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KENTE 3 Heat 2 Results.

Written by kaitor on 11:30 AM

KE Next top entertainer session 3 for heat 2 present talented contestants with awesome achievement. Most of the contestants have a good profile and some of them already become district sigandoi winner. I can say all the contestants in heat 2 are stars and of course the challenge will going extremely difficult.

Based on past experience all the contestants have a good experience and already have their own standard with fans. Jairi Bin Rimin 32 from Ranau take the biggest risk compare to the other contestants after perform his own songs. Jairi are the winner for Ranau and Keningau Sugandoi district level.

Beside that another big name who in this heat 2group is queennera Xavery F. Kitingan , 19 is the 2nd runner up for Tambunan Sugandoi 2010 and winner for Miss Natural Beauty and Miss Summer. Having the popularity of beauty become one of her advantage.

All the contestants in Heat 2 giver their very best with the hop to put their self in semi final which two of them will selected by professional jury and another one is selected by the audience. Same as previous heat, only three contestants will be selected as semi finalist.

Below is the list of heat 2 contestants:

Female, 26 Kota Belud
Songs Selection:
•Hiti Oku Poingandad – Ivye Alexandra
•Darah Muda – Wan

Male, 24 Penampang
Songs Selection:
•Guminavo Zou Diau – Stephen Masil
•Egokah Aku – Wali Band

Female, 20 Kota Kinabalu
Songs Selection:
•Ginawoku Kagasanku – Caroline Yusof
•I’m Alive – Celine Dion

Male, 19 Tamparuli
Songs Selection:
•Milangad Langad Toh – Reno Fabian
•Hentian Ini – XPDC

Male, 25 Kudat
Songs Selection:
•Norubat Piginawaan – Ateng
•Biarkan Ia Pergi – SLAM

Female, 26 Menggatal
Songs Selection:
•Sopirosi Rosi – Ridah Majalang
•What’s Up – Four Non-Blondes

Male, 32 Ranau
Songs Selection:
•Monoguang Babang Koposion – Jairin Rimin (Self-Composed)
•Demi Cinta – Kerispatih

Female, 19 Penampang
Songs Selection:
•Sopirosi Rosi – Ridah Majalang
•I Want To Hold Your Hand – The Beatles

Female, 23 Kota Kinabalu
Songs Selection:
•Nung Noilaan Ku – Clare Petrus Edwin
•I Have Nothing – Whitney Houston

Male, 27 Penampang
Songs Selection:
•Piupusan Toh Koupusan Ku – Fredo Raymond
•Fairytale – Alexander Rybak

Male, 28 Penampang
Songs Selection:
•Minogivang Koh Pomuandaman Ku – Danny F. Malinggi
•Kaulah Segalanya – Hazrul Nizam

Male, 24 Keningau
Songs Selection:
•Minogivang Ko Pomuandaman Ku – Danny F. Malinggi
•Kekasih Awal Dan Akhir – Jamal Abdillah

And the winner goes to :



KENTE organizer announced their first surprise that there will be a super wild card which audience an vote their favorite contestant who not in the semi final list. But remember.. this will more competitive because only 1 person will be selected from Super Wild card winner. The rules are easy.. who get the highest voting he will be the chosen one to be joining the 15 semi finalist.

Ryna new songs

Written by kaitor on 12:27 AM

Maybe some of you still have no idea who is Ryna. I also have no information about her. I just fond this video in youtube and her songs capture my attentions. Her music arrangement and song keep the identity of Sabahan local song and music.

Beside having Dusun song , Kada Lihiwai (Don't forget) she also have song in Murut, Oko Yak Sangulun (i not the only one). Now days we usually heard new song in Dusun but just few in Murut. I hope more and more Murut song in the future because we have to work hard to sustenance and protect our Sabahan ethnic and language. One of the best way is by songs.

Kada Lihiwai-Ryna (Dusun Song)


Ebi AF5 new songs , 2011

Written by kaitor on 12:10 AM

Maybe some of you already start asking what Ebi AF5 update? Actually Ebi AF5 now staying in Sabah and work as Deejay at Sabah FM. Ebi AF5 also now busy for his new songs and expected to release new album end of this year.

I love the music arrangement by Renzaassirat and Ebi voice also is nice when singing slow rock songs. can't wait for his new album including this two songs.

Ah Sudaaa La - Ebi AF5

Permataku -Ebi AF5

Diaryku Poinduda - G@ki

Written by kaitor on 11:55 PM

I guess this song already going to studio for recording. This song actually have few words which not very nice to hear.. but it already had been modify in the final recording to make it more commercial . This is the raw/demo version.. and do not forget to get the final versions... MTVkaraoke G@ki vol1 by MmsStudio.

this songs 100% cannot be played on air at any Radio station because of some sensitive words.. ehehhe...

Main Tapuk Tapuk -E Elmar

Written by kaitor on 11:52 PM

This songs become hits on Suria FM. Main Tapuk- Tapuk by E Elmar is a nice song and easy listening ... this songs will bring you going back to your childhood memories...

MTV KARAOKE E ELMA now available in the market or you can buy it by post, just give a call to this number 0198316131 / 0168471250 or visit their official website LRX FM :

KENTE3 – Heat 1 result

Written by kaitor on 11:28 PM

Last nite first heat KE Next TOP Entertainer sessions 3 , KENTE 3, officially started and once again Pusakag Café become the venue of this competitions. First of all, I want to give some credit for Kadus Entertainment for being work hard organized this talent show. Previous two sessions are very successful and yet this year again sessions 3 had become real and it getting more exciting from the contestants tasks and the prizes also getting more expensive.

Previously for tow KENTE sessions 1 and 2, there are no semifinal, means if the contestants become winner of their heat group they entitle to become the finalist. This KENTE3 is a bit different because all the contestants need work hard in semi final before going thru to FINAL. Same from previous sessions, all contestants need to sing two song and compulsory one kadazandusun song while the second songs are their choice either malay or English.

Talking about the prizes, KENTE 3 will honor the winner with RM 3 000.00, first runner up RM 2 000.00 while second runner up will bring home RM 1 000.00 . The best part to be in the Final is all the contestants are given new song and it will become their single.

Below are the list contestants of KENTE 3 Heat 1 :
1. Sherly Havilla Jasli from Ranau
2. Diandra Justine from Tambunan
3. Ivan Diacz Jainnes from Kudat
4. Robin Roy Guntala from Tambunan
5. Jouney Emith from Kota Marudu
6. Hendry Francis from Tamparuli
7. Aznor Bin Jipin from Kunak
8. Izlan Bin Haimin from Putatan
9. Merrie Masangkong from Kota Kinabalu
10. Heribert Noel Bin Juin from Membakut
11. Katizah Binti Tahir from Kinarut

Congratulations to HEAT 1 winner who made into semifinal. Professional judgers have the full authority to choose the best contestants gong to the semi final. Beside that the audience also have the opportunity to choose their favorite contestants be in the semi final by wild card. Winner for HEAT 1 of KENTE3 are listed below.

Dyandra Justine
Female, 19
Songs Selection:
•Romou-Romou Matoku – Vera Albert
•Darah Muda – Wan

Aznor Jipin
Male, 27
Songs Selection:
•Kakal Kosorou Diya – Bernard Laimen Michael
•Bukan Cinta Biasa – Afgan

Marry Masangkong (Wild Card)
Female, 29
Kota Kinabalu
Songs Selection:
•Kaandaman Piginavaan – Clare P. Edwin
•To Love You More – Celine Dion

Good Advice

Written by kaitor on 5:09 PM

Last nite during when watching the hottest match between Liverpool and Chelsea (yes... Liverpool win 1-0), I open my email and saw a wall post at Ranau.Fm facebook fan page. The massage from Traugott Forschner asking the Dusun native to preserve their own tradition especially the Dusun language . Some estimation by year 2020, there are less than 5% can speak and understand Dusun language.

Having contacted me via FB, I am surprised that Ranau folks despice their own language and use BM for communication. Since 1957 I tried to find a way of bringing together the Ranau dialect of Momogun with thew Rungus and other Momogun dialects. At that time Australians still dominated the langauge work and were fixed on producing a Bible than bringing together the Pasok Momogun people of the Rungus in the Kudat district. The way you distances yourself from your own language, you lead young people to forget your heritage. Please preserve your own tradition. T. A. Forschner

p/s: yoku nogi ti nga tanak do dusun mantad hilo ranau. Yoku nogi kumangau atanus iti boros dot dusun insan tadau. Umbalan ku daa dot momonsoi “website” dusun om aharap oku nogi koponulung misingilo om mangajar isai-isai it haro kalangadan mimboros dusun . Iti nogo harapan ku, konsanai dit susuminding dot dusun awu lumakad dot momonsoi sinding tu iti noh ot ralan daton monuduk diti sukod wagu misingilo boros dusun.

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