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Anuar Zain-New Album

Written by kaitor on 10:09 PM

Anuar Zain has come out with his new album but there is a lot of comments behind the process of producing the album. Most of Malaysian asked, why Anuar Zain choose Indonesian composer. ? Now days many Indonesian songs broadcast in Malaysia radio station. That means more and more Indonesian artist will come to Malaysia. Some of our Malaysian artist jealous and try to influence the audience to band Indonesian music. Em.. it not a good attitude, I guess it good to have them in our music industry so that we can improve ours. We learn from them.. :) now it is the time to make changers and show the world that Malaysian music is good as they are or we might better than them. All we have to do is to adapt changers in our music industry. The rules is simple, who give the best among the best then you will be on top.I do agree with Anuar Zain, he doesn’t care what is the nationality of the composer but we have to get the best quality. It doesn’t mean Malaysian composer is not good but Anuar Zain have a power to choose the best composer for him self. He also had try to ask song from a local composer but it not fulfill what he want. He had choose 7 songs from Indonesian composer and 3 songs from Malaysian composer in his new album Anuar Zain.

Anuar Zain had spend almost RM100,000 just for his new album. Anuar Zain realize Malaysia music industry market was down around 10 years but he still put hope to get the money back soon with his new album. I guess Anuar Zain had made a right choice to work with Indonesian composer and it might an advantage for him to sell his album in Indonesia. Wanna success here are some ingredient, what ever other people said, we have to stick with our decision. Good luck Anuar Zain.

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