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Esther Esthera

Written by kaitor on 2:29 AM

Esther Esthera ..a wired name right?. This is a new movie made by sabahan. Esther Esthera now is on sale in the market. The story is about family, relationship, status and love. My friend DB-BOS.FM had watched and made review for this movie and I wrote this based on what he had written. The story of Esther Esthera is based on true story but it had been edited to make this story more interesting.

I believe you will satisfy with the movie because it has a good plot story plus the great editing. Now day’s Malaysian film story mostly talking about family, relationship, love and status of the family. Esther Esthera also didn’t run out from this topic. If you did not understand Sabahan SLANG (the way sabahan people talk), don’t worry because it have an english subtitle. After watching the the trailer movie made by DB-BOS.FM I believe all Malaysian can understand the dialog.

Being a best friend since childhood brings them in to fall in love with each other, Esther and Iyan. Both of them also were studying in a local university. The conflict of the story begin when Esther’s father Datuk Sham Gunthar didn’t like his daughter make a special relationship with Iyan, their former worker who still live in Esther’s family land with his grandmother. Datuk Sham Gunthar has taken an action sending Esther to Kuala Lumpur for study. The purpose of sending Esther to Kuala Limpur is preventing this two lover seeing each other. Esther and Iyan had faced many hardship and problem but both of them are trying hard to hold their special relationship. At the same time Datuk Sam business also have a problem . What will Datuk Sam do to prevent special relationship between Esther and Iyan, how does his business?

Esther had promise to her father, Datuk Sham that she didn’t want to cheat on him end up the relationship with Iyan. After live in Kuala Lumpur, Ester has married with Professor without permission from her family. The story more interesting when the Professor religion is different from Esther and it give Datuk Sham a big shock.

Who is Esthera? still didn't got the clue?... you will know the answer in the movie.

Esthee and Esther are twins. Iyan also had fall in love with Esthee, is their love goes smooth or will be same as Esther story? The answer is in the Esther Esthera movie.

More on dbos-fm

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