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KE Next Top Entertainer 2 - KE Founder Words

Written by kaitor on 8:48 AM

"KE Next Top Entertainer (KENTE)", adalah merupakan salah satu daripada acara anjuran KaDuS Entertainment, dan merupakan acara yang paling berprestij untuk KE. Kejayaan musim pertama KENTE telah mendorong KE untuk meneruskan musim kedua, disamping permintaan daripada peminat dan juga bekas peserta KENTE. Pertandingan ini secara tidak lansung telah berjaya menaikkan nama ramai bakat-bakat baru yang sebelum ini kurang dikenali. Selain tiga pemenang tempat teratas, KE & KENTE berbangga dengan kejayaan yang dikecapi oleh Senisah Majilin (MyStarz Lg3), Georgia Joy C. Binsol (Johan Sugandoi Kaamatan 2009), Marlemny Fay (Johan I Got Talent) dan ramai lagi yang telah menerbitkan album solo, mahupun single.

As a KE FOUNDER, i never looked back when i first started this in 2005. I always believe that this could KE could contribute in many ways to promote the entertainment industries in Sabah. At first, people would laugh at me when i say, KE want to do this or that, but now, the same people who laughing is asking what is KE next big project. There will be more to come for KE and for the local industry in Sabah.

As for KENTE, this time around, it will be headed by my co-founder Mr. George Duat or famously known as gogds. This time around also, i will be acting as an advisor/patron to this event. The benchmark is there to reach and I strongly believe that gogds has what it takes to take KENTE to the next level.
For the contestant, this is your chance to prove to all what you have, the talent. Don't compare KENTE to other event such as AF or MYSTARZ LG. KENTE has its own class and unique feature. Use KENTE as your platform to excel to much higher level. Don't say if you failed in the first hurdles, there is nothing left for you. I always refer Senisah Majilin as one of the best KENTE product. Although eliminated in the first heat, she never stop and by not stopping, she has won 3rd placing in the Sugandoi Kaamatan 2009 and achieving top 10 in MyStarz LG. This is the prove that failure is simply not the end of the road as more door is opened for you after that, if you believe.

That's all. To all the. Contestant, give the best you can. All the best to you in KENTE 2. "Do You Have What It's Take?"

Mark Mojitoh (KaDuS)

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