepada Pengerusi-Pengerusi Unduk Ngadau. Tapi saya diberitahu bahawa kad nama tersebut tidak dibuat dan ada orang yang mahu buat tapi oleh kerana tidak dibayar maka kad nama tersebut tidak pula dibuat.

3. Baju gaun malam yang diagih-agih kepada peserta-peserta tidak adil. Ramai yang nampak peserta Penampang awal-awal telah dibungkus baju gaun malamnya, tidak perlu berbaris mengambil baju dan diserah sendiri oleh Make-up Artis JK UN KDCA dan nyata lebih cantik daripada peserta yang lain.

4. Makanan yang ditapau kepada peserta-peserta kurang sihat:-
a. Sayur lebih kurang tiga sudu besar dan satu pedal ayam goreng.
b. Nasi goreng tidak masak dengan betul dan hanya seketul ayam goreng
c. Hanya tiga ketul roti dipotong dadu sebesar pemadam
Peserta-peserta terpaksa menahan lapar dan sakit gastrik.

5. Saya maklum bahawa JK UN KDCA ada menyenaraikan lawatan kebajikan untuk peserta-peserta UN. Tapi saya dapat tahu, tiada lawatan yang dibuat dengan alasan takut peserta-peserta sakit. Sungguhpun tiada lawatan, masih ramai peserta-peserta yang sakit kerana berlatih catwalk sampai lewat jam 12 malam.

6. Isi ceramah yang tidak releven dan penggunaan laras bahasa campur inggeris. Pendidikan dan latar belakang peserta-peserta berbeza.

7. Saya pertikaikan anugerah Miss Friendly kepada peserta UN Kuala Penyu. Saya ada mendapat maklum balas lebih dari 25 peserta UN menyatakan bahawa peserta UN Kuala Penyu tidak cukup syarat.

8. Saya pertikaikan anugerah Miss Pink kepada peserta UN Putatan. Saya ada mendapat maklum balas bahawa penganugerahan ini dibuat secara sambil lewa.

9. Saya pertikaikan juga anugerah Miss Beauty kepada peserta UN Penampang. Saya dapat maklum balas bahawa penganugerahan ini dibuat dengan terancang.

10. Hampir kesemua ahli-ahli JK UN KDCA terlibat dengan penganjuran kaamatan di Penampang, Putatan, DBKK, Tamparuli dan Tuaran. Nampak ‘bias’ pada peserta-peserta di tempat ini.

11. Sistem dua hari bertanding membebankan peserta-peserta. Mereka terpaksa tidur dengan rambut yang dibentuk “gong”. Mekap Artis, sewa baju, sewa tangkong pun dibayar dua hari. Hadiah saguhati yang diberi tidak setimpal dengan usaha peserta. Ini tidak termasuk soal logistik yang lain.

12. Pemenang Unduk Ngadau 2011 adalah meragukan. Peserta tersebut langsung tidak menjawab soalan yang membawa markah 20% intelek. Unduk Ngadau ini tidak layak masuk dalam Top-7. Ramai menyatakan bahawa kemenangan UN 2011 ini adalah kerana JK UN KDCA memberi perhatian kepada nama keluarga peserta Penampang.

13. Sepatutnya Top-15 hendaklah diumumkan pada 30hb Mei. Ramai yang mengesaki senarai tersebut telah diubah.

14. Kenapa hakim 30hb dan 31hb Mei tidak sama?. Hanya Mandy saja yang kekal. Hakim-hakim pada 31hb itu pun saya kenal ada kaitan keluarga dengan peserta Penampang.

15. Bila peserta-peserta Unduk Ngadau Negeri 2011 dapat Sijil Unduk Ngadau mereka?

04. Oleh yang demikian Yang Berbahagia, saya berharap perkara di atas dapat diselami oleh ahli-ahli Jawatankuasa Unduk Ngadau KDCA dan memohon justifikasi berkaitan dengan kenyataan-kenyataan di atas sebelum dikongsi kepada masyarakat Sabah secara luar talian atau dalam talian.

Perhatian dan tindakan Yang Berbahagia adalah sangat saya hargai.


Yang benar,

Pengerusi Unduk Ngadau Peringkat Daerah Beluran 2011


Another who have give comment and suggestion is MsAudreyC and here is the video.

Here is the comment from ladymariah about the Unduk Ngadau 2011 result from previous years.. so how … did you get the answers.

The best reason why Bo Tiza Arthur S Disimon is because of her name “Bo Tiza” means Mutiara in malay or pearl in English. According to my blogger friend D-BosFM , last year winner also have kadazan dusun words in her name, “humonodun”. I guess this is the main factor why Bo Tiza crown as UNduk Ngadau 2011. Moral of the story .. we have to accept the result and learn from history, if you want to win UNDUK NGADAU.. make sure you have KAdazan Dusun words in your name. D-BosFM suggest great name Olivia Olumis and Ursula Unduk Ngadau. Bah .. now your turn to suggest name for our daughter …

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