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SabahanFM iPhone Apps

Written by kaitor on 8:23 AM

Hi guys... another historical moment when About Software Machine Development successfully develop an applications for iPhone. As we know apple with his brand new gadget iPhone4 just launch in Malaysia at the end of september. Everyday people are talking about this iPhone and belive me, it is a super computer because you can do anything by this small device including listening to sabahan radio online.

I personally cannot wait for this SabahanFM iPhone Apps. You can watch video belo as for demo. SabahanFM iPhone Apps already submitted to Apple Store and waiting for approval.

Sabahan Community Potluck Aidilfitri

Written by kaitor on 7:21 AM

All are invited to this Potluck Aidilfitri on 2 October 2010 from 5.30 pm to 9.00 PM. It organize by few sabahan community, just RM 30.00 and eat all you can. You are required to pay before 28/9/2010. For more details please contact any community listed below.

1) Jebat.Net
2) Menu Crew
3) Kenarianz
5) Slang Sabah Bah Ni
6) Sabahfm
7) Utarafm
8) C-Zer
9) Saya Org Sabah Bah Ni

Disfony … rock from Lahad Datu

Written by kaitor on 8:37 AM

Disfony is a band from Lahad Datu and the beginning of this group is just play music as their hobby. This band was formed since 2008 and re arrange on 2009 with Ahmad Azizan (Vocal), Welly (bassis),Rahmat(guitar) and Karudin (drum). Hard rock is their main influence but at the same time played alternative, rock and more to disko elektronikawith cold pitcher.

Visit their Facebook and MySpace for details.

and.. this is hard rock... yehhhhhhhhhhhh!! yeh!!!! 

KK FM (UMS Radio) - Gi-mie – Keliru , No#1 Top 20 Chart

Written by kaitor on 8:31 AM

I was have a long driving hour today around KK and I try to listen to KK FM (UMS Radio) . Wah.. amazingly I was enjoy listening this new radio station. I had listen Top 20 Sabahan Local Songs hosted by Deejay Ramli Carlo . Carlo is great and you will never boring listening his speaking on the radio with a sabahan slang.

There are many song was listed in top 20 and all of them are great because it fresh made by sabahan. Guys , thanks to KK FM (91.1 MHz) for give a space for our local composer or artists show their talent. I believe in the future it will get more and more exciting with new music, new skills, new songs because this might will be a turning point for sabahan to get involved more extreme in music.

Ops… I had talk too much, what I want to share with you is the song Keliru frim Gi-mie which climb into no#1 positions on the Sabahn Local Top 20. This songs explain how he get more and more confuse. Unique vocal presentations and great music arrangement is the key of this song to be in the no#1 on the Top 20 chart. Another secret why this song have a good melody are it was composed by one of the top Malaysian band, SOFAZ.

I had search on the youtube channel his video but couldn’t find it. IF you never heard the song before.. then visit Gi-mie official facebook . Another options is listening to online radio , Sabahn.Fm and request for this songs.

Nasyid indie

Written by kaitor on 8:43 AM

Have you heard about an independent Nasyid ? Honestly I never heard before until I receive an email about Elhamz and surprisingly it from Sabah. Elhamz is Duo Vocal – Elty and Hamzah from Ranau and Keningau. Elhamz claim their songs more to love songs, religious and Dakwah with hope to share positive massage to their listeners.

Both of them are study in Universiti Malaya major in Islamic Education.
Elhamz official blog also said that they are under FEELHONEY ENT management. Now Elhamz in progress of recording in NEUROTIC STUDIO owned by Abdul Halim Ahmad(Devotees). For now, Elhamz already have single CERITA CINTA and will include in NASYID SEMESTA BERTAHMID volume II. CERITA CINTA was compose by Hamzah and lyric by Mazhair.

Selamat Hari Raya - 2010

Written by kaitor on 7:26 PM

Starznews wanna wish all my readers a very special of Hari Raya Adilfitri and hope this special Rava eve will give us new hope and bright future. Do not forget to visit and enjoy the foods but be careful because most of the foods have very high cholesterol. Please drive carefully while you balik kampung or visiting friends and relative.

Below is one of my favorite song for 2010 Hari Raya - Bunga Api Di Hati - SHILA AMZAH,STACY, FARA FAUZANA, ALEYA.

lryic of " Bunga Api Di Hati"

Bilakah kau kan tiba?
Hari Sabtu jam tiga!
Tak sabar nak berjumpa
Dengan semua teman lama!
Kukirim hadiah kota!
Kukirim khabar desa!
Aku di sini (oh oh)
Engkau di sana (oh)
Tetapi kita masih kita!
Bertemu lagi
Bagaikan bunga api di hati!
Bersua kembali
Bagaikan langit memekar
Kau mesti ke rumahku!
Sepertinya selalu!
Mata pasti tak pejam
Bercerita sepanjang malam
Dulu kisah remaja
Kini kisah dewasa
Aku di sini (oh oh)
Engkau di sana (oh)
Setahun sekali berjumpa!
Bertemu lagi
Bagaikan bunga api di hati!
Bersua kembali
Bagaikan langit memekar
Bertemu lagi
Bagaikan bunga api di hati!
Bersua kembali
Bagaikan langit memekar

Songs: Shazee Ishak & Omar K (re:PLAY Music Sdn Bhd)
Album:Hangatnya Raya
L:yric Rafidah Abdullah (re:PLAY Music Sdn Bhd)
producer, music arrangement, recording : Shazee Ishak di Fuse
Guitar: Jamie Wilson
Bass: Kelly

Program IHYA' Ramadhan Bersama Anak Yatim (Tambunan)

Written by kaitor on 12:46 AM

Last Friday 3/9/2010, INTAN Sabah organized fast breaking and Sahur , supported by Sabahan.FM as the official media partner. This is a best time for us to doing charity especially in this Ramadhan month.

Wiwie Daunnah is the artist guess in this event. All our brothers and sisters from RumahAnak Yatim Tambunan are very happy with this event and sing along during Wiwe present her songs. Wiwie also contribute in this charity function because she doing all with free of charge. Dj Black and Dj Ayu are the Sabahan.FM personalities who make this event more exciting. They interviewed few children and give them a real experience to on air.

Below are some pictures of this IHYA' Ramadhan with Anak Yatim (Tambunan) program.
Wiwie interviewed by Dj Ayu of
Dj Ayu of with Omar
everyone enjoy their time... Selamat Berbuka puasa

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