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KE Next Top Entertainer , KDCA - 17 April 2009

Written by kaitor on 8:24 AM

Kadus Entertainment or more known with KE is an organization promoting Kadazandusun song. Truly sabahn will said Kadazan and Dusun is different languages but it was combined in a name as the lagers local ethnic in Sabah. It doesn’t matter either Kadazan or Dusun songs, Malaysian starts to recognize and listen to their songs. KE also support sabahan local artist and provide platform for them (sabahn local artist) to promote their movies, songs and music. KE is one of the best medium to share knowledge and give space for artist to be more close to their fans.

KE had starts to create their history by organizing KE Next Top Entertainer contest. The objective of this contest is to find a “fresh talent” and soon to be labeled as KE Recording artist. Being KE Next Top Entertainer is a best platform for the contestant to start their carrier in entertainment field. KE Next Top Entertainer was open for registration February 2009. KE Next Top Entertainer was received amazing accompaniment and KE had adjust add one more slot which schedule only four round but final decision is five round for audition to select the best contestant to be in the final. There will be only two best contestants from each round selected to be in the final. Finale contestant as below:

5. Alfred Valentinus (Penampang) dan Feraddy Okuling (Kudat)
4. Elton John Kadau dari Keningau dan Laimen Michael @ Bernard dari Beluran
3. Georgia Joy Binsol (Penampang) dan Peter Haryson Nianti (Beluran)
2. Carrey Oliver (Penampang), Deffny Pearl Tanggar (Tamparuli),
1. Jisius Garing (Penampang) dan Marlleynney Paul (Tamparuli)

Ke Next Top Entertainer also invite professional and experience singers, composer or producer as judgers in this contest. Judgers are MONICA ONGKOSING, DIANA STEPHEN TUNING and COSMAS CHIN as chief judgers.

Important announcement: The KE Next Top Entertainer had been rescheduled. According to first paining, final concert will be held in Pusakag café, but KE Next Top Entertainer gain an expected support. To be fair for those who want to attend the KE Next Top Entertainer final concert, KE had decide to relocate the place to KDCA on 17 April 2009. Entrance is FREE !!! For more information, visit KE official website, Facebook (search Kadus Entertainment) or direct contact to Jason Jay Prinze (Jason) - 016-8461914 Marc Mojitoh (Kadus) - 016-8021500 George Duat (Gogds) - 019-5305512 Callixtus (Tomkurus) - 019-8807851.

Da' PrinZ - Mar 28th @ 1Bornoe for RTM CATS

Written by kaitor on 10:17 AM

Yow..yow… Da’ PrinZ in the house, thanks to Allen Max Ambrose Mudi (one of Da’ PrinZ members) inform me their new news update. What are you reading in in this post 100% officially from Da’ PrinZ itself.

1. Da' PrinZ will make an appearance on Mar 28th @ 1Bornoe for RTM CATS. We'll be promoting our album & performing our 1st Malay single for our upcoming album.

2. Da' PrinZ has just released their EP album on March 13th & out for sale now for RM12.90. Please contact Kadus Entertainment or our group members to purchase the album. The album includes 2 KadazanDusun song with a touch of modernity. So get urself a copy n continue to support our local artists.

For more information and latest update, visit their Facebook (search Da' PrinZ)page now.

Elvis Saladan - New Album - Available In Market Now

Written by kaitor on 3:06 AM

Album:Elvis Saladan ...

Yezaaaaa… finally I got Elvis Saladan album. I cant’ wait for this album, we had heard the songs promotion, Elvis Saladan’s album really interesting. From the album design unti music arrangement and Elvis Saladan voice, it all nice and it had made this album really good. Get Elvis Saladan’s now and I can guarantee you will satisfy with this album. Elvis Saladan album available in a market now, for this moment there are only three places where you can find this album, as listed below.
• Opt-disc Asia City
• Tamu Pasar Malam Kg Air
• Kedai CD Mini Mall Indah Permai

If you cannot reach this three places, you can contact Greenland Entertainment (088-723 310), or directly contact Julius Ebin ( 016-813 8551).* I recommend you to contact Julius Ebin, who know you will get special price.. ehehehehhe..


There are ten songs in this album:
01.Kotigie Ginawo Ku, 4:27 (song/lyric:Junis Korom/Elvis Saladan)
02.Pisorou-sorouky, 4:51 (song/lyric: Junis Korom/Rosalind Bion&Junis Korom)
03.Kada Ponondos, 4:17 (song/lyric: Junis Korom)
04.Mato Paranggi, 3:10 (song/lyric:Symon Patric@Ondiyoi/Elvis Saladan & Junis Korom)
05.Romou Pitongkiadan, 3:41 (song/lyric:Athur Credence/Athur Credence & Junis Korom)
06.Kaino Rumamai, 3:25 (song/lyric: Junis Korom )
07.Nunu Salah Ku, 4:58 (song/lyric: Elvis Saladan)
08.Itu Dulu, 4:02 (song/lyric:Mattinin Yukim)
09.Tupus Aumilo Atalup, 4:23 (song/lyric: Simon Patric@Ondiyoi/Simon Patric @ Ondiyoi & Elvis Saladan)
10.Arud, 3:33 (song/lyric:Justin Jalip@Pus/Jais Mutin@Tatui & Elvis Saladan)

From this ten track, I rally love track number eight, Itu Dulu, 4:02 (song/lyric:Mattinin Yukim). Music arrangement is really shows the identity of sabahan and the lyric also funny but the message of this song reminds us how our life going to be if…. You will know after you heard this song. :P

Esther-I Won't Go Home Without You *immunity*

Written by kaitor on 7:56 PM

Powerfull performance, nice music arrangement, brilliant voice, attractive dance that is what Esther did last night and she deserves to get the immunity. She is the first one win the immunity in the first concert, now she make a history who get the immunity for the second time. Bravo Esther.. I have a filling that she will be one of the finales, keep supporting her, no need to vote for this week, just keep your credit for another week.

Overall last night performance was very good, congratulations. I was made comparison between OIM3 and AF7, I will prefer OIM3, contestants have high quality. I have no idea for AF7 students and what kind of transformation will be done by Astro. What I saw in AF diary is “crying drama” .. yew… didn’t like it. Anyway do not forget to support your favorite contestant in both reality shows.

My another favorite contestant, Aweera, love his high range vocal. :P

My rating last night performance:
1. Esther 9.5/10
2. Amylia 9/10
3. Nine 8/10
4. Awerra 7.5/10
5. Rizu 7/10
6. Simon 5/10
7. Fify 4/10
8. Tomok 4/10

Sabahan new entertainment magazine : BandWidth

Written by kaitor on 8:53 AM

BandWidth is another local magazine give big space to cover music local artist news. First edition of this magazine already published to public, get your copy now, it 100% free. There are many information and fresh news from our local artists and musician.

Backbone for this magazine are Arthur E. Lee (Editor),Stephanie Fung (Fashion & Biz) Estelle Alana Lee (Creative),Malcolm Abidin (Bandwidth's Contributor) ,Astrid Isabelle Augustin (Bandwidth's Contributor),Trevor K. Maringking (Bandwidth's Contributor),
Audrey Wilson (Bandwidth's Contributor), Razi Mahmud (Bandwidth's Contributor). I believe this magazine can be “Sabahan No 1 entertainment magazine” in a short while, just keep your good effort by producing good information.

As mention earlier, this magazine given to public for free. First edition of BandWidth magazine was publishing on March 14, 2009. BandWidth crew is the best in the world, they not just give the magazine to you free of charge but they also made your life easier by put this magazine in shopping malls, cafés and fashion retailers. Hurry guys, get your copy now at :

- D'Junction
- Edgar's
- Blue Note
- Wisma Merdeka Information Counter Old Wing Ground Floor
- Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Karamunsing Complex, Wisma Merdeka, 1Borneo, Waterfront, Damai
- Tune Hotel, 1Borneo
- De Notes, Damai
- iMotion Studio, Plaza Grand Millenium
- Institut Sinaran, Damai
- Moe's Music, Asia City
- Apple Studio, Asia City
- Hollywood Music, Karamunsing Complex
- Soundblazer Jamming Studio, Donggongon
- Pool Zone & Cyber Zone, 1Borneo
- Rekod Jaya, 1st Floor CPS
- Goblinz, KK Plaza
- Legend, CPS
- San Francisco Warisan Sq & City Mall
- Waves Jamming Studio
- Black Ink Industry Tattoo, Tg Aru
- Also available for reading at Hair Salons, Clinics & Dentists within CPS, Wisma Merdeka, Karamunsing Complex, City Mall, Lintas Plaza, 1Borneo, Damai Point, Damai Plaza, Warisan Sq.

* I had read this BandWidth magazine here is what I really like in this magazine.

1.I love the design and the way contains arrange.
2.They give a good review for music and movie.
3.Review our local artist and musicians.
4.This Magazine focused for “sabahn” but still gives information for Malaysian and International entertainment news and update.
5.I love “Did you Know” column
6.BandWidth magazine also cover live music editorials, the local fashion, the arts, local businesses promotions.

My suggestion for BandWidth magazine
1.Review more local albums or movies.

***** For those who cannot get hard copy BandWidth magazine, I’ll try my best to make scan it and available for download soon. Just give me a little bit of time.. to settle a few things. ****

Click picture or right mouse click-save as

BandWidth Official Website:
Facebook : Search for “Bandwidth Street Press”. /

Hire local artistes, RM 2 000.

Written by kaitor on 10:19 PM

One of my friend inform me, our local artist got new hope in their carrier. Datuk Masidi Manjun, Tourism,Clture and Enviroment Ministry had announced drafted a policy that sets mimimum fee RM 2, 000 for local artistes for a single performance. Decision was made to protect their interest.

I was very shock after knowing our local veteran artist was paid only RM 30.00 per performance. How can he survive, I really agreed that payment should be increase, now days everything expensive and everywhere you go, need money also. Just an example, rest room entrance fee is RM 0.20 even sometimes goes up to RM 1.00. That is the lower case, then start to think how much you need to pay for producing an album, 1K,2K,3K… no… it almost 10K. How he will going to handle this big amount just for an album not including her family expenses, insurance and schools fee.

What I’m concern here is how can this new rules implemented and how it going to be. “RM 2,000 to hire local artist” is only a draft but I will make some suggestion and hopefully it will give them some ideas.

1.Sabahan local artist must have their association. It will help them to protect their carrier and taking care for welfare. Only PERTISA so far…

2.Every artist must have their caretaker who will arrange their shows and responsibility to collect payment and royalty.

3.Government also needs to play an important role to support our local artistes by producing a policy that can protect their interest and carrier.

Elvis Saladan - New Album

Written by kaitor on 8:46 AM

Elvis Saladan is one of the new name in our local music industry. “New name” doesn’t mean his music or song did not have a good quality. Before produce Elvis’s first album, he already have singing experience.

Elvis had done recording with Greenland Entertainment, one of the best studio in town (KK). You can listen his demo song from his official blog or from his YouTube page. I just listen demo songs, and I was really impresses with the music arrangement and his vocal also, “good tone”, got commercial value. I believe if he keeps his good effort to produce an album in the future, he will become one of the greats singers.

When listening to his demo song, it makes me remember my village and my old friends during childhood. This album still keeps the sabahan music identity- “sumazau” plus dangdut and slow rock.

There are ten song in this album with good quality of song and music. You can listen demo songs below. (taken from elvis official blog).


Elvis also using internet for his album promotions and the good news is there are exclusive wallpaper and winamp skin for download, its 100 free… get one now.

Elvis Saladan Wallpaper with full songs. Download wallpaper.

Elvis Saladan Winamp Skins. Download

Tiara Jacquelina , Akademi Fantasia Seven Principle

Written by kaitor on 6:37 PM

History in the making, Tiara Jacquelina is the first ever women principle of Akademi Fantasia. Previous principles of Akademi Fantasia are Freddie Fernandez, Ramli MS, M Nasir, Ramli Sarip dan Roslan Aziz.

In the diary last night, Tiara Jacquenlina had told that she will bring “transformation” in Akademi Fantasia . It too early to predict what would happened in this Akademi Fantasia session seven and what kind of transformation will be done.

Below are top 14 student of Akademi Fantasia session seven, ready to AFUNDI. Fever will begin….

Male Students

AKIM (Afiq Hakim bin Ahmad, 18, Johor Bahru, Johor)
OBRI (Ahmad Sobri bin Hasmuni, 24, Johor Bahru, Johor)
ARIL (Khairil Azam bin Pilus, 24, Kuala Lumpur)
HAFIZ (Mohd. Hafiz bin Mohd Suip, 19, Kuching, Sarawak)
QHAUD (Mohd Qhauhd bin Abdul Rashid, 25, Selangor)
SIDI (Mohd. Rashidi bin Mohamad Isa, 27, Ipoh, Perak)
YAZID (Mohd. Yazid bin Ibrahim, 22, Johor Bahru, Johor).

Female Students

CLAUDIA (Claudia Fay Geres, 24, Kuching, Sarawak)
ISMA (Ismaliza binti Ismail, 30, Kuala Lumpur)
ADILA (Nas Adila binti Mohd Dan, 23, Johor Bahru, Johor)
ZIZI (Nur Fazelah @ Zizie binti Mohd Tahil, Sabah )
RUBISA (Rubisa binti Tiasin; 23, Kota Marudu, Sabah)

AISHAH (Siti Aishah binti Bujang, 18, Kuching, Sarawak)
RINI (Zuzafrini binti Zulkifli, 26, Kajang, Selangor)

Linda Nanuwil - Facebook

Written by kaitor on 8:41 AM

Linda Nanuwil

Facebook become one of the largest social networking and I believe those often online will have Facebook account. Now days, artist can promote themselves easily such as using blog and social networking services. Social networking will provide good platform for artist and fans to get connected everywhere around the glob.

My focus today is Linda Nanuwil, she had create a Facebook account. I believe her page is new and only have 116 fans ( March,08 ,2009) and her fans will grow in the future. If you one of Linda’s fan, become her fans now. Get more pictures and latest information from her Facebook page.

Sabahan in Akademi Fantasia 7 - TOP 20

Written by kaitor on 6:39 PM

I believe most of Akademi Fantasia (AF) lovers cannot wait this NO 1 reality show in Malaysia display in your TV screen. AF already comes to session seven and it means AF is seven years old now. In pervious six session, AF had produce good quality artist and it had give new challenge and hope for Malaysian music industry.

Yesterday, 3rd of March, media conference announced top 20 of AF7 students in Orchid Hall, Park Royal Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. One of the early surprise from AF7, they announce TOP 20 before we know who is the AF7 Dean. For those who really want to know AF7 Dean, you need to watch the Tirai Akademi Fantasia 7 on Saturday dan Sunday 7 & 8 March 2009. In this concert you also will know who is the student for Akademi Fantasia 7.

Last time we AF have Mama Rina, again in this session AF have KELANA (Kelana bin Ayu, 40, Bintulu, Sarawak). He was chosen because of his valuable voice and we will see either he can give challenge to younger student.

 AB (Abraham Edwin Dungot, 26, Ranau)
 CABBY (Cabrine Blaire Bernard Solibun, 20, Kota Kinabalu)
 FAEZAH (Alpaezah binti Manaf, 20, Keningau)
 LIZDA (Lizda Nuryanti binti Abidin, 27, Tawau)
 RUBISA (Rubisa binti Tiasin; 23, Kota Marudu)
ZIZI (Nur Fazelah @ Zizie binti Mohd Tahil)

New album "Auh Nodi Koguli" from Laura Perimus @ Lala

Written by kaitor on 6:18 AM

Hey guys , I just find that there an album was release. This album was recording and label under SMS studio. This album called “Auh Nodi Koguli” (you will never comeback again) > I’m not very sure what how many song and what type of music in this album. I will update you guys soon after get more information from SMS studio or Laura Perimus @ Lala. If you really interested and cannot wait to get a copy of this album, you may contact Mr .Bro Badadang , TEL:019-8405442 or Email:

Laura Perimus @ Lala, is the owner of this album. This is the first album from Laura Perimus @ Lala and she mention in her blog it will be one of the best history in her life. We should proud what we had done in our life and appreciate it by doing our best as we can do. What had past is past and it never come back again, we just can memorize that moment and let it be a memory of your life, that is “ Auh Nodi Koguli” message for listeners.

Below is shot videoclip “Auh Nodi Koguli” by Lala.

Auh Nodi Koguli lyric.

Id timpu-timpu osongulunan diti,
Pomusarahan gumuli kawagu,
Iso kinantakan di nakatalib,
Di auh nodi koguli-guli..

Id timpu-timpu osongulunan diti,
Rumulan romou mato tumuru,
Kosorou nakatalib di pogulu,
Di auh nodi koguli-guli…

Timpu nakatalib,
Auh nodi koguli poh,
Miagal sahap-sahap,
Norulun luyung tolinayad..

Id timpu-timpu osongulunan diti,
Karati oku do langadon oku,
Iso kinantakan di nakatalib,
Di auh nodi koguli-guli…

*will update you with demo song soon.

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