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Li Dao (Island away) - Karen First Chinese Songs Lyric & translation

Written by kaitor on 10:17 PM

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketRemember last time I had made a post about Karen Kong first Chinese song played on air last week, 1st October in MYFM. Karen Kong had launched her first album in Malay and now she work hard for her first Chinese album. Her voice is cutie and nice, many outside there who had listen her Malay songs said her voice like Malaysia No 1 Artist, Dato Siti Norhalizah. I want to mention here, she is the first Malaysian artist who gets popular with social network service, Her video hosted with YouTube is one of the most viewed. Just open YouTube website and search “cinta hello Kity” , other video clip from her will listed. Spent your time to listen her voice and give your comment, do you like her voice or not?.
Talking about her first Chinese song, Li Dao (Island away) this song is very nice and I had listened it more than 10 times. How many times you listen this songs?. In my previous post, I just inform that Karen will on air in MYFM. Karen was surprise when her song was voted NO1 songs on MYFM night chart. Here is the lyric and translation by Keith. To be hones I also didn’t know to speak Chinese but I love to listen Chinese songs. I had listen Chinese songs since I was child until now. I didn’t know why I like to listen Chinese song, is this because I had a Chinese blood? Not really sure, all I know my Chinese family name is KONG but I didn’t have Chinese name. If you are like me, cannot speak or read Chinese, just read the translation.. I had copy and paste it from Karen’s blog. I also had put the songs here, just press play button to listen.

離島 (leaving the island)
詞:黃明志 lyrics:huang ming zhi
曲:張捷惟 song: zhang jie wei
靠坐在陌生的床 牆角還擱著行囊
Sitting on the foreign bed, the luggage sitting in the corner
窗外的霓虹燈搶了 月亮的光
the neon lights outside the window shining brighter the the moon light
來自大海的方向 從地圖的另一端
coming from the sea, from the other side of the map(world)
背著夢想 也帶著揮不去的牽掛
carrying my dreams, and also bearing the longings that I can’t leave behind
風 啊 風 把我帶到這地方
wind, oh wind, who brought me to this place
blue colored memories still left in my home on the sea.
輕輕躺在這城市的中央 寧靜的夜晚 眼角淚未乾
gently lying in the city’s central, in the still of the night, my eyes still wet with tears
falling onto the moonlit window ledge.
喔喔 風 啊 風 吹送著我的牽掛
oh oh, wind, oh wind, blowing away my longings
accompanying the directions of the sea waves into your arms
走啊走前往夢想的路上 每次感覺孤單 看著月兒彎
moving towards the dreams, whenever I’m feeling lonely, I look towards the crescent moon
彷彿笑著說 “你要勇敢 別害怕”
who seems like smiling and saying, “you must be brave, don’t be afraid”
擔心月兒會孤單 星星守護在身旁
worried that the moon might be lonely, the stars watched over it by it’s side
安靜地陪我夢了一段 家鄉
Silently, accompanying me, dreaming a dream of my hometown.

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