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Shout Awards 2009.

Written by kaitor on 6:58 AM

If you are follower to 8TV and you must already know what Shout Awards 2009. Shout Awards 2009 is anther new Awards in Malaysia and it will cover Malaysian Music, film, Tv and Radio.

The Shout! Awards is created to celebrate this journey with the support of Malaysia’s voice. The Shout! Awards is a 2.5 hour TV special dedicated to give recognition to those who have made great impact and creative breakthroughs in Malaysian music, film, TV and radio. A first-of-its-kind awards show for these four industries, it aims to reward the most-deserving artists, actors, radio and TV faces, giving voice to all Malaysians to define the new cool.

Every award will try their best to make the event more exciting and there will be different for each award. Shout Awards 2009 is another award which will give big impact to Malaysian music and entertainment industry. There are few artist will perform during Shout Awards 2009 such as Pop Shuvit, One Buck Short, Joe Flizzow, Jin Hackman, Shila, Nikki, Estrange,Caprice and Bunkface. From the list, we can see all the artist who will perform in Shout Awards 2009 are all popular,so we didn’t surprise if the Shout Awards 2009 will be one of the popular awards. Shout Awards 2009 will make differences by inviting international artist special performance from Sean Kingston.

Shout Awards 2009 on 17 July 2009 Live from Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil, watch on 8TV.

Below is the list of nominations of Shout Awards 2009.

Who is worthy of an emo haircut, a mosh pit that scares mommies everywhere, and a sea of arms awaiting a stage dive? Who gets away with skinny jeans, a bad shave (or none at all), as well as too much eyeliner? Here’s to the nation’s most rockin’ sensation!
1. Bunkface
2. Butterfingers
3. Estranged
4. Hujan
5. Meet Uncle Hussain
6. Pop Shuvit
You know their choruses by heart; you never make a mistake with them unlike that time you called the boss of your boss by the wrong name. You know their life story better than you understand your own families. You can’t help it – they’re everywhere, and you can’t seem to let them go. Here’s to that pop star with the song and personality you just can’t get out of your head.
1. Aizat
2. Couple
3. Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza
4. Jaclyn Victor
5. Nikki
6. Stacy
Just as what the category says – the most powerful vocals!
1. Ayu
2. Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza
3. Dina
4. Jaclyn Victor
5. Lan (Meet Uncle Hussain)
6. Syarul Reza (Love Me Butch)
Let’s face it – this is the only genre that puts bad dancers on the floor and gets away with it! You start rating booty shapes and sizes; you almost strain your neck trying to nod to the beat; you spray your friends trying to rap to the verses while trying to hold your coolness. Here’s to the song with that rhythm; that distinct beat; that groove fit for a royal club-anthem.
1. Ahli Fiqir
2. Caprice
3. Jin Hackman
4. Joe Flizzow
5. Malique
6. Phlowtron
These newbies never had to pledge, make beds, coffee or deliver bad news for anybody – they just had to distract them with their sweet voices, or their promising music, and viola! – they have made it to the VIP room. The next Amy Search, Jaclyn Victor, Malaysia’s answer to Coldplay, or even the new original – here’s to bringing on the new graduates to take over superstardom –
The Best New Act!
1. Bunkface
2. Hujan
3. Joe Flizzow
4. Malique
5. Meet Uncle Hussain
6. Pesawat
What do you mean they’re not in love? You mean they haven’t been real friends since forever? They don’t really hate each other? Do you mean it’s just acting? What do you mean??? Now you’re just being mean – to the couple who has the best chemistry on screen!
1. Cheryl Samad And Nazrudin Rahman (Ghost)
2. Syafinaz Selamat And Paul Moss (One In A Million Season 2)
3. Vanidah Imran And Afdlin Shauki (Sepi)
4. Zahiril Adzam And Liyana Jasmay (Kami)
5. Upin And Ipin (Upin & Ipin Tv Series)
Dysfunctional families, school controversy, weird time travel, spirits that just won’t bail, love octagons, friendship battlegrounds, whatever the deal, this TV series has gotta be fresher than prince, newer than babies, trendier than recycling, and possibly inspire role-playing costumes for future generations.
1. Field Trip! Usa
2. Frontpage
3. Ghost
4. Kekasihku Seru
5. Sindarela
We are looking for that local film that has got people talking! This flick is such a breakthrough that it shames pirates to feed off local art. Here’s to the movie that tells life at it is, or as it probably could be! – Malaysian style.
1. Budak Kelantan @ Kelantan Boys
2. Kala Malam Bulan Mengambang
3. Kami
4. Los Dan Faun
5. Sepi
We love them drama mamas, but sometimes we love to check back into reality as well. Surely there are other things in life to look forward to aside from tears and heartbreak, such as food, singing, travel, the paranormal, and saving the environment? Remember? This award honors the brilliant TV shows that address living and loving it - so if life is still full of drama, than let reality serve it raw.
1. Destinasi Bajet (Season 2)
2. Filed Trip! Usa
3. Homegrown (Season 3)
4. Majalah 3
5. One In A Million Season 2
Actors get twenty takes. TV hosts get one… or at least much less than twenty. But still, the responsibility of competing for your attention and winning your hearts by engaging you with the topics that their evil producers have bequeathed them is not a light one. Let us celebrate the dedicated on-screen personalities who want to serve information in the most entertaining way possible.
1. Daphne Iking – The Breakfast Show
2. Marion Caunter – One In A Million Season 2
3. Naz – The Breakfast Show
4. Qushairi (Qi) – Destinasi Bajet Season 2
5. Qushairi (Qi) – Field Trip! Usa
This award is about the power of holding one’s attention by just being heard. This announcer can yak so well that music becomes a secondary matter. They narrate the day’s gossips and introduce songs like they have shares in the album’s royalties. Here’s to him, her or them… who turn men into good listeners – now there’s your warranty!
1. Fara Fauzana
2. Hunny Madu
3. Jj
4. Phat Fabes
5. Rudy
If being the phenomenon of all oral exams isn’t enough, what gets listeners hooked aside from a great DJ is an awesome radio show. Be it full of talk or full of music, full of banter or full of news, this show has got the content good enough to RSVP a slot in your organizer. Top 10 lists, prank calls, battle of the sexes, DJ sets, caller games, prize giveaway or whatever – this is where the party’s at, and you don’t even have to be there.
1. Fly Fm Must Have Music (Hunny Madu)
2. Fly Fm Night Flight (Basil & Hafiz)
3. Fly Fm Pagi Show (Ben, Nadia & Phat Fabes)
4. Hot Fm Am Show (Fara Fauzana And Faizal Ismail)
5. Indie X (Smek And Mat)
Passion is a fashion, originality is fabulousity, and great taste is every star’s responsibility. This award goes to the Celeb that has never made the Bad Dressed list, the one that makes a white t-shirt look like Project Runway, and can still ooze charisma even when topping up their phones at the mamak’s.
1. Dynas Mokhtar
2. Faizal Tahir
3. Marion Caunter
4. Maya Karin
5. Sazzy Falak
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So, let’s behold that sweet, gorgeous creation of God who is the envy of many women, who is on the wish list of every 14-year old boy, who makes men want to believe in flowers and candles, who should also come in a life size…poster, who make girls chant to that naughty Katy Perry song.
1. Andrea Fonseka
2. Daphne Iking
3. Fazura
4. Marion Caunter
5. Marsha
Take a picture of him girls – it will last longer! Leave it to the ladies in showbiz to find every reason to make him pass the eligible bachelor test with sky-rocketing colors - Great hair! Great body! Great smile! Great style! So here’s us looking out for the hottest guy!
1. Faizal Tahir
2. Jonathan Putra (Jp)
3. Tony Eusoff
4. Zahiril Adzam
5. Zizan Nin

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