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MOMBIT KOMBIT by Peter Dicky Lee (2011)

Written by kaitor on 10:55 PM

today is 27 May 2011 only two days from the 2011 Harvest festival (kaamatan). Every body in Labuan and Sabah are counting for the day 30&31 for this event and holiday. Enjoy this new song from Peter Dicky Lee featuring by Atama and Joanna. This song about what going on during this harvest festival (kaamatan) which are sumazau dance,sugandoi and unduk ngadau. I want to wish happy harvest festival and do not drink and drive... safety first...

Congratulations to ex KENTE and Current KENTE Finalist

Written by kaitor on 10:23 PM

Congratulations to ex kente and current kente finalist for reaching final sugandoi KDCA 2011.

Jack Taisung(kudat)
Farhana Francis(Matunggong)
SheRy SheRyll SheR' and Marlleynney Fane (tamparuli)
Shane Cm and Ferr Perdy Feraddy(DBKK)
Roy Sylvester (sipitang)
As Bryan Amre(kunak)
Aljendro Isaac Bores(beaufort)
Norbert Andilah(papar)
Dyandra Justine(tambunan)

(L-R) Anderson, Merrie, Imelda, Diandra & Norbert

(L-R) Jimmy, Priscilla, Gedion, Saldivivi & Aznor

Sejuta Impian

Written by kaitor on 10:53 PM

Sejuta Impian dengan kerjasama TV 3, merupakan satu rancangan reality TV membantu rakyat malaysia untuk mencapai impian mereka. Dana 1 Malaysia mengagihkan sebanyak sejuta ringgit kepada rakyat malaysia bagi membantu mereka untuk kemcapai impian mereka.  Berikut adalah video auditions yang diadakan di Warisan Square dan 1Borneo.

Date : 2011 March 12
Time : 11am-2pm
Venue : Warisan Square, Kota Kinabalu
Host : Lia Natalia (Finalist of Pilih Kasih)

Date : 2011 March 12
Time : 6-9pm
Venue : 1 Borneo, Kota Kinabalu
Host : Lia Natalia (Finalist of Pilih Kasih 2)

Junaidah merupakan salah seorang peserta dari sabah dan berjaya memperolehi rm 20,000 bagi membaikpulih balai raya di kampungnya. Balai raya ini digunakan untuk pelbagai aktiviti serta digunakan sebagai sekolah. Inpian Junaidah telah tercapai... nantikan episode akan datang ... masih ada lagi kah peserta sabah dalam sejuta impian ini?  ...

KK FM, ampai- ampai crew

Written by kaitor on 9:06 AM

Ampai-ampai crew is one of my favourite segment in KK FM , honestly i only listen to KK FM during their slot only. Felix Agus and Ramli Carlo was the deejays during this sections , 5 – 7 pm . Ampai- ampai crew on KK FM is different from the other radio sections because both of this guys are really funny and use sabahan slang. Beside that both of them also had create an interesting story by using sabahan identity. For those who don’t know what i am talking about... just tune your radio frequency to 91.1 Hz from Monday to Friday starting from 4- 7 PM.

Week 7 - Nera AF9 Eliminated

Written by kaitor on 8:15 AM

It comes to the end of her journey in Akademi Fantasia 9 after Aznil announce NERA’s name. It was already expected after the Aznil show the ranking at the end of the concert just after all the students giving their best performance.

Nera is the first student perform tonight with a song from Indonesian artist , Hetty Koes Endang - Tak Ingin Sendiri. Nera was perform well and get compliment from the judgers, Hattan Ogey and AC Mizal. For me “Balada” is the best genre for her… :)

I was wondering who will get the immunity for this week but unfortunately it wasn’t announced. The result was put in a transparent box. Maybe AF tries to be different from One In A Million, which is also giving immunity. AF fan will contribute 50% from the total marks to choose who will honor with this immunity.
Nera said, she already proof that she can go far in this music industry not only in Akademi Fantasia. I wish her a best of luck. For your information, Nera is one of the semifinal contestant for KE Next Top Entertainer before make a decision to walk away from this competitions just for Akademi Fantasia. Wellcome home Nera and lest celebrate harvest festival.

Salma Mentor 5, Lena AF9, Nera AF9

Written by kaitor on 10:43 AM

Before next concert by this saturday and sunday, let's recall and watch back Salma Mentor 5, Lena AF9 and Nera AF9 performance in previous concert.

Salma Mentor 5 - Sedalam Mana Cinta Mu

Salma has a consistence performance since her first appearance in MENTOR 5 reality show. Nas Ahmad at the beginning start a controversy that Salma is not pretty but she getting more pretty each week. Another speculations on Salma's status, already have child.. there is no official explanation from her but it had been confirm.. every things will revel after this Mentor 5 finish. Based on the total marks, salma is in the top and have the highest point. This Sunday, LIVE on Tv3 is the semifinal second round concert before the FINAL concert on 29 MAY 2010. All the best Salma.. you will be the one who bring home one hundred thousand as the winner of Mentor 5.

LENA AF9 - Curiga (Ning Baizura)

She have nice tone and i really enjoy her performance especially during the early week of this AF9. For me Lena are much more suitable singing a rock and dangdut genre. Since this is the singing competitions, all the contestants need a challenge to try another genre. Hope she will go to the final concert and how it can become reality?, your vote is the answers.

NERA AF9 - Kantoi (Zee avi)

Nera performance since first concert are not reach the "safe zone" which is still below average level. The most amazing is Nera positions is still on the top 5. It maybe of her beauty that encourage the audience to vote for her. Since first concert Nera still sing a slow and cute genre but it was not good performance. I am still wondering what kind of genre she are. Kantoi is wrong choice songs for this big and prestigious reality show. Well maybe the crew and teachers can work something for Nera , and i guess she just have luck to be in this competitions.

Indiana Jones Train in TENOM Sabah

Written by kaitor on 8:45 AM

it might will be the most attractive train , see the video below and do not forget to get the great experience from this Indiana Jones train.

Atama now acting in Telemovie , LOBOU

Written by kaitor on 8:43 AM

Being a controversy artist will not give negative impact to this telemovie, “LOBOU” and the director Tony Francig Gitom are very confident with it. Andrew Ambrose Mudi was become the most controversial artist in Sabah after try to get revenge to Masidi Manjun as the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment especially on the payment rate for local sabahan artists. I believe Tony had his own point why choosing Atama as the hero of this tele movie. Well you can guess it right...

Ok.. here are the preview of this telemovie LOBOU which will release and available in the market at the end of this month. I guess this month is the golden time for those who want to release their album or telemovie during this festive session (tadau kamaatan).

LOBOU (Atama) is a brilliant kid and always get good result in the exam and become the best student of his school. His mother has pass away during his deliverance and now live in a village with his father, Mojolou. LOBOU have two close friends, Ann and May. Being a tenneger, loving someone is normal, antd that is what happen to LOBOU when he fall in love with Ann. Jimmy was jealous and together with Haron dan Darius, they bully LOBOU until he lost the memory.... the story continuous inside the DVD which is available in the market end of this month. buy the original DVD , support our local product.

The actors are :
RUDY GIWOL (Lobou Kecil)
AZMI JOHNNY (Taukeh Warung)

This is the important information, this telemovie only took ten days shooting and done around Kg Hungab, Kedai Runcit Hungab, Sungai Babagon, Pusat Latihan Seni Gitom, Kg Sukod, SMK Datuk Peter Mojuntin, SK St. Joseph Kolopis, Kg Kolopis, Kg Tuavon, Kasigui, Pekan Donggongon and Servay Likas. I still wondering the quality of the story because shooting was done in ten days and how the editing was done. We have to wait and judge the quality after this telemovie release soon. Usually others telemovie require more time in the studio for esiting especially on the sound and video effect.

Happy Teacher's Day! 16 May

Written by kaitor on 6:59 AM

BUKAN SENANG JADI CIKGU by Dyan and writen by ampal tell us that being a teacher is not an easy job. The responsibility is very big because you have to educate the future generations. Beside kids at home, they also have thousands kids at school who need their attentions. I want to take this opportunities to wish HAPPY Teacher's Day to all my primary,secondary schools teachers, college and university lecturer.

Cinta Seteguh Kinabalu

Written by kaitor on 7:31 AM

I already heard this movie last year but did not have time and chance to watch it. According to the director of this move, Tony Francis Gitom , Cinta seteguh Kinabalu already broadcast atAstro channel 180. This channel still exclusive because only the Astro subscriber can enjoy this channel. Hope it will broadcast in RTM1 or RTM 2 in the future.

I also don’t know what is the story line of this move but most importantly, the language use in this movie are DUSUN,KADAZAN,BAJAU,ENGLISH and MALAY which is truly show the concept 1Malaysia. I already contact Francis to get the synopsis Cinta Seteguh Kinabalu for review purpose. Watch video below showing few shooting locations with official sound track, Cinta Seteguh Kibalau.

Remember to catch CINTA SETEGUH KINABALU a channel 108 every Wednesday and Thursday 8.30 pm.

Big question… why our local product especially movie or telemovie not publish in cinema? Have any one try this?

JADE Sisters

Written by kaitor on 8:21 AM

Have you ever heard JADE Sisters? For those who follow the sabah entertainment update, you will definitely answer YES. Information for those who didn’t know who are JADE Sisters, all of tem are real sisters ..believe me.. it for real.. JADE Sisters are born from their combinations name. JADE stands for the first letter of each member's name. J-oan, A-my, D-idi, E-rika. Yes, that spells out JADE.

JADE Sister single become the no#1 on Carta Borneo Era Kota Kinabalu and Jadi Unduk Ngadau become one of the popular songs especially this Harvest Festival celebrations.

You can vote this song on ERA Sabah website after listening the songs below. Lets support our local artists.

Because of the great response from audience and fans, JADE Sisters make their great movement by release their single.

Our latest single is here with the collaboration with Eyes and Ears Production our dream is slowly turning to a reality.

Yes, we build castles in the air and now we started to build the foundation. And hopefully with the love and support by everyone, the foundation will grow stronger and we can strive forward to achieve the dream.

You are the one who can help us to make the castles in the air a reality. Just in case you haven’t get a copy yet. It’s only RM6. If you are around KK, we can send it to you but if you are outside of KK, we will get it posted to you.

To order, just drop us a message stating ur name, location and how many copies that you want and we will provid you with more info after that. Kindly email to

Thanks for the love everyone. Those who can meet us personally to buy the cd, you are entitled to have an autographed cd and a big group hug.

Much love from all of us! Hugs.

Appy Tots and Puma

Written by kaitor on 10:46 AM

Did you guys familiar with Appy Tots and Puma names? If you doesn’t know or recognise their name, video below might give you the perfect answers.

Both of them are truly have a great talent in music and Appy Tots is one of the Cosmic band member who had make history at battle on Astro Blast off. Puma also work close to W.O.R.M and actively joining singing competition. Both of them are more into Jazz but true artists can perform any genre. Both of them also had work hard and make sure KE Next Top Entertainer 3 run smooth which Appy become the official commented while Puma is the chairmanof the competition .

Miss You very Strong no#2 in Hitz.FM Borneo English Top 10.

Written by kaitor on 8:52 AM

This songs was shortlisted in HITZ.FM Borneo English Top 10 since last week and become no#2 on this chart this week. For thise who did know Esther Applunius , she is final contestant for One In a Million (OIAM) reality show. Just after OIAM, Esther launch her new album which contain Malay,English,Chinese and KadazanDusun language. The best part is Esther wrote and compose Miss You very Strong by her own. Video clip was directed by Jason J. Billah.
I like this jazz songs with great music arrangement additional good vocal quality from Esther OIAM. To vote her, Just go to and click vote. Done.

Wait... before you click the red button to vote, listen this song Miss You very Strong ..

Salma Mentor 5 , already have child.

Written by kaitor on 6:00 PM

This news becomes hot and most of Mentor 5 fan want to know the truth. Since Salma start her journey in Mentor 5, I already heard the rumors that she already have child. It started after second concert after the reporter ask her the questions and she refuse to answer the questions. Whai we know so far is , she get married on 17 years old and have one child but divorce a year after that. Salma promises to give explanations after Mentor 5 finish. What ever the situations is, entertainment is not easy business and I hope Salam will success. Do not forget to watch Mentor 5 this Sunday because this concert will define who will go to next round. Based on the previous result, Salma will go to next round easily.

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