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Good Advice

Written by kaitor on 5:09 PM

Last nite during when watching the hottest match between Liverpool and Chelsea (yes... Liverpool win 1-0), I open my email and saw a wall post at Ranau.Fm facebook fan page. The massage from Traugott Forschner asking the Dusun native to preserve their own tradition especially the Dusun language . Some estimation by year 2020, there are less than 5% can speak and understand Dusun language.

Having contacted me via FB, I am surprised that Ranau folks despice their own language and use BM for communication. Since 1957 I tried to find a way of bringing together the Ranau dialect of Momogun with thew Rungus and other Momogun dialects. At that time Australians still dominated the langauge work and were fixed on producing a Bible than bringing together the Pasok Momogun people of the Rungus in the Kudat district. The way you distances yourself from your own language, you lead young people to forget your heritage. Please preserve your own tradition. T. A. Forschner

p/s: yoku nogi ti nga tanak do dusun mantad hilo ranau. Yoku nogi kumangau atanus iti boros dot dusun insan tadau. Umbalan ku daa dot momonsoi “website” dusun om aharap oku nogi koponulung misingilo om mangajar isai-isai it haro kalangadan mimboros dusun . Iti nogo harapan ku, konsanai dit susuminding dot dusun awu lumakad dot momonsoi sinding tu iti noh ot ralan daton monuduk diti sukod wagu misingilo boros dusun.

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