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Hire local artistes, RM 2 000.

Written by kaitor on 10:19 PM

One of my friend inform me, our local artist got new hope in their carrier. Datuk Masidi Manjun, Tourism,Clture and Enviroment Ministry had announced drafted a policy that sets mimimum fee RM 2, 000 for local artistes for a single performance. Decision was made to protect their interest.

I was very shock after knowing our local veteran artist was paid only RM 30.00 per performance. How can he survive, I really agreed that payment should be increase, now days everything expensive and everywhere you go, need money also. Just an example, rest room entrance fee is RM 0.20 even sometimes goes up to RM 1.00. That is the lower case, then start to think how much you need to pay for producing an album, 1K,2K,3K… no… it almost 10K. How he will going to handle this big amount just for an album not including her family expenses, insurance and schools fee.

What I’m concern here is how can this new rules implemented and how it going to be. “RM 2,000 to hire local artist” is only a draft but I will make some suggestion and hopefully it will give them some ideas.

1.Sabahan local artist must have their association. It will help them to protect their carrier and taking care for welfare. Only PERTISA so far…

2.Every artist must have their caretaker who will arrange their shows and responsibility to collect payment and royalty.

3.Government also needs to play an important role to support our local artistes by producing a policy that can protect their interest and carrier.

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