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Kerana Karina : Episode 1

Written by kaitor on 8:22 PM

I had made a post about Kerana Karina before this and mention this new series movie will be on tv, but i'm wrong.Really sorry for that. This Kerana Karina is the first ever online series movies hosted by You can read more on gua website. Even this episode only 3 minutes but it will make you cannot wait for the 2nd episode. A new Kerana Karina episode will available in gua website on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You also ca join the forum discuss about Kerana Karina.

I also put the synopsis here, i just copy and paste it.

What would you do if Life gave you a second chance to succeed?

Karina is a successful recording artiste in the process of recording her second album. Her label has high expectations. The media is abuzz with predictions of a bigger hit. And, as we all know, an artiste’s second album could make or break their career.

At the same time, Karina has to work with a new producer, the talented and charismatic Imran. Trouble is, they were once a couple but broke-up acrimoniously. Also, her label executives aren’t supportive of her situation. Faced with all this, Karina and her entourage of managers, friends and hanger-ons try to make sense of what’s good and bad for her career.

As the weeks countdown to her album launch, Karina feels the increasing pressure to make a hit record. Progress is slow but one thing is certain: she’s warming up to Imran’s style as a producer. In fact, she’s falling for him and he too, ends up falling for her again. But obstacles keep getting in their way each time they get closer.

One thing’s for sure: in the music business fame has its price. Just like love. And what price would we pay to get a second chance at either?

  • Marsha AF as Karina
  • Sazzy Falak as Sherina
  • Chelsia Ng as Jennifer
  • Elaine Daly as Jane
  • Zizan Nin as Imran
  • Zally Hussain as Huzir
  • Alan Yun as Marcus
  • Bell Ngasri as Boy
  • Roslan Aziz as Dato' Ross

Watch Kerana Karina : Episode 1

Episode 1

After a successful debut album, Karina is now the hottest thing in local showbiz. But now the pressure of delivering an equally hot second album sets in. Sitting together with her entourage and record company execs, Karina is told that the management has managed to snag this young and talented producer who’s just returned from LA.

The producer’s resume is impressive, having co-produced a couple of singles for top American artistes. Everyone in the room is excited. The door suddenly opens, and in walks the producer. Karina looks at him, and her face changes…

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