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Sabah tourism Promotional Theme Song – Sayang Kinabalu

Written by kaitor on 7:37 PM

I believe Malaysian already familiar with Asmin Mudian, one of the well known composers in Malaysia. One of his songs, Sayang kinabalu had been chosen Sabah tourism promotional theme songs.

Sayang Kinabalu was wrote around 1992 when Asmin was studying in the Teacher's College in Kelantan. Sayang kinabalu was released in 1997 under Roslan Aziz Production but not turn out well. This song one again release in 2001 through his brother’s album under Ethnic Music Production (EMP) distributed by Sky Line Enterprise. This album was sold about 15,000 copies. These songs had his own special attraction not in a music arrangement only but the message of this songs. This song explains what special tings, places, kamataan celebration in Sabah are by chose Mounth Kinabalu as main object.

Sayang Kinabalu have at lease fiver version so far deejay re-mixed, hip-hop, alcapella, bamboo orchestra and in full Dusun language. This songs was accepted very well by public and already labeled as evergreen song, so that is the main point Sayang Kinabalu had been chosen Sabah tourism promotional theme songs for 10 years.

:D hehehhehe.. guess how did Asmin Mudin get paid for his song royalty? I hope more local composer will work hard produce quality songs because music really can help you to make money. Good luck .

Kadus Entertainment T-Shirt.

Written by kaitor on 7:19 AM

Kadus Entertainment or more known as KE, will come with their brand new T-Shirt. If I’m not mistaken this is first time KE produce their official T-Shirt. According to pirut, this T-Shirt not release yet because the committee member need to decide what color and quality of the T-Shirt. I hope this KE T-shirt wont very expensive, around RM 15 – 20 is very appropriate. Hey KE committee members… please do not put the price very expensive with a good fabric quality.

More pictures: Pirut's Picasa Web Album

Sabah FM called Sabahan for Radio Drama Audition.

Written by kaitor on 9:06 AM

Unit Sabah FM, Radio Television Malaysia Sabah region call sabahan who interested in Radio Drama to attend the audition on 29 and 30 November 2008.

There are three categories:
1. Children
2. Teenage
3. Adult

9 am until 4 pm

Foyer Studio C, RTM Kota Kinabalu.

Any inquires contact Pengelola Drama,Unit Sabah FM 088-213 444 ext. 230,268 and 277 (office hour)

Radio Online : Suria FM

Written by kaitor on 8:00 PM

Suria FM (105.3 FM) is a private radio station licensed to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is operated by Rimamakmur SDN BHD, a company owned by Star Publications (M) Berhad.

Suria FM started its operations on 30 December 2005 on a 24 hours basis. It broadcasts from a digital studio on the 15th Floor of the AMAssurance building No 1 Jalan Lumut, Kuala Lumpur.

The station broadcasts in Malay in an "All time favourites" format with music from the 1980s, 1990s and towards a more contemporary selections.

12 goddesses from China in Sabah

Written by kaitor on 7:46 PM

Eric, host of Guangdong Television China’s “Star of Tomorrow”, poses with the programme’s 12 lovely contestants, who are scheduled to shoot on location at 1Borneo Hypermall this Friday.

KOTA KINABALU: 31 crew members from Guangdong Television China will visit Sabah beginning this Friday to film a variety and talent series programme, called “Star of Tomorrow”.

The entourage includes the popular actor and host Eric Tsang, together with 12 oriental beauties from all over China.

Eric Tsang, one of Hong Kong’s most distinguished actors, is best known for hosting the Super Trio Series on TVB over the course of 10 years, and will host the programme.

The show follows with 12 women competing for the coveted title, “Star of Tomorrow”, along with the chance to get a massive jumpstart on their careers in the world of entertainment.

The programme’s filming in Sabah will showcase the state’s arresting landscape, colourful culture and hospitality.

Eric, who is no stranger in Kota Kinabalu, said, “I visit KK regularly, and everyone is so gracious and hospitable here. It felt like home, and it was a breeze hosting in such an environment.”

Throughout their one-week shooting in Kota Kinabalu, the group will enjoy accommodations hosted by 1Borneo Hypermall.

“1Borneo Hypermall is an ideal location for my shooting. I will definitely make it a point to return here,” said Wang Ruoshi, the producer of the programme.

The programme is set to be shot on location at various spots found around 1Borneo Hypermall, including the 1Borneo Rainforest, Chinatown Yuyuan Garden, Royal Selangor and Noor Arfa.

Filming itself is scheduled this Friday.

The crew will also film the actual talent competition at the mall’s centre atrium, while shoppers will be treated to a fashion show from Blay and Salabianca that features the programme’s 12 ladies.

The fashion show, set for Sunday, November 23, will also be accompanied by numerous interactive games.

source:New Sabah Times

Kaitor said: If i was in KK this weekend, i will in 1 borneo...what to do la.. i have go to penang tomorrow morning.

Pertisa 2008 Nomination List

Written by kaitor on 7:57 AM

click to enlarge image

Voting already had been started, just get Sabah Times Newspaper and vote for your favorite artist,songs or telemovie.

For those who want to buy table or dinner ticket during Pertisa Endowment 2008 on 6 December 2008, you may contact 0168447514 (Nars)for reservation. Each ticket is RM 100.00 only.

One In A Million Session 3 Audition In Kota Kinabalu

Written by kaitor on 7:47 AM

dBosFm blog had made a post about OIM 3 in KK, and he also had stooped by at the audition location to watch closely what is going on during audition. You can read a newspaper clip here

According to PuMaZaZu , there are many sabahan local artists coming to this audition trying their luck in OIM 3 reality show. Some of them are PuMaZaZu, Terry Peter, Betcy Michael, Easther Applunius , Richado Tawith and Melvin Kalbi.

In the newspapaer clip, Easther Applunius and Nurul Hasikin had get the qualification certificate going for next level audition in Kuala Lumpur. PuMaZaZu reported in his post at forum that Rubisa(mystarzLG 2007) also had got the chance going to Kuala Lumpur for next level audition.

Audition at the evening section is a bit rushed, contestants only got 30 seconds to sing because the crews want to finish the audition on time. For your guys’ information, jury in this audition is not Syafinaz and Paul Moss but only the 8TV crews. I believe if Syafinaz and Paul Moss is jury during that time, there will be more sabahan contestants will be in the next level audition.


Adaa featuring PuM : HIDE music entertainment

Written by kaitor on 8:56 AM

Sabahan music industry growing very fast, now we already have many songs had been remix. One of the famous sabahan song Adaa from Clarise J Mata. This remix was done by HIDE music entertainment. HIDE members are Worm, Key and Chet. This band very talented in playing music instrument with a nice vocal, HIDE got a commercial value.

Listen more song from HIDE music entertainment at their My Space page.

New single from B.A.D Boyz: Pacar Pisau Cukur

Written by kaitor on 8:04 AM

This is single from B.A.D Boyz called “Pacar Pisau Cukur” will broadcast on radio in next coupe of days.. keep your ears to the radio. Love this song.

Don’t miss RSVol.1 from Ray Sound Entertainment.

Written by kaitor on 6:00 AM

Rugading Sound Vol.1 (RSVol.1 ) now available in the market. I had notice this album will launching soon on Oktober 07 and keep watching it, finally today Ray Sound Entertainment blog officially announced RSVol.1 now available in the market.

Kadus songs lover, you must have this album because all song in this album is new and I’m sure you never heard it before. As sabahan album, Sumazau is the main rhythm in RSVol.1. If you are from Rugading Tanaki Tambunan, you already know who Ray Sound Entertainment, because they always are with you during “aramai ti”.

RSVol.1 was recorded at Studio D'sound waves Music Production. This studio located at Lot No. 11, Blok 25, Pekan Penampang Baru, Penampang.

This album contains 12 songs while the singers are around 5 persons, there are:
- Kada Pinworoi-woroi
- Sunduwan Kakal Poimpasi
- Onuai Oku Ralan Kanawa'on
- Mogihum Do Sugalon
- Tondu Nokitoku
- Joget Susui di Aki
- Tupus Awu Pinoduli
- Ingaa Nodi Ngawi
- Sogigisom Ku Mupus Dika
- Waro Poh Tupusnu
- Ika Kalangadanku
- Awu Kito Kopiupus

* I still didn’t got the demo song for this album… I will try my best to get it .. stay tune.. visit Ray Sound Entertainment. For more details.

*Updated 13/11/08
Any inquires please contact:

JULIUS KASSUN - 0148651103 (Tenom/keningau)
MATHIUS KASSUN - 0195326463 (Tambunan)
ABEL JULIUS - 0148886898 (Sarawak)
DOMINIK KASSUN - 0166150329 (Sepang/nilai/cyberjaya)
RAYMOND R.G - 0163685200 (Seremban)

Sabahan - My Starz LG session 2 First Concert

Written by kaitor on 8:17 AM

After watching the first concert of My Starz LG session 2 , I can made some assumption who is the best among them. Yea.. all of the contestant have talent but there are the best among them. It just a first week concert but we can figure out who are the best among them. Actually I had pick five contestant going to top 5 but I didn’t want to mention it yet.

This post will focus on sabahan contestants Hairi, AG and Gzell. For the first concert I will pick AG among the best among sabahan contestants. I was a bit disappointed with Hairi performance because it over act and his voice was not very clear. Gzell performance is just ok. So I hope they will do the best in real concert next week, do not going back home early guys. If I was given leeway to give them a star rating I will give them as below:

AG : 4/5
Gzell :3/5
Hairi :2/5

Good luck guys …do your best

OIM (One In a Million) start the audition for new session on 15th November 2008

Written by kaitor on 1:12 AM

One in a million already come to the third edition, in this session three a few aspect already been improve and it will make this reality show more mature and produce shining artists .Who didn’t know the star born from One in a million reality show, Suki! Faizal Tahir! Ayu! Shila!. First audition scheduled in Kota Kinabalu and Kuching on 15th November 2008.

The name of this reality show is the price for the winner, One Million Rringgit cash (RM1, 000, 000). One in a million trying to be different from the other reality show, audience can vote for their favorite contestant. How if I didn’t like the contestant? The answer is on your hands, if you really didn’t like the contestant just vote her/him out.

This new session producers will looking for the contestant who really get the talent and all the selected contestants will get a free flight to Kuala Lumpur. The entire contestant will have to pass a few stages before short listed into top 80.

Marion Caunter & Awal Ashaari will host the show, I believe this two personality can make this reality show happening. Awal Ashaari will be in Kota Kinabalu audition and Marion will in Kuching. Syafinaz Selamat and Paul Moss still the main juries in this new session.

Are you the one who deserved to bring home RM1, 000, 000?. Do not let this chance; remember to do more practice before come to the audition. You still got enough time to practice; audition will start on 15th November 2008.

One In A Million – Audition will start from 9.00am – 3.00pm:

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah – Imperial International Hotel, 15/11 (Saturday)
Kuching, Sarawak – Merdeka Palace Hotel & Suites, 15/11 (Saturday)
Johor Bharu, Johor – The Puteri Pacific, 22/11 (Saturday)
George Town, Penang – Sunway Hotel, 22/11 (Saturday)
Kuala Lumpur – Berjaya Times Square, 29/11 (Saturday)
Kuala Lumpur – Berjaya Times Square, 30/11 (Sunday) – main audition
Kuala Lumpur – Berjaya Times Square, 1/12 (Sunday) – audition for artists

*i had made a post about this audition before, you can read it here


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