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Life is wonderful- Bong Mokthar and Zizie Ezzete clubbing

Written by kaitor on 4:35 AM

I made this post not to flunk their reputation but I just wanna share this information with starznews reader. This had been widely discussed among forumer and blogger. Bong Moktar and Zizie Ezzete attract public attention with their marriage announcement. It not a big surprise while VIP get marriage with an artist, it happened around the world and not Malaysia only. Gossip in other country might hottest than we have in Malaysia.

Below is the picture of Bong Mokthar and Zizie Ezzete going fur clubbing in Shen – WR, Kota Kinabalu. Yep .. life is wonderful if you have money. Maybe some of you out there didn’t really care about this pictures and some maybe not…whatever is it , everybody have a little secret. Being a politician and artist is not easy because public will put their eyes on you, reality is you cannot run away from gossip.

I just wanna wish have a happy family to Bong Mokthar and his wifes. Some of you might why I pun “s” at the end of the wife word, Zizie Ezzete is Bong Mokthar forth wife (Isteri Muda la katakan…).

*see the pictures in Zizie Ezzete hand, and i really sure this picture was taken sultry and not surreptitious.

 *Zizie Ezzete with a big smile... we are just married

 * happy time...wah who is the guy who really lucky , Zizie Ezzete laying on him... hey dude are you drunk? . Zizie Ezzete blouse also was tear... alamak... terover enjoy or she cannot fit in on the blouse... need more diet ... :)

* Zizie Ezzete with her big fan, i guess...

* Zizie Ezzete i wanna kiss too... i wish i could be lucky as him..:)

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