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Kadus Entertainment (KE) Kaamatan Concert 2009 & Felix Agus Album Launching LIVE at Sabahan.FM

Written by kaitor on 11:36 PM

Successful in their first try broadcasting live suandoi Final concert on 23/5/09, now there another big project done by Once again will do live broadcasting for Kadus Entertainment (KE) Kaamatan concert on 30/5/09. Felix Agus album launching (Aku Juga Iya) also will broadcast live in, same day same time. Two events broadcast in at the same time are no easy but I believe crews have the expertise in this field. The most important, listeners satisfied and happy because you can listen two big events on 30/5/09 broadcast live only at

Below are details about the events:

Felix Agus Album Launching
Date: Saturday, May 30, 2009
Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Venue: Elusion Lounge, Countryard Hotel 1 Borneo
Launched by: YB Datuk Masidi Manjun (Minister of Tourism & Environment – Sabah)

Kadus Entertainment (KE) Kaamatan Concert 2009
Date: Saturday, May 30, 2009 - Sunday, May 31, 2009
Time: 7.00pm- 12.00 am
Venue: KDCA Penampang

Reality show is Gambling?

Written by kaitor on 9:23 PM

I didn’t wanna made posting about this topic, but I have to because someone forward me sms regarding the OIAM reality Tv show. I not really sure this sms true or fake one. I believe Malaysian already matured to make a decision to believe it or not. Think it by your self…..


I just copy the sms , so it up to you believe it or not. Below is the picture of the sms.

This is a copy from newspaper commenting reality TV show in Malaysia. Writer has a very good point.

Kaitor said: Reality Show, which is the name of the show, showing us on television what reality happened around us. Its shows us reality what happened in our life, there are happiness, lucky, bad luck, satisfied and some of use not satisfied. What can I say is that is the reality…. If you wanna you favorite contestants win, then you need to do something and don’t just blame blame only. For me reality show is not gambling, but we need to find out the best solution to make everybody satisfied with the result and how it compute. My suggestion is, they need to showing every voting coming in to avoid confusion among voters and audience. Yes I do believe, income is the most important , no one will invest if the thing didn’t give good benefits but we need to gain trust from the audience to make the thing more profitable.

Successful: Sabahan.FM Live from KDCA , Sugandoi Final Concert 2009.

Written by kaitor on 8:31 PM

photo by: Amuo King

Sabahan.FM is one of the hottest internet radio station in sabah broadcast live the Sugandoi Final Concert 2009 from KDCA on 23/5/09. This is the first ever Sugandoi concert can be listen around the glob and yet another history created on that night.

More pictures at DJ Sumandak Blog

Sabahan.FM actually had broadcast live the sugandoi semi final concert on 21/5/09. Based on the feedback given by listeners, Sabahan.FM improved in their services especially their internet connections. There are minor problem in the semi final concert, internet connection was really weak and sometimes live streaming disconnected. Sabahn.FM using one celcom broadband line to broadcast live this Sugandoi concert.

Last saturday Sugandoi final concert 2009, Sabahan.FM upgrade their services by using two line of celcom broadband to streaming the concert live. Additional one line of the celcom broadband will give Sabahan.FM improvement in their services. Most of the listeners are satisfied with the services.
More pictures at DJ Sumandak Blog

Beside broadcast live the concert, Sabahan.FM also had made some interviews with the audience, sugandoi contestants and artists. Congratulations to Georgia Joy Constantine as winner of sugandoi 2009. During the interview sections with her, se said very surprise winning this competition but at the same time really happy because she had give all out during performing. Esther OIAM also get interviewed by sabahan.FM and she share some of her future activity. Esther’s fan do not forget to listen her new single in Sabahan.FM “Menggapa Mimpi” and her kadus songs also play in sabaha.FM . Othoe also spend his little moment in sabahan.FM mini studio.

Sabaha.FM crews are really working hard to broadcast the concert live and provide an interface for the user to chat ( Sabahan.FM bring to you by Thanks to Sabahan.FM crews for bringing this Sugandoi concert live on your internet radio station and hopefully sabahan.FM will be more successful in the future. Thanks also goes to KDCA because give opportunity to broadcast live this Sugandoi concert, not forgotten to Pro Sound Engineering providing audio input to sabahan.FM

Sabahan.FM DJs: DJ Kura-Kura aka DJ Kerbau (AgbLang), DJ Kinabalu, DJ Langau, DJ Jason, DJ Ayu, DJ Sumandak and DJ Iter. More about Sabahan.FM visit and FaceBook (Search : Sabahan.FM)

Sugandoi Final Concert Live On Air from KDCA by Sabahan.Fm

Written by kaitor on 2:14 AM

Kaamatan is an annually Harvest Festival celebrate in Sabah on May. During this Harvest Festival, there are many activity organized to celebrate this annually event such as Undukngadu, Sugandoi, Local Food Competition, Traditional Dance Competition, Traditional Home Competition and many more. There are several from the activity MUST HAVE every year like Sugandoi and Undukngadau.

In a simple words, Undukngadau is a competition to search the most beautiful queen among the contestants. Sugandoi is a singing competition, and every year this singing competition become more and challenging but interesting.

Sugandoi 2009 Final Concert will be broadcast live on air at Sabahan.FM . This is the first ever sugandoi can be hear around the glob. Do not miss to listen Sugandoi 2009 Final Concert on 23/5/09.

How to listen Sabahan.FM :
1. Use this URL : http://sabahan.FM/listen.pls (Default Player: Winamp)

2. Listen from web browser :

To add Sabahan.FM in your blog, see tutorial here Sabahan. Fm .. "Siuk Bah Di Dangar"

Hafiz won Akademi Fantasia 7, first runner up Aril.

Written by kaitor on 10:49 AM

Coagulations to all top five Akademi Fantasia 7 contestants because give their best performance in the final concert. As I expected, Hafiz will bring home first prize RM 20 thousand ringgit , HONDA ACCORD, Hotlink sponsor for a year, holiday trip to New York , camera and many more. Aril is the first runner up and Akim is the second runner up. Below is the official result for Akademi Fantasia 7.


P/s: Akademi Fantasia 7 final concert not really happening and I believe this happened because of the song choice not suit to the contestant’s voice.

Thye , Kenna and Black in Mentor (Group B)

Written by kaitor on 12:42 AM

Last week we had saw performance from group A, this coming Sunday we will see how good contestant from group B in Mentor. Every contestant will sing two songs, one is single and another one, they will sing with the mentor.

Thye, protégé to Adibah Noor
Keena, protégé to Awie,
Black, protégé to Mas Idayu

Date: 17 Mei 2009 (Sunday)
Time: 8.00pm
Venue: Auditorium MBSA, Shah Alam
This show also will broadcast at TV3, at 9 pm .

Rat singin dusun song..

Written by kaitor on 8:15 AM

watch video below,it really nice.. but after look this video few times i realize the lyric and mouth movement is not synchronize. Anyway i still give credit to the person who create this video, keep the good work and i believe you can do batter more than this in the future.

Mentor session three , TV 3 every Saturady on 10.00 pm

Written by kaitor on 7:39 AM

Malaysia have a lot of reality Tv show and one of it is Mentor. Mentor now come to session three, and there lot of improvement done compare to the first and second session. The selection of contestant or protégé was pass through difficult audition because Mentor only need to pick the best among the best.

There are five mentor for this session three, Adibah Noor, Ajai, Awie ,Lah Ahmad ,Jaclyn Victor and Mas Idayu. The protégé are Thye (Mentor:Adibah Noor), Chaq (Mentor:Ajai), Kenna (Mentor:Awie), Fira (Mentor:Lah Ahmad), Evo (Mentor: Jaclyn Victor) and Black (Mentor: Mas Idayu).

We have two sabahan in this mentor session three, Thye (Mentor:Adibah Noor), Chaq (Mentor:Ajai). Last week all protégé and mentor was do their first concert, it just a welcoming concert and let the audience to pick who is their favorite protégé. Mentor session three also give marvelous prize, the champion, mentor and protégé will bring home RM 100 000.00. Format for mentor session three are, protégé will divide into two group, Group A and B. For next week, group A will perform and broadcast live at TV3 on 10.00 Pm. Do not miss to watch mentor session three only at TV3 every Saturday on 10.00 Pm .Remember audience will hold 30% and judges 70% so start voting now.


Felix Aus - Aku Juga Iya "New Album"

Written by kaitor on 9:18 PM

Felix Agus , one of our sabahan who did well in Akademi Fantasia, not sabahan but Malaysian also partially him. After finish his contract with “Meastro Talent” on september 2008, many of the fans asking what is his latest update. Now the answer is here, Felix Agus come out with his second album “Aku Juga Iya” and already available in market now. The launching of this album was done on 02 Mei 2009 during KDCA Kelang Velly Kaamatan Festival.

There are eight songs in this album and bonus VCD exclusively for “Aku Juga Iya” and pictures behind the sense during producing the VCD.

Track 1: Aku Juga Iya
Track 2: Maafkan Aku
Track 3: Akula Laki –Laki
Track 4: Akar Cinta
Track 5: Harapan Kosong
Track 6: Nokosuai Ginawo Ku
Track 7. Tulan Ko Limo
Track 8:Aku Juga Iya (Instrumental)

Some of his song already played by radio station especially in Suria .FM Local internet radio broadcasting, also played his hits song from this brand new album, Aku Juga Iya. Track 6: Nokosuai Ginawo Ku and Track 7. Tulan Ko Limo are dusun songs but have smooth melody and I believe those who didn’t understand dusun language also will fall in love with this songs. You might think how much I’m going to spend to get Felix Agus album? Only 27.90 each.

D’ Sulap Entertainment will arrange “Tour Sabah” for promoting Felix Agus new album. I had visit D’ Sulap Entertainment official blog, but they didn’t mention the schedule for this “Tour Sabah” . Keep visiting D’ Sulap Entertainment blog for latest update.

DOWNLOAD Felix Agus - Aku Juga Iya (Promotion purpose only... please buy the original Album/CD)


Written by kaitor on 10:52 AM

I thought AF7 will be better than the previous session but at the end it same , no changers at all ant it become worst and worst. I did not know what kind of transformation will done by AF7, what I can see, only Claudia and Aishah doing surgery to their tooth and some modification on the stage. Performance on the sage, it worse compare to OIAM. Maybe some of you said, we should not compare to the other reality show but audience knows who the best are and which one have good quality.

Claudia and Aishah going home
Week eight concert had made some different by apply musical theater concept, but for me it doesn’t work. The concert is very boring and I didn’t watch this concert. I’m interested to know what happened in this concert, I surf internet and find out Claudia and Aishah have to say good buy to Akademi Fantasia. Only four contestant stay in this competition, Isma,Hafiz,Aril and Yazid. Principe of AF7 announced that there maybe AFMASUK , but I REALLY NOT AGGRE FOR THIS IDEA. It been confirm yet but say NO afmasuk.

Tomok bring home one million ringgit.

Written by kaitor on 10:29 AM

I believe mot of sabahan and especially Esther fan not satisfied when Awal announced the winner for OIM session 3, the hottest session yet. Yes.. it is , this one of the best and hottest reality show in Malaysia, winner will get one million ringgit.

I had spent my time sitting in front my television watching OIAM and I was really hope Esther will win. Unfortunately Tomok did it after given second chance to perform in the final concert. He supposes out at the beginning of the concert, but Malaysian had decide to choose three person to be in the final.

I’m not really disappointed with the result, because all three finalists have their own unique voice and identity. One in a million track records, winner doesn’t mean you will successful, so no need to worry because we did not know our lucky star. All we have to do is giving continues support to our lovely artist.

Congregations Tomok, you did well in the final concert and fully utilized you second chance. Good job and well done Esther and Aweera for giving your best performance in the concert. Wish you all the best and do not give up, if you still dreaming for that one million ringgit, starting from now on , do a proper paining for you future. It no really difficult to gain one million ringgit.


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