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New album "Auh Nodi Koguli" from Laura Perimus @ Lala

Written by kaitor on 6:18 AM

Hey guys , I just find that there an album was release. This album was recording and label under SMS studio. This album called “Auh Nodi Koguli” (you will never comeback again) > I’m not very sure what how many song and what type of music in this album. I will update you guys soon after get more information from SMS studio or Laura Perimus @ Lala. If you really interested and cannot wait to get a copy of this album, you may contact Mr .Bro Badadang , TEL:019-8405442 or Email:

Laura Perimus @ Lala, is the owner of this album. This is the first album from Laura Perimus @ Lala and she mention in her blog it will be one of the best history in her life. We should proud what we had done in our life and appreciate it by doing our best as we can do. What had past is past and it never come back again, we just can memorize that moment and let it be a memory of your life, that is “ Auh Nodi Koguli” message for listeners.

Below is shot videoclip “Auh Nodi Koguli” by Lala.

Auh Nodi Koguli lyric.

Id timpu-timpu osongulunan diti,
Pomusarahan gumuli kawagu,
Iso kinantakan di nakatalib,
Di auh nodi koguli-guli..

Id timpu-timpu osongulunan diti,
Rumulan romou mato tumuru,
Kosorou nakatalib di pogulu,
Di auh nodi koguli-guli…

Timpu nakatalib,
Auh nodi koguli poh,
Miagal sahap-sahap,
Norulun luyung tolinayad..

Id timpu-timpu osongulunan diti,
Karati oku do langadon oku,
Iso kinantakan di nakatalib,
Di auh nodi koguli-guli…

*will update you with demo song soon.

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