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Kerana Karina - Episode 8,9 &10

Written by kaitor on 4:44 PM

Kerana Karina - Episode 8

It's high time for Karina to confront Imran about Jane. Imran tries to convince Karina that it was Jane who came on to him. Find out if Karina buys his excuse.

Kerana Karina - Episode 9

Despite their personal differences, Imran and Karina work hard to complete the album. Meanwhile, Karina’s stature continues to grow with commercial endorsements and high-profile modeling jobs.

Kerana Karina - Episode 10

Karina, Imran and Jane go on a talk-show to promote the album "Yang Mana?". When being asked about her 'lover', Karina makes a dramatic statement...

Murai: M-Klon

Written by kaitor on 8:10 PM

Before this i had made a post about M-Klon run by in this blog. is malaysia entertainment portal from Astro. I had watch this m-klon closely from their website and here is the result, so far there is only 3 M-Klon for now but i believe it will be more and more in the future. For the first three M-Klon, i will choose Iqbal. So how about you guys? Are you interested to join this M-Klon competition, just send your video to, you might will be on TV (Astro Ria).

klon adibahklon dafiklon ezlynn

SAME magazine

Written by kaitor on 7:35 PM

I had came back to my lovely home Sabah and of course i will more updated with sabahan news. After a few days in Sabah i had going to the Vinusak album launching. A day after that SAME magazine launching. I didn't have a chance to join SAME magazine launching because it been a busy time for me to get a job. SAME magazine is Sabah Music Entertainment magazine will carry articles about development of music and entertainment in sabah. This magazine also talking about the achievement of sabahan artists. I believe this magazine will be more hot in the future with latest gossip.. i just guess it.. wait and see...

Actually this magazine is the second edition. According to sumandak aka davelynne, this second edition of SAME magazine is get improved and better than the previous one. Here is a SAME magazine video from dbosFM.

Kerana Karina : Episod 7

Written by kaitor on 7:23 PM

Karina seems prepared for a stylish photoshoot but will she be just as ready for the "surprise" that awaits for her on location?

KRU didn't FIRED Adam

Written by kaitor on 1:47 AM

I believe most of Adam fans were shock after media reported that KRU will fire him. I also made a post about this hot gossip; you can read my post here. According to the report before, KRU want to fire Adam because there is a problem between KRU and Adam. Others sources said, Adam was get fired because KRU have a new boy, Dafi. However Adam had made a statement that news is wrong and he still working under KRU. You can watch Adam’s statement in

click to play video

BBoyz & Shufflerz Gathering

Written by kaitor on 7:21 AM


Atama & Joy Ministry is organizing a
BBoyz & Shufflerz Gathering.

Bb oyz&BGalz and Shufflerz from KK
districts are invited to participated
in "HipShufflez Demo".

If you (or any dancer you know) are
interested in street dancing or want
to learn, you are invited to attend.

Date: 18th November 2007, Sunday
Time: 5.30pm - 6.30pm
Place: Sacred Hall Parish Hall, KK
Organizer: Joy Ministry
Admissio n: FREE
Refreshments : FREE
Gathering Area: Parish Hall Entrance

See You There!

This video is Malaysian hardstylers.

Wanna know how to Shuffle, here is a great video tutorial for you.

P/s: i'm interested to learn this.. :)

Kerana Karina - Episode 6

Written by kaitor on 6:53 PM

Huzir proposes a lucrative deal to Karina that might boost her singing career. Will Karina accept his offer?

NTV 7 Talent Search

Written by kaitor on 4:49 PM

Do you have a unique talent? If you have, you is the person who are search by NTV7. Either you can dance, singing, made a joke, make magic or etc as long is unique and it make it you different from the others, you are highly invited to join NTV 7 talent search.

NTV 7 Talent Search is open to all but be prepaid to take a challenge and make sure your talent and skills good then the others. Only the best will going to next stage and so on until come to the final and it will be shown on TV starting from January 2008. Those who are interested, you can send a video with DVD, VCD, CD and DV Tape format to:

Attn : Aiyoh! CCG,
Natseven TV Sdn. Bhd,
No : 7 Jalan Jurubina U1/18,
Hicom Glenmarie Industrial Park,
40150, Shah Alam,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

KRU will fired ADAM AF2

Written by kaitor on 4:05 PM

Adam Af2

I am not sure it true or not, KRU will fired ADAM AF2. According to trusted source, adam had a problem with KRU. It not clearly what type of problem is it. All we can do is waiting the official announcement.

Kerana Karina - Episode 5

Written by kaitor on 3:20 PM

Tension fills the air as Karina enters the studio with Imran. But will his music heal Karina's wound?

One In A Million 2007

Written by kaitor on 3:58 PM

I had made a post about one in a million last month, you can read it here and watch the Press Conference video too. After take a long break for Hari Raya, OIM 2007 had came back to its track. The first episode of One In A Million 2007 is scheduled to be shown on TV this coming November 16.

Nana Tanjung 2 : 29 November 2007

Written by kaitor on 3:45 PM

Nana Tanjung 2 is an extended story from Nana Tanjung. I was watched Nana Tanjung and it made make laugh and laugh almost for the whole story. It was funny and I love it. I believe Nana Tanjung 2 is more interesting and comedy. The main actors in Nana Tanjung 2 still remain Nana Kassim, Akhbar Khan (Saiful Apek),Zul (Jehan Miskin), and Fasa Sandha.

Synopsis of Nana Tanjung 2:
Nana neighbor was complaining about Nana Tanjung’s daughters and their future husband. Nana had taken a respond for that and make new rules, all the future husband of Nana Tanjung’s daughters cannot meet each other until the date of marriage. Because of that, all the future husband of Nana Tanjung’s daughter came out with much idea so they can meet each others. What kind of action wills Akhbar Khan Zul take to make sure they can see their lover (Nana Tanjung’s daughters)? Wait, this film will show in cinema on 29 November 2007. I guarantee you will enjoy this movie with laughs because there are so many funny sub plot.

You can read the details of Nana Tanjung 2 from Sensasi Selebriti.

Kerana Karina - Episode 4

Written by kaitor on 8:29 AM

It a bit late to update my blog because i have to go here and there for job interview. wish me luck ... here is the episode 4 for Kerana Karina.

All hell breaks loose as Karina faces a round of defiant, personal questions from the media!

Kerana karina Episode 2&3

Written by kaitor on 7:10 PM

I was late to update my blog because i was really busy this previous two days to complete my project report.Honestly i also fan to first Malaysia drama online Kerana Karina. That is the point why i made a post Kerana Karina in my blog. The story is getting more and more interesting, can't wait the new episode:D.

Kerana Karina Episode 2

Out with her entourage, Karina reveals the bitter story of her past love life with a certain someone.

Kerana Karina Episode 3

Imran wants his current relationship with Karina to remain stictly professional.

you also can watch Kerana Karina from gua website (Kerana Karina official website ). Do not forget to join Kerana Karina forum.

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