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2 NEW Radio Channels on ASTRO Radio Bayu and Radio Kenyalang

Written by kaitor on 11:15 PM

On 30 August 2010 ,another history created after ASTRO had started broadcasting 2 new radio channel  especially for Sabah and Sarawak . Radio Bayu (Channel 869) is for Sabah and Radio Kenyalang (Channel 870) for Sarawak.

I had try listening this Radio Bayu and  not many songs are play , it maybe new channel and more issue need to be done. When i open this Radio Bayu Channel i heard "gong" played and after that 1 songs and again "gong". I can make a simple conclusion here, this channel still not have many sabahan songs.

According to ASTRO official Facebook Notes, Radio Bayu setup is to fulfill demand from Sabah and provide more verity of music focusing on sabah ethnic. ASTRO also hope to search new talent to be a deejay on this new radio channel. Sine Sabah have many online radio such as Sabahan.FM, Utara FM, Kinabalu FM, Bah FM and Sama FM hope ASTRO can work together with them.

Currently i usually listen to Sabahan.FM and there are many sabahan song played and their Deejays also have a good quality. Sabahan.Fm aslo is the first radio online can be onair any where any time.  Sabahan.Fm DJs are :

DJ Black
DJ Iter
DJ Ayustitch
DJ SaliparJipun
DJ Lord York
DJ Mark
DJ Panda
DJ langau
DJ Lann A To Z
Dj IsKaTambula

1st Sabahan Online Radio 24x7
Sabahan.FM ~ Siuk Bah Di Dangar ~

Written by kaitor on 7:10 AM

 i heard a rumor Sabhi Saddi will join One Nation Emcees soon. For your information Sabhi Saddi is sabahan and have a group called esdico (hope i spell it right :) ). Sabhi Saddi are popular with his song Nadiku and get great response from listeners.

Big questions , did Sabhi Saddi need more popularity and make him join One Nation Emcees? Whatever the reasons, i cannot wait Sabhi Saddi perform with  One Nation Emcees because he can dance well too.

will this become true ?? hope anyone who have new info will update me by posting a comment at the end of this article. 

New Update – Birthday and Perjalananku Video

Written by kaitor on 6:36 AM

This is new update about stacy, on August 7, 2010 Stacy celebrate her 20’s birthday at Hotel Brisdale, Kuala Lumpur. Stacy fans and few artists join this birthday party with Glam Nite theme. Stacy birthday was done earlier because on the 18 of august Ramadan already started.

On August 22, 2010 stacy one again celebrate her birthday at Kg Tuavon, Penampang, Sabah with her family, friends and Stacy Frenz-KK. Enjoy pictures below.

August 7, 2010 Stacy celebrate her 20’s birthday at Hotel Brisdale, Kuala Lumpur

 Happy Birthday stacy
 Ifa Raziah,Stacy,Marsha and Ayu
Chaq with his new single Citra Cinta
Awards for stacy fans
Organizer with Stacy

On August 22, 2010 at Kg Tuavon, Penampang, Sabah

 Stacy with friends
 Stacy with Family 

 Stacy with her father 

Stacy with her mother

Now here is the video of how stacy become a performer … This video is a documentary about stacy before AF, During AF and after AF until now. IF you wanna know how stacy lifestyle, what her fans has done for her, opinion of the president of stacy fan.

Datuk Bung dan Zizie at Bazar Ramadan

Written by kaitor on 6:35 AM

Here are two pictures if Datuk Bung and his new wife Zizie at bazaar Ramadan. Thanks to starznews reader for share this picture with me.

Men behind Breaking the Magician’s Code are Val Valentino. .. sabahan magicians are … ???

Written by kaitor on 7:05 AM

If you love magic, definitely know who Val Valentino a men behind Breaking the Magician’s Code reviled many tips and trick on how the magician do the magic. Las Vegas entertainer Val Valentino, 52, aka the Masked Magician, demystifies 120 illusions in 13 hourlong syndicated shows being broadcast worldwide.

Many other Magicians give him a pressure but as he said, “I went in to work for the magicians, to look after the art, knowing that my career could have ended then and there,” Valentino says. “But at the time it was the best solution to help out magicians.”.

Val Valentino emphasized that he felt revealing the secrets would encourage kids into trying magic instead of discouraging them, and that the entertainment of magic shows was more in the magician's showmanship instead of the wonder of how the trick was pulled off.

I hope we have our local Magicians going internationally in the future. One of well known sabahan magician is Ezad (Ezad Indra De Zid) and his already shown in NTV 7. You can watch his video on youtube. He start learning magic trick at 9 years old. At the age of 20 Ezad ,he host his own TV show, MAGIX on NTV7.

and this is maybe Ezad first appearance before MAGIX (NTV 7)

and watch this... they are talented too ...

another video

p/s: if you have talent on magics , get your self recorded and put it on you tube... you are not going anyway if you didn't promote your skills.

Utara FM Fast breaking at Jesselton point

Written by kaitor on 6:17 PM

Utara FM had successfully organize their event for fast breaking with their listeners around kota kinabalu on 21/8/2010. Beside Utara FM, few others sabahan community joined this fast breaking such as Jebat.Net ,Menu Crew and CHFM. This fast breaking get more happening when few celebrity join such as Ebi Kornelis and Norizs. Djs from Sabah.FM (Bagus bah !!) also spend their time to join this fast breaking.

Good job Utara.FM and I hoe you guys will make this kind of event more successful with a big buzz in the future. Salam Ramadan.

New Album:“I’m Alive”, Jonathan Tse

Written by kaitor on 7:36 AM

Jonathan Tse already release new album called I’m alive. For those who didn’t know who is he, you may visit his official website, I’m Alive is very unique which all the songs in this album sum up the way of this young pastor embraces life and all the wonderful things one can do with it. The songs express the value dear to HIM, Faith ,Hope and Love anb presented straight rock, jazz and catchy songs.

“I’m Alive”, Jonathan Tse

Jonathan Tse – Vocals, Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar, Keyboard, Programming
Simon Lau – Bass
Peter Lau – Drums
Nick Lee – Bass for tracks “I’m Alive”, “Somebody’s Watching”, and “Rescue Me”
Raymond Vijay – Drums for tracks “I’m Alive”, “Somebody’s Watching”, and “Rescue Me”
Jun Jun – Electric guitar
Jessel Yansalang – Trumpet
Annabel Tiu – Cello
Mia Palencia – Vocals on “La La La (Love)”
Nica Umipig – Vocals on “He Reigns”
Songs composed and arranged by Jonathan Tse

W.O.R.M's "2.00a.m." is #1 Top Charts on XFM

Written by kaitor on 3:07 AM

W.O.R.M wishes to thank ALL their fans, friends & family for their never-ending support&love!! Our song "2.00a.m." is #1 Top Charts in 'XFM Underground'!! We could never have done this without you!! You guys ROCK and we love YOU!!

now... it is a new week, new charts too! Click on the link below and vote for our song "2.00a.m." maintain in the top charts again... :) Results LIVE on air every Sunday nite. TQ ALL!!

Have a bleesed and fruitful week!!

Tahan Saja - Sabahan Funny animations

Written by kaitor on 2:58 AM

i found this clip very funny. This clip was animated from Langkawit. Moral of the story , listen to your friends.... :P

Pok Silap-Jass Feat Jiaja

Written by kaitor on 6:33 AM

As I had said before, D’Sulap Entertainment now are quite busy recording few song and one of it is Pok Silap by Jass Feat Jiaja. I believe most of us know who is Jiaja but did you know who is Jass? Eehehe… he is Felix’s manager.

This song have a unique music arrangement and using sabahan slang. I still remember some of the political in sabah said most of sabahan songs lyric are heavy durnk and sex. I was written my comment here, you may read Sabah lyrics are heavy on love and sex

My comment on this song, is Pok Silap is an advice song us to be more careful with people around us who trying to take advantage on us. What do you think?

MASES winner for Pertandingan Perkampungan Tari Malaysia .

Written by kaitor on 5:16 PM

Congratulations to MASES (Mahasiswa Seni Sabah) UiTM Sabah as the winner of Pertandingan Perkampungan Tari Malaysia organized by UITM Shah Alam on 7-8/8/2010. Beside announced as a winner, UiTM Sabah also win two other category the best performance and costume. MASES or Mahasiswa Seni Sabah- UiTM Sabah was conduct by MOHD SOFFRIEZAN YAHYA choreography from Lembaga Kebudayaan Negeri Sabah.

Lan A to Z as Sabahan.Fm Dj

Written by kaitor on 8:44 PM

I still remember the early stage of Sabahan.FM existence, it just run autorun and played few sabahan, malay and international songs. Few months after, April 2009 sabahan.FM start has thier Djs and growing each day. It not easy on the beginning to make this Sabahan.FM establish and accepted as the alternative radio stations which only can be found in online.

Now it almost two years, Sabahan.Fm already move forward and many thing going on but it was make Sabahan.Fm growing stronger each day. The main objective of the Sabahan.FM is to give alternative for our local artists platform for play their songs. Being an online radio stations is not easy to collect the materials especially songs. Now Sabahan.Fm already has a chance to listen Bajau, Iranun, Murut, Lumbawang and Dusun songs which not available in other radio stations.

Sabahan.FM already successful help our local artist to get promoted such as Alvin MY, Wiwie Daunah, Dayang Noraini, Felix Agus, Ateng, Ben Simon, Jimmy Palikat, Matt, Jiaja, The front Men Company, Hain Jasli, Usal, Den Bisa , Gorge Lian , Ampal and many more. Few artists from peninsular Malaysia interested to promote officially their songs /album in Sabahan.FM. Lan A to Z is one of the first artist who join Sabahan.FM family as Dj. Wanna know more about lan A to Z , you may listen to Sabahan.Fm every Wednesday around 8 pm.

Starznews said: Congratulations Sabahan.FM for your great achievement and continue to support our Sabahan local industry music. Welcome Lan A to Z to Sabahan.FM and it proof sabahan music started accepted in peninsular Malaysia. BUT this is a friendly reminder to Sabhan.Fm , do not forget what is the purpose of Sabahan.FM existence , promote sabahan song. Good luck all…

Felix Agus AF 3 is now at KK FM (91.1Mhz)

Written by kaitor on 7:50 PM

Who didn’t know Felix Agus, one of the artists born from reality TV show , Akademi Fantasia session 3. Maybe many of you wondering what happened to Felix Agus since his launch the latest album last year “Aku Juga Iya”. Felix Agus hundred percent based in Sabah are really successful when his new album was sale almost 10 000 units. According to Big Jass, Felix’s manager the promotions was started on May last year during harvest festival (kaamatan).

I have contact Big Jass, asking what Felix Agus latest project. Besides busy collecting the materials for his new album, Felix now are recording few song and maybe will release soon. Felix Agus now is a deejay (Dj) at KK FM which manages by Universiti Malaysia Sabah, UMS. For those who want to listen how great Felix Agus as deejay, just tune your frequency to 91.1Mhz.

Starznews said: Felix’s album was sale almost 10 000 units since May last year… wah.. it was a great example for those who didn’t believe sabahan artis cannot sale album in Sabah. What you have to do is creativity and promotions to make the public know what inside your album. As I,m, I will not simply buy an album if I didn’t know what is the content of the album.

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