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Kadus Next Top Entertainer session 2 (KENTE2 ) officially started

Written by kaitor on 3:05 AM

Last Saturday, Kadus Next Top Entertainer session 2 (KENTE2 ) officially started by open registration at Pusakag Cafe, Donggongon around 1 pm. Being success in session one Kadus Entertainment (KE) has their confident to organize KENTE 2 with more excitement.

Acceptance for this KENTE 2 are beyond expectations, organizer had divided contestants into five groups and each group with ten contestants. According to KE, the objective of KENTE 2 is search for new stars or entertainers and marketable singers for album production. In addition to that, the winners may be able to promote Kadazandusun songs to a higher level.

KENTE 2 contestants .. good luck (+_;)

KENTE 2 opens for fresh talent which is not cover or being on air in radio and televisions. This is an alternative for you who unable to going through in Akademi Fantasia, Mentor , MyStarz LG and many more reality TV shows. Use this KENTE as a platform for you to be more excellent in your carrier. Senisah is one of the best example, she is top 10 of MyStarz LG although eliminated in heat 1 of KENTE 1.

backbone of KENTE 2

Below are contestants list with their groups and each group will do their performance every Saturday every week started from this end of February. Friendly advice to all the contestants, please take attentions which group you are and be at Pusakag Cafe, Donggongon on the right time.

KENTE 2 Heat 1
Time:6:10PM Friday, February 26th
Location:Pusakag Cafe, Donggongon

01 -Norfaizah Jamal
02 -Joshua Eleazar Jalani
03 -Jack Taisung
04 -Florieand Kohming
05 -Wanda Gundang
06 -Chrispine Joseph
07 -Cherry Nella Jelson
08 -Grace Ah Ting
09 -Diandra Justine
10 -Andylowie Jarius

KENTE 2 Heat 2
Time:6:00PM Saturday, March 6th
*updated on 21/2/2010
Date: Friday, March 5, 2010
Time: 6:00pm - 11:00pm
Location: Pusakag Cafe, Donggongon

01 -Felicity Binsin
02 -Veronica J Moingkal
03 -Lina Maigol
04 -Jasliah Elon
05 -As Bryan Amre
06 -Fairot Sinang
07 -Jennifer Julius
08 -Devreny Disin
09 -Elvina Jane Justin
10 -Rudy Paul Pailus

KENTE 2 Heat 3
Time:6:00PM Saturday, March 13th
Location:Pusakag Cafe, Donggongon

01 -Elton Ciddy Yali
02 -Latina Lumidang
03 -Veronica Sintam
04 -Phauline Philip
05 -Cyril William Binsol
06 -Linus Nicholas
07 -Marthien Majuntin
08 -Jimmy P Masamil
09 -Felicity Hernawati Duong
10 -Celestina Juli

KENTE 2 Heat 4
Time:6:00PM Saturday, March 20th
Location:Pusakag Cafe, Donggongon

01 -Larry Odupi
02 -Sila Guru
03 -Siti Kassnih Jusmin
04 -Rinih Binsin
05 -Theodore Sebastian
06 -Catherine Bilan
07 -Jinus Juis
08 -Dallbons Jalabid
09 -Lianus Taisoon
10 -Georgie Joseph

KENTE 2 Heat 5
Time:6:00PM Saturday, March 27th
Location:Pusakag Cafe, Donggongon

01 -Chyrill Jules John
02 -Stella Jonnes
03 -Augosta Marcus
04 -Sheryll Josh
05 -Shane Cladius Monjohi
06 -Saldivilla Wences
07 -Freedly Marajam
08 -Larry Leong
09 -Khairulamiza Jamal
10 -Sherly Havilla Jasly

Hi photographers , here is a good news for you , for those who interested to take photo during KENTE2 strainer please contact George Duat who knows you photo publish in magazine and newspaper.

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