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DJ Othoe Suria FM Resign

Written by kaitor on 7:21 AM

It was a shocking news today after some of my friend tag me in Facebook , the famous social website. Before going to office after breakfast, I rush to get a copy of Utusan Borneo and searching the HIburan sections and read the shocking news. I believe most of Suria Pagi Kinabalu listeners are shock and not believe what happened. It just a short of period , on 2008 DJ Othoe start a new segment and revolutions in radio broadcasting after become the apprentice of DJ who use sabahan local slang. It was inspire some of our local DJ in RTM to follow DJ Othoe style or presentations. Beside using sabahan local slang DJ Othoe also open the opportunity and give new hope to pur local artists especially in sabah to be featured in radio stations.

Around 2 years plus, DJ Othoe had been decided to leave or in other words resign from Suria FM Kota Kinabalu. The main reason push him to take this hard decision just because he didn’t have the chances to played more sabahan local songs and the top management had decide only three to four sing can be played compare to previous nine songs.

Suria Pagi KInabalu have new DJ, and his name is RAY … I am not sure either this guy have an aura like DJ Othoe. Some of my friends said, Ray already started his new job as replace DJ Othoe but I cannot give a comment for him because I didn’t listen to Suria Pagi Kinabalu this morning.

"sukar memartabatkan hiburan tempatan sepertimana yang dilakukan sebelum ini"
"Kalau dahulu di Kuala Lumpur dalam Segmen Suria Pagi Kinabalu, saya diberi kebebasan untuk memutarkan lagu-lagu tempatan dan seterusnya memartabatkan penyanyi Sabah"
"Apabila ditukar ke mari (Sabah), saya dapati pemilihan lagu lebih kepada pihak pengurusan di mana hanya 3 hingga 4 lagu tempatan sahaja diputarkan berbandingkan dahulu"
"Kalau dahulu mereka (Suria FM) boleh dikatakan menyerahkan 100 peratus kepada saya dalam pemilihan lagu dan bebas untuk menyampaikan konti"
"Corak pemilihan lagu lebih tertakluk serta sudah dipilih melalui sistem yang mengutarakan lagu berulang ulang dan kurang lagu tempatan diputar. Jadi kalau ini berterusan saya rasa ia adalah tidak baik untuk perkembangan arena muzik di sini."
For me, I don’t think DJ Othoe resign from Suria FM just because of the song selections had been limited but there must be a big issue between Othoe and top management. This problem can be solve by putting it on a round table and looking for the solutions. Suria FM top management also know that they want to localize the content, that why they become the first commercial radio station focusing local content.

I believe Suria FM also scare that they ratting will goes down and their competitor will have advantage to increase their rating. For me , Suria FM Kota Kinabalu is the only radio station to play more and more sabahan local song because AMP network (ERA KK, HITZ and MY FM) didn’t play many sabah local songs. AMP Network already give their reason on this matter , ERA FM KK cannot played many sabahan local song because AMP Network already have Radio Bayu which is only available in Digital content or ASTRO and not frequency. HITZ FM KK is focusing on English song and MY FM is in Chinese.

Well … I just can give comment but the decision is made by their management and maybe they have their own reason for their decisions. My main concern now is who will fight and give opportunity for our local talent especially in singing. In another side, I believe DJ othoe already have new planning because it will not be realistic if he just resign without any backup planning. Is he going to join another radio stations or open a new radio channel? Well… we have to wait and see… but do believe me, DJ Othoe already have a great follower and just after his news of resignation was publish, new Fan Page was created “I Say NO Suria FM- kami tidak dengar suria fm kalau Tiada dj Othoe”.

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